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A Love For Dilemma 小舍得 Episode 27 Recap

Nan Li heard that it was Tian Yulan who quietly gathered other staff members and reported the unfair distribution of her promotion policy by her real name. With a loss in the workplace and the loss of the school district’s room, Nan Li realized that she had always been proud of the advantage she had always been proud of, and it was simply vulnerable. Yan Peng’s mother came to see Cai Ju with a gift specially, and she said that the old man was also devoted to planning for his children and grandchildren, urging Tian Yulan to have another one. Regardless of men and women, brothers and sisters will help each other in the future.

Cai Juying turned around to persuade Tian Yulan to have a second child, and Tian Yulan was exhausted. Tian Yulan saw that Cai Juying had been worried about Nan Jianlong. He went to visit Nan Jian. He also wanted to persuade Nan Jianlong to take Cai Juying back. When he walked in, Nan Jianlong couldn’t take care of herself at all and had a mess of life. Tian Yulan quickly cleaned up the kitchen like the scene of the crime and cleared the sewers. She also wanted to talk to Nan Jianlong, and directly asked Nan Jianlong whether she respected her mother as his wife, and promised not to take Nan Jianlong. property.

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