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Mysterious Love 他在逆光中告白 Episode 8 Recap

Two years ago, Ruan Nianchu, who was afraid of water, walked into the sea a little disheartenedly because of hallucinations. Fortunately, Qiao Yufei stopped her in time. Ruan Nianchu had never forgotten Lee, she was particularly concerned about Lee, but Taicheng had no news about Lee.

Li Teng told Ruan Nianchu that he would be fully responsible for protecting her safety from this moment on. Ruan Nianchu was very surprised. He immediately called Qiao Yufei. Qiao Yufei was ashamed to tell Ruan Nianchu to be honest, and just pretended to say that the phone signal was not good and hung up the phone. . Li Teng accompanied Ruan Nianchu to the supermarket together. Li Teng helped Ruan Nianchu choose the shampoo. He bluntly said that he was very familiar with the taste of Ruan Nianchu, and the words made Ruan Nianchu blush.

In order to be deliberately furious, Ruan Nianchu agreed to Shiqi’s blind date. Li Teng saw that Ruan Nianchu was stunned, so he gave her a new type of anti-wolf lipstick, and he drove the car to escort Ruan Nianchu behind. Qiao Yufei is very idiot to Jiang Hao, and both eyes are directed at Jiang Hao, making Jiang Hao a little embarrassed. Jiang Hao personally taught Qiao Yufei the self-defense technique. Qiao Yufei rubbed Jiang Hao enthusiastically, like a human-shaped pendant.

Others in the company felt it was too interesting to see this scene at the same time. Jiang Hao asked his colleague to send Vasha’s position to Li Teng. It turned out that Vasha had been in the Ferry Bar. After Li Teng escorted Ruan Nianchu, he and his brothers went to the Ferry Hotel to look for Vasha. At the same time, he learned that Vasha was targeted by the police.

Vasha called Dan and revealed the news about the coin, in exchange for them to get rid of Ruan Nianchu from the Xi Wei Opera Troupe. Li Teng accompanied Ruan Nianchu on a blind date. The first blind dated man learned that Li Teng was an ex-boyfriend and a current bodyguard, and immediately kicked off early. The second blind dated man and the third blind dated man were also due to Li Teng’s sake. All buggered in advance. The unpleasant blind date made Ruan Nianchu feel inexplicably that he had been put on a blind date, and he clearly agreed to the blind date just to get angry.

Xingxing met Li Teng and Ruan Nianchu on the road, and asked Ruan Nianchu to teach himself to play the piano. Because of the sound of the piano, Li Teng’s thoughts drifted abroad five years ago. Before performing the task, everyone said their wishes to the lighter and tape recorder. The last wish that the father of the star said was to go back to accompany his wife and children. Up. Qiao Yufei came to the door automatically because he missed Jiang Hao. It is hard to know that the stars rejected Jiang Hao as Qiao Yufei’s personal bodyguard, and even gave Qiao Yufei his new year money and doll to redeem Jiang Hao.

Ruan Nianchu’s parents saw Li Teng and Ruan Nianchu downstairs in the community, and they kindly invited Li Teng to have a meal together. At the dinner table, Li Teng was very pleased with Ruan Nianchu’s parents, and also invited a dinner for next week. After the meal, Li Teng washed the dishes. Ruan Nianchu lay on the sofa and received a message from the head of the group that the drama had received an invitation from the border town. Ruan’s mother asked Ruan Nianchu to take the initiative to apologize to Li Teng, because a discerning person knew at a glance that the two had a conflict and temper.

Ruan Nianchu asked when Li Teng would no longer follow him, and Li Teng told Ruan Nianchu to wait until her anger subsided, and he hoped that Ruan Nianchu could behave better and not be hurt anymore. Two people put their hearts together in the small kitchen space, Ruan Nianchu fired Li Teng a little annoyed because he could not get a positive response.

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