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Palace of Devotion 大宋宫词 Episode 58 Recap

Yuan Kan’s memorial day has arrived, and the Manchu civil and military officials gathered in front of the Taimiao, benefiting and Liu E walking at the forefront. On the other side, Cao Taifu gathered a large number of civil servants and protégés, and accused Liu E of the greedy scheme of self-reliance as a female monarch. After hearing this, everyone was indignant.

Taifu Cao decided to take advantage of this time, desperately admonish in front of the first emperor, forcing Liu E to return to power. Su Yijian received the news from Cao Taifu, and silently called Guo Chongxin away. The two men surrounded Cao’s mansion with a large number of forbidden troops. Taifu Cao saw a large crowd surrounded and knew that he was at a disadvantage, so he had to negotiate with Su Yijian obediently.

Su Yijian asked Taifu Cao to deliberately disturb the emperor’s intention to worship the day, but Taifu Cao concealed what he had done on the grounds of admonition. Cao Taifu ignored Su Yijian’s warning and wanted to leave, but Su Yijian used the Forbidden Army to force him. Taifu Cao was furious and died of Shizhu. The students panicked, and Su Yijian watched the blood slowly flow out from under Cao Taifu, feeling full of emotion in his heart.

Cao took advantage of the news and rushed to the Taixue Hall, but Guo Chongxin stopped him with the Forbidden Army, and for a long time he prevented Cao from going to see his father for the last time. Cao Li was really overwhelmed and decided to personally ask Liu E for an explanation. After Liu E learned the news, he hurriedly called Su Yijian back to the palace. Neither Su Yijian nor Liu E expected that Cao Taifu was so staunch, that he would fight for his life this time. Liu E gave orders to deal with Madam Cao’s funeral, lest his party members cause trouble again. Cao Yao came to the gate of the palace and learned that Liu E was worshiping the first emperor today and no one saw anyone.

Cao Yao could not kneel down at the gate. The eunuch reported that Cao used kneeling at the door and begged to bring Taifu Cao’s body back, but Su Yijian thought that the matter had not been found out and it was difficult to bring the body back. Unexpectedly, at this time, Cao, who was kneeling at the door, had benefited from the encounter. The benefit followed Cao Lili to the Taixuefu. Beneficiary asked Guo Chongxin to open the door several times, but Guo Chongxin resisted with the empress dowager’s will. Beneficiary forced the knife on Guo Chongxin’s neck, and Guo Chongxin vowed to guard.

At this time, Liu E just arrived, and walked into the Taixuefu together with Yiyi. Cao used to see his father’s body and couldn’t cry. Liu Ehaosheng comforted Cao Li, and Cao took advantage of this to bring his father’s body back. Looking at the civil servants who were kneeling on the ground in front of him, Liu E said one by one about their corruption incidents. There were countless corruptions and bribery. These people were all for admonition with Cao Taifu and escaped his punishment. Yiyi listened and looked at Liu E’s firm face, and was speechless for a while.

On the second day in the court, Beneficiary asked Su Yijian and Guo Chongxin about the responsibility of privately deploying troops. Even if Liu E spoke to protect each other, Beneficiary still clung to it. Seeing Beneficiary wanted to take the opportunity to demote the officer, Liu E had to serve the two again absolve. Seeing that the strategy failed, Ding Wei once again took advantage of the death of the Taifu to participate in a copy of Su Yi Jian, and Liu E had to downgrade Su Yi Jian to three levels in a row.

Unexpectedly, Ding Wei mentioned Su Yijian’s death of Li Zaifeng and Dong Taiyi again, and said that there were both human and physical evidence. Liu E wanted to help Su Yijian procrastinate for another trial, but Su Yijian did not regret her behavior at all, and even persuaded Liu E to push it out in an emergency, so as not to ignite her body, Liu E Of course, it is impossible to be so cruel to have been with Su Yijian for many years, but seeing the figure of Su Yijian deciding to leave, Liu E didn’t know how to fight Ding Wei for a while.

Su Yijian came to the small shop where he used to chat with Kou Zhun and ordered a bowl of soup. Listening to other people’s comments, Su Yijian put down her official hat silently, picked up the hot soup in front of her, and felt the warm current flowing through her stomach. Su Yijian was also satisfied and left the shop. At the court, the confession obtained from the interrogation of Dali Temple was presented, and Ding Wei took the opportunity to urge Liu E and the beneficiary Su Yi to convict the crime.

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