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Love like White Jade 白玉思无瑕 Episode 11 Recap

The old lady sent medicine to Jiang Baiyu’s room and didn’t see him. Shui Wuxia had just let Shen Qingli hide in her bed. When the old lady came, she wanted to send her away quickly. The old lady just wanted to leave but seemed to see Shui Wuxia’s quilt moving. When she looked back, she didn’t seem to move. She walked over to help Shui Wuxia tidy the quilt. She lifted the quilt and saw Jiang Baiyu lying inside. The old lady turned her head and asked Shui Wuxia, didn’t she say Jiang Baiyu went out to play?

Why he was in her bed, Shui Wuxia faced the old lady’s hesitating explanation, so the old lady mistakenly thought that they had an affair and were in the same bed. The old lady grabbed Jiang Baiyu’s ears angrily and left. Shui Wuxia was also puzzled. It was clearly how Shen Qingli became Jiang Baiyu who was lying in the quilt. When did Shen Qingli leave, she looked at the open window. Thoughts.

The old lady wanted to find out what was going on, so she and the grandmother were divided into two groups. The grandmother went to find Shui Wuxia. When she went to find Jiang Baiyu by herself, she had to ask someone who understood Shui Wuxia and Jiang Baiyu to take the initiative and how long it was. Grandma took a stool to find Shui Wuxia. She sat on the side of the table and let Shui Wuxia sit opposite. She said that the old lady and she had both seen it, and asked Shui Wuxia what else to explain.

It would be a shame to have an affair with the employer during the assisting period. Even if Shui Wuxia left the Jiang family, she would not have the opportunity to assist other people. Let Shui Wuxia recruit her to help her talk. Shui Wuxia said that on weekdays, she was incompatible with the young master, how could she have an affair. Grandma thought for a while and that was the initiative of the young master. Shui Wuxia explained that this was a misunderstanding, that the young master went to the wrong bed drunk. .

Shui Wuxia had a nightmare and dreamed that her brother was murdered. Jiang Baiyu came in and heard what she said, thinking that she was talking about Shen Qingli. She felt it was her fault. Shui Wuxia was sweating profusely, and she suddenly woke up. The two men talked about the case, and Ma Rulong looked like he was going to fight a protracted battle.

Jiang Baiyu sat on her bed and forgot to take her fan, and asked Shui Wuxia to help with it. Shui Wuxia got up from the bed holding her fan and suddenly got dizzy. Jiang Baiyu quickly supported her with eyes and hands. Shui Wuxia opened her eyes and her vision was blurred, Jiang Baiyu helped her sit on the bed.

Hou Changan took Jiang Baiyu and others to the street to investigate cases of counterfeiting and shoddy. Before Changan could finish speaking, they had long since disappeared. Jiang Baiyu and Shui Wuxia came to a shoe stand. One of them picked up a pair of boots. Shui Wuxia’s hands were stained with black paint. Jiang Tianling and Qi Delong came to the candle stand, saw a different candle, and broke them apart. The two roots were found to be different inside. Jiang Baiyu and Shui Wuxia bought a bottle of wine, smelled it and found that it tasted wrong, took a bottle of wine and took it away.

Jiang Baiyu and other five people sat on the table in the stall and put the counterfeit and shoddy products they found on the table. What Jiang Baiyu and Shui Wuxia found were that the boots made of Korean paper were pinched exactly like leather, and the wine that had been mixed with water could not taste anything other than the taste of alcohol. What Jiang Tianling and Qi Delong discovered was the use of clay as a candle made of suet.

What Fang Yuncheng discovered was a mask powder made with chicken blood instead of cinnabar. What’s more, even the copper plates found by Fang Yuncheng were fake. Jiang Tianling had already prepared that he had notified Shi Yisi, and they would send someone to deal with it soon. Several people were about to go back, Shui Wuxia stood up and almost fell, her vision became increasingly blurred.

After returning home, the doctor diagnosed Shui Wuxia’s pulse. Without knowing the cause of her illness, she had to prescribe some medicine to relieve her condition. Shui Wuxia’s vision was blurred and she couldn’t see anything clearly. Jiang Baiyu blamed herself and felt that it was his fault. He decided to take care of her before Shui Wuxia’s eyes were cured.

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