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The Storm of the World 玉昭令 Episode 20 Recap

After Shangguance’s painstaking persuasion, Zhanyan still couldn’t let go of Duanmucui, and went to look for Duanmucui. After Duanmucui bid farewell to Jiang Wenqing, Tu Dun left Duanmu Caolu. Zhan Yan hurried over, but there was still no time to see Duan Mu Cui’s last look. Jiang Wenqing enlightened Zhan Yan, wanting Zhan Yan to pursue what she loves in her heart, instead of guessing what Duan Mu Cui thought.

Jiang Wenqing pushed Zhanyan again appropriately and gave him the order to go to Wenshui County. Zhanyan finally realized that even if it was a moment, he should cherish it and made up his mind to chase Duanmu Cui back. Yuelongmen found that the next Penglai map fragment was in Wang Xiu’s body. He wanted to take it back, but was injured by Wang Xiu’s mana. After Wang Xiu recovered from his illness, his face glowed, but he disliked the old Liang Wenqi, and turned to be with Liu Biao. After crossing the dragon gate, he took the opportunity to change into Liu Biao’s appearance, planning to let Wang Xiu take the initiative to donate his inner alchemy.

After Duanmucui came to Wenshui County alone, she lost her sense of feeling with the fake fragments, and learned about the Wang family by mistake. The Wang family’s uncle Liang Wenqi was old overnight, while her wife Wang Xiu was overnight. His face was radiant, like a girl. Duan Mucui came to Wang’s house to check Wang Xiu and found that Wang Xiu really had a problem. Duan Mucui thought of Zhan Yan when he saw the fast-handling level of Wenshui County’s arrests. Wen Gu learned that Duanmucui had arrived in Wenshui County, and feared that Duanmucui would be in danger, so he went to look for Duanmucui.

Wang Xiu was afraid that Liang Wenqi’s incident would be exposed, and went to find Liu Biao for a solution. The design of Wang Xiu and Yuelongmen framed Liang Wenqi as a secluded clan, with the purpose of concealing the real cause of Liang Wenqi’s death. Duanmucui found that there was something awkward between Wang Xiu and Liu Biao, and determined to go and save Liang Wenqi’s body. Wen Gu came to Wang’s house as Liang Wenqi’s old acquaintance. Wang Xiu learned from Wen Gu that Liang Wenqi had saved her with an ancestral medicine. She felt that she had wronged Liang Wenqi and went to find Liu. Biao asked clearly.

The Yuelongmen incarnation of Liu Biao lied that he saved Wang Xiu, and Liang Wenqi just wanted to harm her. Yuelongmen told him that he had gifted Wang Xiu with his Shouyuan, and only Wang Xiu’s hard work could save him. Wang Xiu hurriedly took the scissors to take his own blood, but was stopped by Duan Mucui who rushed over, but Yuelongmen still escaped. Duanmucui goes out to pursue Yuelongmen, and the cunning Yuelongmen turns into an image to deceive Duanmucui to make her smaller. Yuelongmen wanted to kill Duanmucui, and Duanmucui escaped in time to avoid being killed.

Zhanyan rushed to Wenshui County in time and came to Wang’s family to investigate the truth of Liang Wenqi’s case. The smaller Duan Mucui thought that Zhan Yan was a Yuelongmen pretend, and tied Zhan Yan with immortal rope, but because the person became smaller, the immortal rope also became smaller, and Zhan Yan broke the rope. Duan Mucui found that Zhan Yan was real, but followed him to find that Zhan Yan was looking at the doll and thinking about herself. Zhanyan saw Duanmucui again. Although she became smaller, she was still overjoyed, and the two quickly cast aside their suspicions and investigated the case together.

Zhanyan heard Wang Xiu shouting for help, and went to rescue Wang Xiu. But Wang Xiu thought that Zhanyan was changed by Liu Biao, and drove Zhanyan out. Duan Mucui discovered that the Penglai map fragments had been replaced, and the Penglai map fragments in his hand were fake. After getting smaller, Duanmu fell asleep on the pillow of Zhanyan’s hand, and Zhanyan stared at the sleeping Duanmucui in a daze. Duan Mucui told Wang Xiu that Liang Wenqi was willing to sacrifice her life to save her.

Zhanyan took out the letter Liang Wenqi left to Wang Xiu before his death. Looking at the letter written by Liang Wenqi, Wang Xiu wanted to apologize for his death. . Wang Xiu asked Duanmucui to take out the fragments of Penglai map in her body, and wanted to die in old age to find her husband Liang Wenqi, Duanmucui agreed.

Duanmucui and Zhanyan resolved their misunderstanding and reconciled, and they went to look for the missing Penglai map fragments. The You Clan elder Yuelongmen took a shot to snatch Penglai map fragments, and Duanmucui was captured by Yuelongmen during the fight.

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