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Palace of Devotion 大宋宫词 Episode 57 Recap

I learned from Ding Wei that both Li Zaifeng and Dong Taiyi were still alive at the time. Ding Wei thought. One step closer, let Yiyi see Li Zaifeng and Dong Tai doctor in person. But benefited but refused. Seeing benefited leaving, Ding Wei directly revised the book and reported the Queen Mother’s whereabouts about the emperor. In Su Mansion, the more benefited the more thought, the more things went wrong, so he decided to go back to the palace first, and asked Liu E to ask him clearly.

After Liu E received Ding Wei’s memorial, he thought that Ding Wei must have already gained the trust of benefit in Pingjiang Mansion at this moment. Now that Ding Wei is targeted at Ding Wei, it is likely to cause beneficial resistance. It is better to restore Ding Wei to his post and let him go. Be around and observe its whereabouts. Benefits When it comes to asking Liu E for clarity, it is just a moment of anger. If you return to the capital, you will definitely not find out the secret of your life experience.

It is better to let Ding Wei help him to find out. But before leaving Su Mansion, Su Yijian had already found outside the mansion, and benefited from the thought that Ding Wei must have told her whereabouts, and could only follow Su Yijian back to the palace first. During the journey back to the palace, Yijian deliberately asked Su Yijian if he was Liu E’s flesh and blood. Su Yijian was shocked, but he denied this “rumor”. Benefiting Knowing that Su Yijian is loyal to Liu E, it is up to him to find out.

Seeing Liu E, the benefit was still stubborn. Liu E made it clear that he would not punish anyone involved, but the benefit was still sharp, accusing Liu E of unkind control. Seeing Liu E’s emotional excitement, Su Yijian specifically persuaded the two to leave. After Yijian left, Liu E asked Su Yijian what he was benefiting from the hostility. Su Yijian informed Liu E about the question about Yijian and himself…

Cao Liu and Cao Taifu asked about what happened to Cao Ru in the past few days, and Cao Ru dragged them out. The faces of Cao Taifu and Cao Yu changed drastically, and they first called Cao Ru away. Only then did the two discuss what Ding said he was playing again this time. On the second day, at the court, the beneficiary also agreed to reinstate Ding Weiguan. He even called Ding Wei privately and ordered Ding Wei to go to Taiyi Dong and Li Zaifeng to take him back to the capital. Liu E had already sensed that Ding Wei would definitely not let this matter go, and at the same time ordered Su Yijian to find the two of them.

Doctor Dong, who went up the mountain and backed the firewood, saw the man in black and committed suicide by hanging a beam. And Li Zaifeng was also killed by robbers at the same time. Ding Wei knew that he was still a step slower, and now he should find out who is behind Liu E’s confidant and obtain evidence and report it to the emperor. Liu E meticulously prepared a table of meals, hoping to soothe and benefit from the suffering he has suffered in the past few days. Zhang Jingzong came here specifically to report, but he could face the cold words of benefit. Jing Zong specially persuaded Beneficiary to take time to visit Liu E, but he did not look up because of the book he was not at ease in his hands.

Facing the food in front of him, but there was no one beside him, Liu E suddenly felt empty, and simply let Jing Zong and Yi Qin beside him sit down to eat. Liu E knew that the indifference that benefited now was because he no longer regarded herself as a mother. Jing Zong regretted that the stubbornness of benefit was killing Liu E a little bit, but he was helpless.

After a few days, Su Yijian asked to see him and presented Liu E with a picture of Wu Zetian in the dynasty drawn by the master that he found. Liu E knows Su Yijian’s illocutionary meaning, hoping to take the throne in place of Yijian. Su Yijian saw that the situation of Yijian has not been good in the past few days. Su Yijian had to propose this for the sake of peace in the world and the future of Song Dynasty. Suggestion, but Liu E keeps in mind the agreement between Yuan Kan and himself, and will never do anything betrayal. Su Yijian knows that Liu E’s firm attitude is irreversible, so she has to take back the picture scroll and stay silent.

Cao took advantage of his actions to prevent his father and Baiguan from admonishing, as if the peace is going down today, all his father has done is useless. But Mr. Cao believed that he was different from his son Dao, and that what he did was really what he thought of Song Jiangshan.

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