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Plot Love 亲爱的柠檬精先生 Episode 16 Racap

Gu’s father settled Gu Chengze’s case, but Gu Chengze was also expelled from the Gu family. Gu’s father sent Gu Yan to send him abroad to avoid the limelight. However, Gu Chengze’s hatred for Lu Nan remained undiminished, and Gu Yan deliberately added fuel to the fire and said that he is currently Huanzhen. He has formally cooperated with Xia, and the three of Lunan’s family are proud of the spring breeze, fearing that they can’t beat them. Gu Chengze asked what it meant to be a Lunan family of three. After Gu Yan informed, Gu Chengze drove away by himself. Watching his brother drive away, Gu Yan smiled.

Lu Nan gave it to a clothing design studio in northern Jiangsu. He believes that talent is like a puddle of water. If there is no torrent, it will not be able to merge into the sea and get a broader world. I hope that northern Jiangsu will not waste its talent and follow along. In your own heart, do what you really want to do. He also said that this studio was Mr. Lu’s surprise to Mrs. Lu.

Gu Chengze took Kreis away. Kreis was very slippery in the car. He kept talking and yelled at the time when his mother was not going to eat fried chicken. Gu Chengze was so annoyed that he had to buy KFC for him. Gu Chengze called Lu Nan, saying that his son is now in his hands, but Lu Nan thought it was a spoof harassment call, so he blocked him.

Gu Yan about Subei, he asked Subei to help prevent Liu Qianying and Gu’s termination of the contract, saying that Gu’s situation is not very good now, if Huanzhen’s chief model Liu Qianying also cancels the cooperation, he is afraid that he will face a more serious situation. Subei agreed to help. At this time, Gu Yan received the call, and he pretended to be surprised to tell Subei that Gu Chengze disappeared after coming out of the Public Security Bureau, and asked Subei to be more careful, fearing that Gu Chengze would retaliate.

Gu Chengze couldn’t reach Lunan, so he called Subei, saying that he had kidnapped Kreis. Now it is best for Subei and Lunan to come to the construction site immediately and not to report to the police, otherwise the ticket will be broken. After being panicked, North Jiangsu immediately left. Gu Yan comforted him and said that he would report the incident to his father immediately. After leaving Subei, Gu Yan smiled triumphantly, and the current progress of everything is under his control.

When the couple came to the construction site, Gu Chengze asked Lu Nan to kneel and slap himself, and Lu Nan did the same. When the police arrived, Gu Chengze was frightened and hurriedly put a knife on Kreis. Lu Nan, Gu Yan, and Gu Chengze fought. Gu Yan was scratched by a knife to protect Kreis. Gu Chengze was subdued.

After arriving home, Subei explained Kreis to Lunan. Seven years ago, he learned that he was pregnant and had called Lunan. However, at that time he had been in a car accident and became a vegetative person. Unwilling to have any more entanglements with northern Jiangsu, unknowingly, northern Jiangsu was heartbroken and threatened to have a miscarriage. After returning to China seven years later, he was afraid that Lunan would compete with him for custody, so he didn’t tell the matter.

On the second day, Grandma Lu came to see her grandson at home and kissed and hugged Chris.

When Lu Nan learned about his son, he regretted and was happy, and instantly became a pet madman. After returning to the company, he also looked happy and proud, and planned to give Yunfan a few days off so that he would also give birth to a son.

At the celebration banquet that night, Yun Fan and Ye Ting quarreled again with Yuan Jia Lu Zhai, and they were ridiculed by everyone as a good match.

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