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Palace of Devotion 大宋宫词 Episode 59 Recap

Wang Qinruo urged Liu E to close the case as soon as possible, saying that Liu E could hardly resist pressure from many parties, so he could only remove Su Yijian from his official position and put him in prison. Yijian came to visit Su Yijian in the prison and saw that the benefit came. Su Yijian personally admitted that he sent an assassin to assassinate the two, and explained to Liu E that Liu E was absolutely selfless and reminded Yijian to care about Liu E body. The benefit was heard in my heart, and worries appeared in my chest, and I had to silently nod my head to agree.

Liu E and Lingyang thought of Su Yijian, who is now in prison, how could Liu E have the heart to personally act on his loyal partners. Lingyang reminded Liu E that Su Yijian had been thinking of someone in her heart. Liu E thought about it, but he went to the prison in person to visit Su Yijian. Su Yijian mentioned that he had benefited from visiting today, and his tone revealed his concern for Liu E. Su Yijian’s heart was still worried about Ding Wei’s next move. In case the minister of the DPRK and China would criticize the two people’s repeated meetings, Su Yijian asked Liu E not to visit him again. After Liu E heard it, tears filled his eyes, and he could only leave quietly.

Ding Wei saw that Su Yijian had come to an end now, and benefited from trusting him, so he decided to take advantage of the victory, and forced Liu E to withdraw from the curtain to return to power. Wang Qin could not help but persuade Ding to not rush for quick success, but at this time Ding Wei looked confident. , The killing intent has been decided. Liu E went to Guo’s house again and discussed with his adoptive father how to protect Su Yijian, but Yijian made many enemies in the DPRK, and even Mr. Guo couldn’t keep it well.

Lingyang quietly came to the prison, looked at Yijian’s writing, silently stuffed an object between the fences, and left quickly. Su Yijian heard the movement and looked up and saw a dilapidated hydrangea on the fence. Yi Jian’s mind quickly recalled the scene of receiving Lingyang Hydrangea. If it is said that Lingyang is the only one who suffers in this life, Yi Jian carefully touched the hydrangea and was deeply moved in her heart.

Leaving Guo’s Mansion, Liu E was deeply saddened, so he had to sew a robe for Su Yijian himself to celebrate Su Yijian’s last birthday. Yi Jian also touched the longbow that Yi Jian sent when he was crowned. The day when the two went hunting together seemed to be yesterday. Yi Jian still believes that Yi Jian’s actions were instructed by Liu E. Jing Zong on the side could not help but defend Liu E. However, the beneficiary still bears the resentment of Liu E’s deprivation of a child back then, which prevented him from meeting his true mother.

Liu E ordered tea for Yijian in prison. The two of them talked about the past, talked to Lingyang, and talked about the life creed that Su Yijian has adhered to all his life. Yijian holds the tea ordered by Liu E himself, and is full of contentment. . Just fixedly looking at Liu E, not multilingual.

Liu E greeted Yinshi alone in the bedroom, sitting at the table, facing the memorial that heralded Jane’s future, and silently wrote the permission. A few days later, several lines of troops escorted Yi Jian out of the prison. The dazzling sunlight fell on her brows. There were countless pictures flashing in Yi Jian’s mind. They were all moments of fighting with Liu E, and being able to meet Liu E, or Yi Jian. The biggest encounter in Jane’s heart…

Liu E came to the bedroom of the beneficiary, and took the hand of the beneficiary to the table. Speaking of Su Yijian’s departure today, and now so many people are dying for the mystery of this life experience, Liu E thinks it may be the time to tell the truth to the beneficiary. . The benefit finally heard the ins and outs in Liu E’s mouth. From Yuan Kan’s loss of children several times, her and Wan’er being pregnant at the same time, Yuan Kan handing Wan’er’s son to Liu’e to the fire in Neiku, Liu’e told the truth.

Suddenly, I realized that Wan’er was her biological mother. Liu E recalled that she had the same sisters with Chen Fei. The benefit of taking care of her was not only because of her love, but also because of Wan’er’s spirit in heaven. Beneficiary decided to go to the underground palace with Liu E, open Wan’er’s coffin, and see Wan’er for the last time.

Seeing Wan’er’s face in the mist, Liu E couldn’t help telling that he would return to politics when he benefited from the big wedding. Please Wan’er rest in peace. However, Yiyi touched Wan’er’s hand, and she took out the edict that Yuan Kan had handed over to Wan’er from his sleeve. Liu E took over the edict, it turned out that Yuan Kan had given all power to Liu E long ago, and named him the empress dowager and Wan’er as the emperor concubine. He would return to politics when he benefited from the dancing elephant.

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