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Mysterious Love 他在逆光中告白 Episode 10 Recap

Li Teng and Jiang Hao analyzed the purpose of Chen Guozhi’s appearance and felt that the purpose of Chen Guozhi’s trip was extraordinary.

Qiao Yufei told the bedtime story to the star himself, but the star mistakenly thought that Qiao Yufei was going to scare him with the story of the vicious queen. Jiang Hao felt quite embarrassed because of his thoughts, so he asked Qiao Yufei to chat with him alone. Jiang Hao told Qiao Yufei that he had to take care of the stars and also to take care of Li Teng’s affairs. He was very busy and very tired, and he had no intention of falling in love. He hoped that Qiao Yufei would not waste his efforts on him. Qiao Yufei said that he could take care of the stars, and Li Tengruan could take care of them, but Jiang Hao could only fall in love with him, and he would take good care of the stars.

Jiang Hao was very helpless to Qiao Yufei, but saw Qiao Yufei carefully taking care of the stars and buying children’s mosquito coils for the stars, and his heart changed quite a bit. Ruan Nianchu and Chen Guozhi confronted the Taiwanese under the tree. Chen Guozhi pointed out that certain settings on the Taiwanese did not match. He suggested that Ruan Nianchu would go to the ancient town with him tomorrow morning to experience the mood of the heroine on stage. Li Teng watched their every move from a distance.

Ruan Nianchu got up very early to practice her mouth, which made Qiao Yufei miserable and couldn’t even get a good night’s sleep. Director Chen got up early and prepared a hearty breakfast for everyone, which was praised by everyone. After the meal, the group leader arranged their own travel arrangements for everyone, and Qiao Yufei planned to accompany Xingxing to play. After all, she had even completed the strategy, Xingxing was unwilling, but I heard that Jiang Hao agreed, so she agreed.

Through investigation, Jiang Hao learned that Chen Guozhi owed a huge amount of money in gambling a year ago, but he claimed to the outside world that he had lost money by investing in movies, but recently he paid it all back. Li Teng felt that there must be a demon in this matter, but he believed in his heart that no matter how smart a fox was, it would not be a good hunter.

Chen Guozhi took Ruan Nianchu to learn how to open the mud, and also revealed the news that she liked ancient coins to Ruan Nianchu, so that she had suitable coins to recommend to herself. When the words came to the point, Li Teng appeared to help Ruan Nianchu pull embryos together, and was still whispering softly in his ear. It was the first time to teach a girl to pull embryos.

Qiao Yufei was tired of taking pictures of the stars, but still wanted to please the stars, but the stars wanted Qiao Yufei to retreat. Ruan Nianchu complained that Qiao Yufei had a masochistic physique, and she had to give Jiang Hao the mother and daughter a bargain, and she just took this opportunity to teach her a lesson, she didn’t like this kind of concealing feelings of distrust, and at the same time, she felt that Chen Guozhi seems not as simple as he imagined.

When the stars were noisy and wanted to eat mango smoothie, Chen Guozhi suggested that everyone go to the video game city to play together. In order to please the stars, Qiao Yufei caught the doll with a boy pk, and the result was very happy and won the bet. In the video game city, someone reminded Chen Guozhi to get the ancient coins as soon as possible, otherwise he would kill him, which made Chen Guozhi immediately panicked. Li Teng took out a silver coin and threw it into the video game machine, which caused Chen Guozhi to collapse.

Did Ruan Nianchu know that Li Teng knew the purpose of Chen Guozhi’s trip from the beginning? He felt that he was Li Teng’s chess piece, a fool, but Ruan Nianchu didn’t want to listen to Li Teng’s explanation at all, and called Li Teng to her. After using his self-defense skills, he left the video game city and returned to the dormitory. Seeing this, Li Teng immediately followed.

Once back to the dormitory, Ruan Nianchu closed the door, and Li Teng told Ruan Nianchu outside the door that he had to explain something to her face to face. Ruan Nianchu inside the door had already covered his mouth and couldn’t reply to something that Li Teng didn’t know.

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