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The Storm of the World 玉昭令 Episode 22 Recap

Because Duanmucui blocked the Excalibur for Wen Gu, looking at Duanmucui’s hand, Yang Jian promised that Duanmucui would no longer chase Wen Gu. Zhanyan acknowledged his intentions for Duanmucui, and Duanmucui asked Zhanyan to put the doll she gave him on her body, so as to be by her side. The gods killed by Divine Punishment Sword will also be wiped out, and Duanmucui will never come back.

Wen Gu recalled his experience of ascending to the immortal. In order to accompany Duan Mucui, Wen Gu cut off his dragon horns and killed the person who was about to ascend to take the ascending place. In order to prevent things from failing afterwards, Wen Gu destroyed Penglai Tu. Seeing Duanmucui’s departure, Wen Gu vowed to come back and bring Duanmucui back. Yang Jian learned that Zhanyan was Duanmucui’s heart, and decided to save Zhanyan’s life and sent him back to the world.

Three months later, Zhanyan woke up in the Kaifeng mansion, vaguely saw Duanmucui’s figure in his memory, but had a splitting headache. Zhan Yan remembered that Duanmu Cui was killed by Zhu Divine Sword and wanted to find Duanmu Cui, but Shangguan Ce couldn’t stop it. Jiang Wenqing came in and informed Zhan Yan of Duan Mucui’s departure, and Zhan Yan calmed down.

Duanmucui was soaring to the immortal at that time, wholeheartedly trying to rescue those brothers who died in battle. In order to prevent Duanmucui, the memory of Duanmucui was locked into Guixu, so there is a ray of Duanmucui’s divine consciousness in Guixu. Yang Jian locked Duanmucui in the Guixu, hoping that the spirit in the Guixu could reconsolidate Duanmucui’s spirit.

Zhan Yan came to Duanmu Caolu, remembering the bit by bit before Duanmucui, and accidentally found that Xindie was still there. Zhan Yan chased Xindie, as if seeing the shadow of Duanmucui, Xindie flew into the spirit of Guixu.

Zhan Yan was wandering in the street, only to find the little blue and white being chased and beaten, and Zhan Yan rescued the little blue and white being chased. Xiaoqinghua earns money by doing business and wants to buy sugar for Duanmucui. Zhan Yan heard Xiao Qinghua say that after death the gods would return to Penglai and be buried in Guixu, and remembered Xindie’s instructions. Zhanyan felt that Duanmu was still alive, waiting for him to find her. Zhanyan wanted to go to Penglai to find Duanmucui, but because he was a mortal, he couldn’t enter Penglai.

Duanmucui did not die. A ray of divine consciousness condensed her spirit. Because Duanmucui’s spirit was unstable, Penglai Shangxian placed her in Guixu. Wen Gu came to Penglai to take Duanmucui away, but was blocked by Yang Jian, and the two fought. Wen Gu was injured by Yang Jian because his mana was lost to Yang Jian. Wen Gu felt that Duanmucui was killed by Penglai, and took the initiative to abandon his godhead, not at odds with the heavens.

Wen Gu was bullied by a group of children and called a monster. He remembered what his father had told him that he only needs to be strong to protect himself.

The celestial immortals in Penglai accused Duanmucui of covering Wen Gu, causing Penglai to fall into Wen Gu’s hands. Yang Jian protected Duanmucui and cursed the immortal Penglai.

Xiao Qinghua caused trouble in Yuelao Temple and was rescued by Zhanyan. Zhanyan thought of the best way to contact Duanmucui. Every letter from Zhanyan to Duanmucui was transmitted to Guixu through Yuelao Temple. Duanmu in Guixu heard Zhanyan’s call. Guixu woke up. Duanmucui wanted to break free from the rope of returning to the ruins. In order to prevent Duanmucui from breaking away from the rope, Yuelao had to use her own spiritual knowledge to show Duanmucui the current situation of Zhanyan, and also handed the letter written by Zhanyan to Duanmucui. Seeing how deep the relationship between Duanmucui and Zhanyan was, Yuelao decided to let the two meet through herself.

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