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A Love For Dilemma 小舍得 Episode 29 Recap

When Yan Peng’s parents saw Cai Juying and Ziyou live in the same room, they felt distressed that their baby grandson had to squeeze a bed with her grandmother. They were dissatisfied that Cai Juying lived here for a long time and took him back to her grandparents’ house when Ziyou was out of school. Tian Yulan complained that Yan Peng’s mother did not say hello in advance. Instead, Yan Peng’s mother led the topic to the birth of a second child, saying that if Tian Yulan gave birth to a second child, Cai Juying would be fine if she lived together to help her take care of her.

She could also pay Cai Juying according to the market price. Tian Yulan The heart is full of humiliation. Nan Li and Tian Yulan met several times. Tian Yulan accused Nan Li of playing with two hands and three swords. Only then did Nan Li know that most of the money that her mother Zhao Na gave her to buy a house was given by Nan Jianlong. With a complicated mood, Nan Li came to visit his father again. Nan Jianlong’s health was not very good. Without Cai Juying’s meticulous care, his life was in a mess.

Nan Li’s mind was very uncomfortable, especially when she learned that Nan Jianlong had bought her a house for her to sell the cemetery. For the first time, she asked her father about the events of the year, why two months before her college entrance examination, his father would divorce and remarry in a flash, and the answer she got filled her heart with mixed feelings.

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