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Mouse 마우스 Episode 13 Recap

After Han Xujun was sentenced that year, Cheng Zhien was completely desperate. She wanted to die. One night when she came home in the rain, Cheng Zhien was bullied by a gangster in military uniform. The gangster was still eating an apple. Thanks to someone who rescued her. After coming down, Cheng Zhien complained that the man shouldn’t save her, and the man asked her to give birth to the child.

Police Officer Shen found the murder weapon and blood coat in the river ditch, but the bloodstain was Lee Jae-sik, who was serving his sentence in prison except for Jiang Dexiu. Gao Wuzhi guessed that the murderer did it deliberately and wanted them to cause chaos.

Wu Fengyi was discharged from the hospital and went home and couldn’t find Yuna. She was very anxious, and Zheng Barin rushed to explain the situation in time and brought Yuna’s video. On that day, Zheng Barin followed Yuna with a brick, trying to kill her, Yuna suddenly turned around, thanking Zheng Barin for saving her life, Zheng Barin’s conscience was touched, and she had to give up the idea of ​​killing, Yuna Before leaving the community with her mother, Yuna asked Zheng Barin to record a video to bid farewell to Wu Fengyi.

It turned out that Cui Hongzhu was Park Hyun-soo who escaped by chance. She was kidnapped by Han Seojun and locked up with an older sister. Her sister’s dream was to be a director of a TV station. After Cui Hongzhu survived, she resolved to fulfill her sister’s wish and succeeded in becoming a director, but That part of the past that she didn’t read still often appeared in her mind, and Cui Hongzhu had mixed feelings in her heart.

The team leader sent police officers to investigate Li Jae-sik. Gao Wu Zhiming knew that this was the murderer and was suspicious, but the clue to Jiang Dexiu’s case was just that. He was confused and repeatedly checked the surveillance video at the scene of the crime, and clearly saw the conflict that night. The bicycle that Cui Hongzhu collided with, Gao Wuzhi found out that it was a new type of racing car, and obtained the owner’s identity and address. Gao Wuzhi went to the owner to confirm, and the owner found out that his beloved bicycle had been lost.

Zheng Barin arrived and saw Gao Wuzhi talking with the owner from a distance. Gao Wuzhi wondered how he appeared here. Zheng Barin did not explain much. Cui Hongzhu saw the surveillance of Gao Wuzhi’s office and then rushed to the owner’s house. , Seeing Gao Wuzhi and Zheng Barin were also there, she quietly hid away.

Cui Hongzhu brought Wu Fengyi to the prison to interview Li Jae-sik. He learned that Li Jae-sik had a good reputation in the prison. He used to live in the same cell as Jiang Dexiu. When Jiang Dexiu was released from prison, he forcibly stripped off a piece of Li Jae-sik’s clothes, claiming to have a chance to use it in the future, Officer Shen The dress was found at the scene of the crime. When Wu Fengyi and Cui Hongzhu left the prison, they suddenly slipped. Wu Fengyi almost fell to the ground. One of the detainees suddenly lost face. He wanted to rush to save Wu Fengyi, but was forcibly held by the prison guards. Wu Fengyi carefully looked at the old man. , I think he is very kind, and that person is emotional when he sees Wu Fengyi.

Wu Fengyi learned from the prison guard that the man was the suspect in the Shuicheng serial murder case. He also had a daughter. Wu Fengyi felt that Uncle Jin was very kind and did not look like a murderer at all. He wanted Uncle Jin’s daughter to know that he was a good person. Wu Fengyi suggested that Cui Hongzhu make this case the theme of the show, and asked Zheng Barin and Dongjiu to look for clues together, in order to remove the suspicion for Uncle Jin.

Wu Fengyi pulled out the files of the several murder cases and looked for clues. It was found that the murderer liked to eat apples, and the apple pellets he ate left at the scene of the crime. Wu Fengyi went to find the victim of the year. Wu Fengyi first found Chengzhi Enjia, asked her about being kidnapped in Jiuling 26 years ago. Cheng Zhien was very alert. She briefly recounted what happened. Wu Fengyi gave the recording of the interview to Cui Hongzhu. Cui Hongzhu was very supportive of her proposal, but The company executives did not agree with this topic, and Wu Fengyi was disappointed.

There was an explosive news on TV that the daughter of Uncle Kim, the suspect in the Shuicheng serial case, Dorse was the girlfriend of Police Officer Shin. Senator Shin Sung-min also publicly admitted this matter and was willing to admit the daughter-in-law of Dorser. Under the pressure of public opinion, Wu Fengyi’s topic was finally passed, and she immediately reported to Zheng Barin.

When Wu Fengyi heard that Gao Wuzhi was going to be the best man for Police Officer Shen, he prepared a new suit for him. Gao Wuzhi tried it on on the spot. He was very happy and tried his best to match Wu Fengyi and Zheng Barin. Cui Hongzhu received a call from the audience and sent Wu Fengyi to contact him. Dorser came to the prison to visit his father. His father was heartbroken, and Dorser left without saying a word.

Gao Wuzhi found out that Li Jae-sik also had a daughter, so he asked police officer Shen to help check the whereabouts of this person. Gao Wuzhi went to interview Li Jae-sik’s stepdaughter and learned that she was almost raped by Li Jae-sik and revealed that Li Jae-sik was the murderer of the Shuicheng serial murder case. Gao Wuzhi rushed to the prison immediately and learned that Li Zaizhi had been released.

In fact, Zheng Barin has long found out that Lee Jae-sik was the murderer. He stole Lee Jae-sik’s toothbrush from the evidence and asked Daniel to find a way to get Lee Jae-sik’s DNA to the murder weapon and clothes. He wanted to send the toothbrush back, only to find that Gao Wuzhi was there. Looking around for this toothbrush, he pretended to help find it under the table, creating the illusion that Jiang Dexiu planted and framed Li Jae-sik.

After Li was released from Vegetation, Zheng Barin followed him and killed him on the spot. When Gao Wuzhi rushed to the scene after hearing the news, he saw that Li Zaizhi had been killed. At the same time, Wu Fengyi saw Zheng Barin from the video, but he did not expect him to kill Jiang Dexiu.

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