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Palace of Devotion 大宋宫词 Episode 60 Recap

Yiyi knelt in front of Liu E, crying bitterly for her mistakes for so long. Now, no matter what arrangements Liu E makes, all the benefits are accepted. Liu E still hopes to benefit from marrying Qing Enlightenment, and to allow the benefit to welcome Cao Ru as the noble concubine. Seeing that the benefit finally nods and agrees, Liu E finally gets rid of the last worry.

The benefit came to the Cao Mansion to comfort Cao Ru. As his teacher, Taifu Cao faced the death of Taifu Cao, and benefited from grief. But now for the sake of the overall situation, the benefit is to inform Liu E’s arrangement. Cao Ru’s tears slipped down his face, but as long as he is with the benefit, Cao Ru is already satisfied.

Su Mingyun got his degree, and finally met Ben Yee in the capital. Ben Yee ordered Ming Yun to search for Ding Wei’s crimes in secret. Today, he can finally present all of them to Ben Yee. Beneficiary brought all these evidences to Liu E. Liu E coughed again with anger, preparing to find Ding Wei to confess his guilt the next day.

Sure enough, the next day in the court, Jing Zong benefited from reading out all the crimes of Ding Yu’s plundering of the people’s fat people. When death was imminent, Ding Yu even shied away from the crime. After the beneficiary’s life was presented again, Ding Yu knelt down and pleaded guilty. , Liu E handed over the decision-making power to the beneficiary, and the beneficiary not only degraded Ding Wei’s official position, but also deprived other relatives from official positions. Wang Qinruo looked at Ding Wei next to him and couldn’t help but scolded him, but the benefit still mentioned Wang Qinruo. He ordered him to return to the house to think about it. Wang Qinruo hurriedly thanked him and fell with a guilty conscience. He raised his head and his face was covered with sweat. .

Liu E weakly leaned on the bed and drank medicine. Zhang Jingzong came to report that Wang Qinruo was afraid to dismiss his office and even turned in all his belongings in the capital. Liu E knew that Wang Qinruo’s move was to pay for a switch and retreat. He stopped pursuing it and approved it.

Wang Qinruo left the capital in a carriage, while Ding Wei spent the last time in his cabin. Zhang Jingzong reported the news to Liu E, and Liu E was full of emotion when he saw that the main force in the court ended up like this. Now that the beneficiary wedding is about to usher in, Liu E is very pleased and looks forward to seeing the beneficiary wedding with his own eyes and returning the power by herself. Guo Chongxin was about to expedition and was unable to attend his daughter’s wedding, so he had to tell his daughter not to be willful, but to treat others with a generous attitude and learn from Liu E. Qing Wu looked at his father’s generous armor, and couldn’t help tears falling, watching his father leave.

Liu E also changed into costumes and participated in the beneficiary wedding ceremony in person. Under the testimony of Baiguan, Benevolence and Qingwu came to Liu E together, eating three meals, drinking wine, and waiting for Li Cheng. Seeing Benevolence and Qingwu bowing to him, Liu E couldn’t help but smile, before the two of them entered. The wedding room benefited and held another bottle of wine. Thanks to Liu E for taking care of herself and managing the country for more than ten years, Liu E took the wine glass and drank it in one fell swoop. With tears, he held up the hands of benefit and enlightenment, and sent his most heartfelt blessings.

In the marriage room, Qingwu gave her many years of beloved things to the beneficiary, which represents eternal union, but benefited. Qingwu was unwilling to lift the hijab for Qingwu for a long time. Qingwu was wronged, but he still took off the hijab by himself. He opened his mouth and asked Beneficiary not to make Cao Ru a noble concubine, and accused Cao’s family as criminal officials. This completely angered Beneficiary. Beneficiary resolutely refuted Qing Wu’s words and threw the token passed by Qing Wu and left the wedding room.

Sure enough, a few days later, Cao Ru returned to the palace with the people sent by Yingyi. When Yingyi saw Cao Ru, he couldn’t stop smiling and recounted the past with Cao Ru in the study. Qing Wu came to the study to make amends for the benefit, who knows that just seeing the sweet moment of the two, Qing Wu’s heart was filled with jealousy, and he couldn’t help adding evil words to Cao Ru, benefiting from the side, and asking Qing Wu to correct Cao Ru’s attitude. .

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