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The Rational Life 理智派生活 Episode 22 Recap

Recently, the sales of new energy are not satisfactory. Shen Ruoxin and Qi Xiao split to find the cause, and they found that it was actually a problem with advertising. Because Liu Pei deliberately tilted the advertising ratio to traditional models, Shen Ruoxin had no choice but to call Xu Minjie to report the situation after negotiating with him to no avail.

Now that the matter has happened, the root cause of the problem needs to be solved first. On Qi Xiao’s proposal, Shen Ruoxin asked Su Yang to pretend to be a customer and go to the store to buy a car. Unexpectedly, the sales director frequently promoted traditional models to Su Yang, and even slandered new energy vehicles in disguise, promising to give Su Yang many benefits, even if he applied for a foreign license plate in private.

Shen Ruoxin took the recording to negotiate with Liu Pan, but Liu Pei defined the matter as the personal behavior of the sales director, completely aside from corporate responsibilities, and refused to solve the problem for her. In the end, the sales director cut his salary for three months as a punishment, which was actually useless. Shen Ruoxin knew that Liu Pei’s intervention was nothing more than to prevent the sales of new energy vehicles and stabilize his position in the traditional department.

In order to open up the current sales dilemma, Qi Xiao believes that he can cooperate with universities and contact the community for help, and now he puts the promotional location in the mall. Because Zoucheng is mainly in charge of shopping mall investment, Shen Ruoxin took Qi Xiao to negotiate with him about entering the market.

After talking about work, Zou Cheng talked about the current situation between him and Song Ziyan. Shen Ruoxin heard that the two were separated, and persuaded Zou Cheng to understand. After the exchange, Zou Cheng realized his mistake in the marriage and thanked Shen Ruoxin for her patient enlightenment, so he took the initiative to help her apply for a venue discount in return.

Since the ground promotion activities require a band to attract popularity, Shen Ruoxin thought of inviting Ah Ting and Song Ziyan to perform to help promote new energy vehicles. Originally, Song Ziyan wanted to refuse to avoid embarrassment when seeing Zou Cheng, but she couldn’t bear the hard work of Qi Xiao and others, plus Shen Ruoxin’s use of aggressive tactics, forced her to agree on the spot.

Mom Qi came to visit her son at home, had a satisfying lunch, and was about to leave when she happened to meet a tourist agency in the community. At this time, Shen’s mother was also learning about relevant travel information. When the two heard that the tour group could pass by a particularly effective marriage tree, they immediately became interested. Shen’s mother was a little moved. Qi’s mother wanted her son’s relationship to go smoothly.

After Shen Ruoxin arranged all the activities and went to the store to check the situation of the energy vehicles in person, he found that the store was full of traditional vehicles and there were no new energy vehicles at all. After understanding, I learned that the company suddenly issued a notice, instructing all stores to transfer new energy vehicles to remote areas.

Because of this, Shen Ruoxin took the initiative to seek Liu Pei’s theory, but the two of them disagreed, but they broke up. Shen Ruoxin was angry that Liu Pei accused him of being sentimental, and simply reformulated the plan in the department to encourage everyone to tide over this difficult situation together. Send Yanzi to arrange a performance in the mall, and Zou Cheng personally went to apologize to her and ask for forgiveness.

Qi Xiao bought a box lunch for everyone, and carefully picked out the peppers in the box lunch for Shen Ruoxin, but Song Ziyan couldn’t help but ridicule. Zou Cheng took the gourd and painted a scoop, learning Qi Xiao’s set, so that Song Ziyan was very happy. That night, the couple talked on the balcony while talking about the various problems before. After each serious reflection, they finally settled their suspicions and reconciled thoroughly.

Considering that Shen’s mother was going to travel, Shen Ruoxin helped her prepare the scarf and glasses for going out, and brought two boxes of facial masks so that she could have fun outside. After returning to the bedroom, Shen Ruoxin sat in front of the vanity mirror, and couldn’t help but recall the scene of Qi Xiao picking up peppers today. It felt very warm.

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