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The Storm of the World 玉昭令 Episode 18 Recap

Master Jiang analyzed the victim’s complaint and found that the matter was related to Jiang Mo. Master Jiang asked Zhang Long and Zhao Wujiang Jiang Mo to find out the truth. Hong Luan came to the room of the elder of the You clan, wanted to get the antidote to the spell, but was caught by the elder of the You clan and was arrested.

The nine prison elder Yuelongmen planned to punish Hongluan and Duanmucui publicly, and Zhanyan, posing as Youzu, took the opportunity to steal the key and quietly unlocked the chains of Hongluan and Duanmucui. Hongluan informed Duanmucui and Zhanyan of the location of the antidote. Duanmucui stayed to rescue Hongluan, while Zhanyan went to the room of the elder of the You clan to find the antidote. The You Clan elder discovered that someone had broken into his room.

Duan Mucui and Hong Luan restrained the You Clan elder. Zhan Yan successfully passed through the traps of various organs and got the antidote to understand and save Wen Gu. Duanmucui and Hongluan fought with the You Clan of Jiu Prison, and successfully merged with Zhanyan and escaped the Jiu Prison, but Duanmucui didn’t know that it was not the real Red Luan who escaped with him, but the You Clan elder. The more the dragon gate changes.

Duanmucui’s entry and exit to the nine prisons alarmed the gods, but Yang Jian said that Duanmucui was just naughty, and he also helped to find the gap in the enchantment of the nine prisons. Wen Gu took the medicine, and his body gradually recovered. Duan Mucui helps Hong Luan intercede, and wants Wen Gu to forgive Hong Luan. Sensing the breath of the heavenly soldiers to the You Clan, they sent the heavenly soldiers to prepare to capture Wen Gu and Hongluan, Duan Mucui took the lead and stopped the heavenly soldiers.

Heavenly soldiers fought Duanmucui, and Yang Jian came to rescue Duanmucui in time. Duan Mucui and Yang Jian angered, and they fought. Yang Jian resorted to Pangu banners, but Duanmucui lost to Pangu banners and was injured by Pangu banners. Duanmucui was injured and fell from the sky, and was rescued by Zhanyan. After a confrontation, it was discovered that it was because someone had written to Penglai to inform that the You clan had hurt people, and the gods sent troops. Zhan Yan discovered the flaws and discussed a strategy with Duan Mucui and Yang Jian. Yang Jian deliberately declared that the black cat wounding case would be handed over to the Kaifeng Mansion for processing, and Duan Mucui’s spells had been restricted.

Duanmucui was shopping on the street, and the people angrily denounced Duanmucui as a secluded clan, and smashed Duanmucui with objects. Zhanyan arrived in time and rescued Duanmucui. The people think that Zhanyan is sheltering the stream of flowers, but Zhanyan promises that it will give the people justice before the people disperse. Jiang Mo accused Duan Mucui of stealing his master’s godhood, causing his master to suffer such a catastrophe. Jiang Mo wanted to kill Duanmucui and take back the master’s godhead. Duan Mucui just pretended to lose his mana and wanted to draw out the perpetrators behind him. Duanmucui trapped Jiang Mo with Pangu flags, but Jiang Mo broke free.

Jiang Mo turned back into a huge cat body and came to Kaifeng Mansion. Master Jiang recognized him as the black cat at a glance. Jiang Mo told Master Jiang that he was his master Jiang Yi and Duan Mucui’s foster father. In the battle of Chongcheng thousands of years ago, Duanmucui risked his death and was injured and dying. When Duanmucui was injured and dying, Jiang Yi gave his godhood to Duanmucui, and then he would become a mortal and endure the thousand-year cycle.

Master Jiang accused Jiang Mo of committing a heinous crime. Jiang Mo realized the mistake he had committed and hurriedly knelt down to admit his mistake. Master Jiang said that he would no longer be an official in the future to redeem the sins committed by Jiang Mo. Duan Mucui said that Jiang Mo’s mistakes should be borne by himself. He wanted to bring Jiang Mo back to Xihuali, and he wanted Penglai to explain.

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