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Plot Love 亲爱的柠檬精先生 Episode 17 Racap

Lu Nan, who was originally going home to accompany his son, also came to the celebration banquet. The atmosphere of the original free and explosive atmosphere was instantly cold, and the northern part of Jiangsu quickly took Lu Nan away, and everyone cheered again. Ye Ting Yunfan shakes the dice and fights the wine, and they are all drunk. The next day, Yun Fan woke up naked in the hotel, but Ye Ting was nowhere to be seen. There were a few money tickets and coins on the table, totaling 249 yuan, Yun Fan was very angry.

Ye Ting told Subei what happened the night before. It turned out that nothing happened between the two of them, and she deliberately made a ghost of Yunfan. Yun Fan found Ye Ting and argued with her. Ye Ting gave him one yuan half helplessly and half mockingly. The argument between the two happened to be heard by other employees. Now the whole company knew that Yun Tezhu was “sleeping”. “Later, it became a special assistant of two or five zero. Yunfan was very angry and asked Lunan to honor the travel holiday he had promised. Lunan agreed.

Gu Yan, the second child of the Gu family, succeeded in taking the position. Lu Nan realized that everyone had fought for a while, but the ultimate beneficiary turned out to be Gu Yan. This person must not be as simple as it seems. On the other side of the Gu family, Gu Yan walked into the CEO’s office and threw all Gu Chengze’s things into the trash can, saying that he had finally waited for this day.

At night, Gu Yan and Aunt Lan’s apprentice Yu Jia dated, and the two had long been a romantic relationship. Yu Jia said that she had learned a lot from her master, and if she came to Gu, she would definitely be able to help, but Gu Yan asked her to find a way to get to Subei first. On the second day, Yu Jia found Subei and asked her to introduce herself to a job. Subei was not defended and invited her to Huanzhen to help herself with Xia’s case.

The North and South couple brought Kreis to the Aquarium. Although Kreis didn’t recognize her anger before she was born in the south, but under the persuasion of Subei, she still ate the little cake bought by his father. The family was very happy. However, this scene was seen by Lu Fei’er who pretended to be abroad. When Gu Yan came to Lu’s house that night, Kris seemed to be very close to him. Lu Nan asked him to leave unfriendly.

Lu Feier met with Gu Yan and said that he was qualified for the post of Gu’s design director. Gu Yan was unwilling to accept her, saying that people should have self-knowledge and don’t be overwhelmed. However, at this time, Lu Feier took out a copy of the fragrant brocade. Give it to Gu Yan, this is a meeting ceremony, and the embarrassed Gu and Lu have reached a cooperation.

When Yun Fan was on vacation, he tried to flirt up when he saw a beautiful woman, but on this day he met Ye Ting again. He was full of joy and flirted with his sister. He was nervous and trembling when he saw Ye Ting. He grabbed it and said he had something to say.

As a tailor, Yu Jia officially joined the team of Huanzhen and Xia. Subei trusted her very much and gave her the full authority to tailor and sew a design work. The cooperation between Huanzhen and Xia is in full swing.

On this day, Lu Feier came to the hospital where Aunt Lan was staying and asked Yu Jia for something, while Yu Jia asked her what the relationship was with Gu Yan. The communication between the two was not pleasant. At this time, Subei came, and she only saw Lu Feier’s back, but she felt very familiar.

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