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Court Lady 骊歌行 Episode 13 Recap

The queen allowed Fu Rou to recuperate in Concubine Yan’s palace, and then asked Wei Song to send medicine to Princess Han to show her compassion. Although Fu Rou woke up, she was depressed. She did not eat or drink. King Zhou became angry and drank the medicine and kissed Fu Rou. He passed the medicine and said that if Fu Rou didn’t drink the medicine, she would feed it like this in the future. Medicine, Fu Rou had to drink the medicine obediently, and Fu Rou asked King Zhou to take her to see Sheng Chumu’s tomb. King Zhou had already guessed Fu Rou’s request and was ready. King Zhou took Fu Rou to see Sheng Chumu’s tomb.

Fu Rou asked King Zhou to leave. She stayed with Sheng Chumu’s tomb for a while. Fu Rou cried and promised in front of the tomb that she would wait for Sheng Chumu to return. Don’t break your promise. Sheng Chuling was also depressed because of Sheng Chumu’s affairs. Princess Xinnan didn’t know how to comfort people, so she could only accompany Sheng Chuling silently. With Princess Xinnan’s company, Sheng Chuling was a little better.

The concubine’s concubine did not come. After the imperial physician’s diagnosis, although it is not completely certain, it is almost always happy. The crown prince and the prince are very happy. The prince is pregnant and can no longer serve the prince. The queen thought about it. To marry Lu Yingying to the prince, after Fu Rou learned about her dissatisfaction with the Lu family, she deliberately said that Lu Yingying is like Zhuang Jiang, saying that Zhuang Jiang has no children, and that a beautiful woman might harm the country, the queen listened to After Fu Rou’s words, the impulse in her heart calmed down.

After Fu Rou was sent away, the queen told Wei Song not to bring Lu Yingying’s portrait again. Fu Rou prevented Lu Yingying from entering the palace, but she was unhappy in her heart, feeling that she had done a despicable thing. Sheng Chumu was rescued by Yan Zifang. He didn’t know what Yan Zifang had for saving himself, but he first told Yan Zifang that he would never go with the thieves.

Yan Zifang remembered what Fu Rou had said before and took the initiative to talk about his family’s experience of ruin and death. Chu Mu also said that he was killed by Lu Yunji. It turned out that both of their enemies were Lu Yunji. Sheng Chumu and Yan Zifang had a conversation and guessed that Yan Zifang had been fighting with the major gangs on the sea in order to accumulate and be recruited. It’s not a coincidence that Sheng Chumu rescued Sheng Chumu, but to use Sheng Chumu’s relationship to connect with the court and let Sheng Chumu speak good things for himself.

Lu Yunji’s army returned triumphantly, and the Sheng family gritted their teeth when they saw Lu Yunji triumphantly. Lu Yunji went to the Lu Kingdom’s mansion and turned black and white against Sheng Xiaojing, saying that Sheng Chumu insisted on going to Anxi. Xia, the Sheng family naturally refused to believe Lu Yunji’s nonsense. Seeing Lu Yunji’s cat crying at the mouse, the Sheng family suffocated their stomachs.

Lu Yunji was rewarded by the emperor again and was promoted. Just as he was proudly hosting a banquet in the mansion, Sheng Chumu had already returned to Chang’an and met the emperor when he entered the palace. Sheng Chumu met Fu Rou when he entered the palace. Fu Rou looked at the person in front of her with surprise, but Sheng Chumu was anxious to face her, so she could only hurriedly let Fu Rou wait for herself. Sheng Chumu told the emperor all what Lu Yunji had done. The emperor was furious, but Lu Yunji had just made great achievements for the Tang Dynasty.

He couldn’t just listen to Sheng Chumu alone. Sheng Chumu was prepared for it. The evidence he prepared was presented to the emperor. The emperor was furious and immediately ordered the arrest of Lu Yunji and Lu Qi. After seeing the emperor, Sheng Chumu rushed back home to report his safety to his parents. The whole family was happy for Sheng Chumu’s return. .

Lu Yunji and Lu Qi were imprisoned. Lu Yunji confessed that Lu Hanxing went to several central ministers and asked them to co-sign their letters to intercede. Lu Yunji still hoped that the emperor would recite the relationship between the emperor and his subjects for decades. Forgive yourself once. The emperor knew that not only did Lu Yunji not reflect, but he had to bribe the ministers. The anger became even greater. Not only did he order Lu Hanxing to be imprisoned, but he also decided not to take Lu Yunji lightly. Lu Yingying had no choice but to ask the emperor outside the palace. Refused to see her.

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