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The Storm of the World 玉昭令 Episode 21 Recap

Zhan Yan met Wen Gu who came to look for Duanmu Cui, and told Wen Gu that Duanmu had been captured by Yuelongmen. Duanmucui was trapped in his magical pagoda glazed lamp by Yuelongmen. Yuelongmen turned into an appearance and wanted to deceive Duanmucui’s Penglai map fragments, but Duanmucui found it to be a fake. Yuelongmen couldn’t deceive him, and wanted to snatch Duanmucui’s Penglai map fragments, but found that Duanmucui had no Penglai map fragments on him. Yuelongmen couldn’t get the Penglai map fragments, and wanted to kill Duanmucui in his magic weapon.

Hongluan united with the You Clan who opposed the Yuelongmen, and wanted to lead them out of the private prison of the Yuelongmen, looking for the blood of the dragon. Zhan Yan took Wen Gu to the place where Duanmu Cui was captured. Wen Gu accused Zhan Yan of losing Duanmu Cui. At this moment, Duanmucui suddenly appeared in front of them.

At a glance, Zhanyan recognized that Duanmucui was transformed by Yuelongmen, in order to cheat Duanmucui’s Penglai map fragments. Yuelongmen wanted to exchange Duanmucui’s life for Penglai map fragments. Zhanyan agreed to Yuelongmen. Yuelongmen asked Zhanyan to go to the abandoned house in East Street to exchange.

Duan Mucui in the glazed lamp of the pagoda heard the sound of mosquitoes beside the glazed pagoda, and remembered the scene of being locked in a coffin with her mother when she was a child. Hearing the news of Duanmucui’s disappearance, Jiang Wenqing took people from Kaifeng Mansion to Wenshui County to help.

According to the agreement, Zhanyan came to the abandoned house on East Street, Yuelongmen took away the Qiankun bag in Zhanyan’s hand, but did not want to let Duanmucui go. Yuelongmen took the Qiankun bag and fled, but found that there were no Penglai map fragments inside. Wen Gu blocked the exit route at Yuelongmen. It turned out that Yuelongmen wanted to get the Penglai map fragments, not to open the nine prisons, but to ascend to the immortal.

Zhan Yan successfully found the glazed lamp in the pagoda that trapped Duanmu Cui, and Wen Gu’s magical force temporarily blocked the speed of Duanmu Cui’s melting, looking for a way to unlock it. Yuelongmen transformed into Zhanyan to slaughter people in the city wantonly, and warned Zhanyan that if Zhanyan did not hand over the Penglai map fragments, he would slaughter the entire Wenshui County.

Yuelongmen signed a death agreement with the Liuli Lantern of the pagoda. As long as Yuelongmen was willing to turn on the Liuli Lantern, Duanmu could be rescued. Zhanyan and Wen Gu designed the Penglai map fragments into the lamp, and Zhanyan also knew that Wen Gu was a matter of the blood of the King of You.

In front of Yuelongmen, Wen Gu put the Penglai map fragments into the glazed lamp. Yuelongmen turned on the glazed lamp reluctantly, and he took the Penglai map fragments and ran away. In order to be able to help Duanmucui, Zhanyan took a pill that temporarily gave people supernatural power, but the pill would damage Zhanyan’s heart.

Yuelongmen succeeded in obtaining a complete Penglai map, and was about to rise into a fairy. Many immortals in Penglai came to see Feisheng Shangxian, wanting to see the arrival of new immortal friends. Wen Gu dug out his dragon horn and placed it on Yuelongmen’s body to prevent Yuelongmen from rising. Yuelongmen was killed by the nine-fold thunder tribulation, and Wen Gu’s dragon bloodline could not be hidden, and suffered the nine-fold thunder tribulation.

In order to save Wen Gu, Duan Mucui blocked Thunder Tribulation for Wen Gu. Zhan Yan temporarily resisted the Nine Heavens Tribulation with the Giant Que Sword, and Wen Gu also showed the real body of the Dragon Clan because of the recovery of the dragon’s horns.

Yang Jian brought the celestial soldiers and generals to arrest Wen Gu, and Duanmucui would rather fight Penglai as an enemy in order to protect Wen Gu. Yang Jian wanted to kill Wen Gu with the Divine Punishment Sword, Duan Mucui hit the sword in order to protect Wen Gu.

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