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A Love For Dilemma 小舍得 Episode 28 Recap

Nan Jianlong was about to go to Tian Yulan’s house to pick Cai Juying home. He assured Tian Yulan that even if he made the savings to Nan Li, he would still have retirement salary. As long as he was alive for one day, he would not let her mother starve. The next day Nan Jianlong was on the way to pick up people. The bus passed by Nan Li’s company. He wanted to get off the bus and explain to his daughter, but he accidentally learned that his daughter had been demoted and was about to go for a fake divorce. Nan Jianlong notified Zhao Na, and the two rushed to the Civil Affairs Bureau.

Nan Jianlong lost his temper at seeing his daughter. Nan Li told Tian Yulan that he was demoted by stabbing him in the back. The two old people made such a fuss in the Civil Affairs Bureau, so that the young couple, who was not so determined in the fake divorce, completely put away their hearts. Cai Juying packed up her luggage, but didn’t wait for Nan Jianlong to come to the door. The mother and daughter were worried that something was wrong with his body, and they rushed home anxiously.

Unexpectedly, Nan Jianlong would say that Tian Yulan was too much this time, and accused her of stumbling Nan Li in the workplace. Nan Jianlong also said that he would make a will. After a hundred years, the property rights of this house will return to Nan Li, and Cai Juying only has the right to use it. He also asked Cai Juying to learn more from Zhao Na and be a magnificent person. As soon as this is said, nothing can be saved. Cai Juying packs up on the spot and wants to leave the house completely.

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