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The Storm of the World 玉昭令 Episode 19 Recap

Wen Gu, the general Duan Mucui, pretended to lose his mana, and accidentally revealed to the Hong Luan who was pretending to be Yuelongmen in order to catch the inner ghost. Jiang Mo pleaded guilty and said that his behind-the-scenes command was Yuelongmen, and that what Yuelongmen wanted was Penglai Tu. The nine prison elder Yuelongmen learned that Jiang Mo had been caught, and feared that the secret would be exposed, so he came to Kaifeng Mansion and tried to kill others.

In order to protect Jiang Wenqing, Jiang Mo stood in front of him, sacrificed himself, and saved Jiang Wenqing. Before he died, Jiang Mo gave his memory of a thousand years ago to Jiang Wenqing, and Jiang Yi’s memory of a thousand years ago was awakened in Jiang Wenqing.

Thousands of years ago, Yang Jian and Duanmucui were both sons and daughters of Jiang Yi, and Jiang Yi led the development of the Human Race and You Race. During the battle with Youzu, Duanmucui was dying because of severe injuries. In order to save Duanmucui, Jiang Yi gave up his godhood to Duanmucui, and he suffered the pain of reincarnation. Jiang Wenqing, who had memories of previous lives, recognized Jiang Mo, and Jiang Mo said that he would work hard to cultivate and come back again.

After Jiang Mo’s case was resolved, the tense atmosphere between Duanmucui and Zhanyan eased a bit. Zhanyan remembered Duanmucui’s preferences and left a bowl of osmanthus-flavored drinks for Duanmucui. Thinking back to the sweetness of the two before, although the two of them had the same mind and couldn’t let go of each other, neither of them took the next step.

After regaining the memory, Jiang Wenqing seemed to be a different person. Madam Jiang saw Jiang Wenqing’s thoughts at a glance and learned that Jiang Wenqing wanted to complete her ambition. After Jiang Yi’s memory came back, he met Duanmucui and made up his mind to see Yang Jian. Yang Jian heard that his adoptive father had returned and hurried to meet in Duanmu Caolu. Jiang Wenqing explained to Duanmucui and Yang Jian that the elder of the nine prisons Yuelongmen’s plan was to find the Penglai map, unlock the seal, and release the secluded family of the nine prisons.

When Yang Jian, Duan Mucui and Jiang Wenqing were chatting, Hong Luan, who was disguised as Yuelongmen, came to eavesdrop. Duanmucui couldn’t find the Penglai map fragments transformed by Madam Jiang’s hairpin. Yang Jian guessed that Hongluan took the Penglai map fragments when Duanmucui’s mana was weak.

Duanmucui turned out the things in Qiankun’s bag and looked for it. He remembered the cocoons he had left in the Silkworm Mei case. Through the infusion of mana, Duanmucui discovered that the cocoonization was also a piece of Penglai map fragments. He also accidentally learned that the Penglai map fragments have mutual induction. . Hongluan was locked in the cage of Jiuyu, unable to escape. Thinking of Yuelongmen living in the world as her own, Hongluan worried that the You Clan elder Yuelongmen would harm Wen Gu, and wanted to find a chance to escape from the nine prisons.

Zhanyan learned that Duanmucui was about to leave Duanmu Caolu, and stayed at Duanmu Caolu for one night, waiting for Duanmucui to say goodbye to Duanmucui. Zhanyan patiently prepared what Duanmucui needed to go out. Duanmucui asked Zhanyan to help check the whereabouts of the next Penglai map fragment and learned that the Penglai map fragment was in Wenshui County, the northernmost part of Qifeng City.

Duan Mucui told Zhanyan that he wanted to retrieve all the fragments of the Penglai map, and then sealed the nine prisons again, so that he would never meet again. Duanmucui went out to send Zhanyan away. Yuelongmen found that Duanmucui had left the Caolu and took away the Penglai picture fragments of silkworm cocoons. Yuelongmen left Duanmucui’s room, but was discovered by Wen Gu. Yuelongmen wanted to re-practice and leave Duanmu Caolu, looking for the next Penglai map fragment.

Shangguan Ce came to look for Zhanyan, and wanted Zhanyan to go and retain Duanmucui. Zhanyan stubbornly believes that Duanmu does not want to stay in Qifeng City, and does not want to go to keep Duanmucui.

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