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Palace of Devotion 大宋宫词 Episode 61 End Recap

Qing Wu looked at Cao Ru with a considerate look and became angry, and even smashed the tea cup that Qing Wu handed over. Qing Wu thought it was Cao Ru deliberately scalding himself, but wanted to slap Cao Ru, benefiting from blocking Cao Ru. After receiving this palm, Qing Wu was trembling with fright. The three came to Liu E. Liu E handed over the decision to the beneficiary, but the beneficiary did not want to abolish the position of the queen. It was just a punishment and a reward. Liu E was very pleased with the look at the important situation. He also mentioned the talents he had excavated. One day, he would be promoted one by one.

Guo Chongxin defeated the enemy troops on the border, benefited and rewarded, and Cao used promotion. Liu E specifically confessed that the two people wanted to live in harmony. Now that the world is in peace, Liu E wants to return the power to the benefit. Who knows, Liu E fainted on the chair before he finished speaking. The benefit was very worried about Liu E’s body, but Liu E asked Jing Zong to stop the benefit, and decided to go to the Jinming Lake to stay in the palace tomorrow.

Liu E’s condition worsened day by day, and he specifically called to benefit from meeting. Beneficiary kept asking the imperial physician about Liu E’s condition, recalling that Qin couldn’t help telling Liu E’s hardship and exhaustion during the few days of benefiting from the palace. The benefit was very guilty. Tears kept streaming down, and plunged into Liu E’s arms. Liu E gently touched and benefited, and announced to everyone that he would benefit from returning to politics today.

After hearing that Liu E’s condition could not be reversed, the grief struck again, but he still regained his spirit, obeyed Liu E’s instructions to him, and agreed to Liu E’s sustenance. Up to now, Liu E has only one last wish, which is to enter the temple and speak heartily to Yuan Kan’s tablet. Listening to the benefits in my heart, I decided to discuss with the ministers, and I will definitely fulfill Liu E’s wish.

After returning to the bedroom, he still thought about what Liu E had said, and asked Su Mingyun to help him think of a way. After a few days, the beneficiary sent a costume like an emperor, but different. In this way, Liu E can get what he wants and enter the Taimiao to see the ancestor’s tablet.

The day to enter the Taimiao came, Liu E wore the clothes carefully prepared by the beneficiary, and walked into the Taimiao with the help of the beneficiary. Seeing Yuan Kan’s portrait getting closer and closer, Liu E couldn’t help speeding up his pace, and feelings of longing came to his heart. He knelt deeply in front of Yuan Kan, and Yuan Ji’s spiritual position stood beside him, and he also bowed deeply for the benefit. Liu E’s mind once again recalled the scene when he fell in love with Yuan Kan.

He had gone through many hardships throughout his life, and he was very impressed by hearing it. Now that he has benefited from growing up, Liu E feels that all his hard work is worth it. In order to give Liu E and Yuan Kan the opportunity to communicate on their own and benefit from the departure of the monks, Liu E reported to Yuan Kan on his efforts to preserve the country and govern the world for the benefit of the past few years.

In the twelve years, I have been afraid and worried, but Yuan Kan and his commitment have become his own motivation. Liu E took off the crown, placed it in front of Yuan Kan’s tablet, took off his robe, and walked out of the Taimiao alone. The sun at the entrance of the temple was so brilliant that Liu E couldn’t open his eyes. In a trance, Liu E seemed to see Yuan Kan’s figure. Calling himself from a distance, Liu E fell into the arms of the beneficiary, tears slipping down the corners of his eyes, but still raised a satisfied smile.

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