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Court Lady 骊歌行 Episode 14 Recap

Lu Yingying was very stubborn. The emperor refused to see her. She had been kneeling outside the palace. She knelt all night and refused to leave. The officials of the upper court were a little sighed when they saw Lu Yingying’s persistence. Sheng Chumu was promoted to general Xuanwei by the emperor. The emperor valued him very much and asked him to guard the gate of Chang’an. This task was jealous, but Sheng Chumu would rather be a guard of the palace so that he could meet with Fu Rou. Since Sheng Chumu came back, Fu Rou has stayed up all night to embroider things for Sheng Chumu, waiting for the day to meet Sheng Chumu.

Sun Lingshu saw that the prince was a little distressed by Lu Yingying, who was kneeling outside the palace, and felt a sense of crisis. He couldn’t help but say bad things about Lu Yingying in front of the queen. The queen did not agree with Sun Lingshu, but was rather dissatisfied with Sun Lingshu. But after all, Lu Yingying was doing it for Lu Yunji was filial and impeccable in his filial piety. Although Fu Rou hated Lu Yunji, she really admired Lu Yingying and asked Yang Bai to help Lu Yingying send a bowl of water.

After Sun Lingshu became pregnant, the queen asked her to let others serve the prince. Sun Lingshu agreed, but at night she pretended to be sick and asked the prince to see her. The prince could only promise Sun Lingshu that she would not touch other people during this period, but she would not want him in the future. I must lie to myself again.

Lu Yunji and Lu Qi were imprisoned and still did not repent, and even complained that the emperor was ruthless. Although the emperor was angry, he still wanted to fight with him for decades in Lu Yunji. Chang Guogong pleaded for Lu Yunji in the ears of the emperor. , The emperor heard Lu Yingying still kneeling again, the emperor softened his heart and asked someone to let Lu Yingying come to see him. Lu Yingying was so filial that he had compassion for the emperor, so he decided to let Lu Yunji and his son go. The merits of lay the Shengguo to offset the demerits of washing the city, the merits and demerits are offset.

Fu Rou made a sachet and clothes for Sheng Chumu, but Zhou Wang took the clothes halfway. Fu Rou had no choice but to take Zhou Wang and let him go. Fu Rou wrapped up the rest. Instructed Sheng Chuling to transfer the things to Sheng Chumu. Princess Xin Nan saw what Fu Rou gave to Sheng Chuling, and thought that Sheng Chuling hooked up with another woman.

Sheng Chuling deliberately refused to explain, so that Princess Xin Nan became more angry. Knowing that the sachet was made by Fu Rou, she felt that Fu Rou was a fox. . Sheng Chuling gave Fu Rou’s things to Sheng Chumu, and Sheng Chumu looked at the love words hidden by Fu Rou in the sachet, very happy.

The next day, Princess Xinnan and Sheng Chuling had a temper. They made a fuss and angered Sheng Chuling. Princess Xinnan saw that Sheng Chuling turned around and left. She was angry. Fu Rou came to send her embroidery to Princess Xinnan, and Princess Xinnan deliberately embarrassed Fu. soft. The queen loved Lu Yingying very much, and she asked her to go to the palace to accompany herself when she had time. Fu Rou ran into Lu Yingying in the palace. Lu Yingying knew that the glass of water was sent by Fu Rou, so she said that she would repay her in the future. Fu Rou couldn’t bear it. Zhu said that he had prevented the queen from letting Lu Yingying marry the prince. Lu Yingying was not angry, but instead said that he wanted to thank Fu Rou.

During the dynasty, Sheng Chumu asked the emperor to play, hoping that the emperor would recruit Yan Zifang. When Sheng Chumu mentioned it, Lu Yunji raised an objection. Sheng Chumu bluntly expressed his advice, argued with reason, and offered it. Yan Zifang’s gift to the emperor was a beautiful picture of the mountains and rivers of Wisdom. According to legend, there are huge secrets hidden in the beautiful pictures of mountains and rivers. Countless people broke their blood for this, but they did not understand the secrets. The emperor was moved by Sheng Chumu. ,

Promised him to think again about the Gang of Four Seas. After returning to the palace, the emperor talked to the queen about Sheng Chumu and the beautiful scenery of mountains and rivers. The queen said that the beautiful scenery of mountains and rivers was a treasure map, and it was said that the person who concealed the treasure map was the lord of the world. The emperor said to give the picture to the queen. , Let her crack this picture. The queen took the picture and called Fu Rou over. Fu Rou studied the embroidery of Lady Hui since she was a child, and was sure that the picture was true. The queen asked Fu Rou to crack the secret of the picture.

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