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The Rational Life 理智派生活 Episode 21 Recap

Xu Minjie’s departure means that Qi Xiao has reduced a potential rival in love. While this makes him happy, he can’t help but wonder why Shen Ruoxin would refuse a promotion and salary increase. However, Shen Ruoxin’s response was very clever, and did not directly explain the reason, but instead asked Qi Xiao to see the “first incense”.

Because Qi Xiao had never seen the content of the first incense, he couldn’t understand Shen Ruoxin’s subtext, so he went to ask Su Yang for advice first, but he still couldn’t get a standard answer. When he went to work the next day, Qi Xiao met You Sijia at the company and couldn’t help asking again about the first incense. By the way, Su Yang saw You Sijia having a dinner with a group of men in his circle of friends last night. Photo.

Shen’s mother wanted to solve her daughter’s marriage issues, so she went to the blind date park to try her luck, but the three views of many male parents made it difficult for her to agree, especially the thought that the excellent daughter she had worked so hard to cultivate was picked like a cabbage, which was even more unacceptable. Just as Shen’s mother was about to leave, she did not expect Xiaomei, the waiter in charge of the blind date, to quickly stop her, constantly promoting the high-quality men on her platform, and guaranteeing that if the blind date is not successful within two years, all membership fees will be refunded.

After Xiaomei’s repeated lobbying, Shen’s mother, who is usually thrifty and diligent, spent thousands of dollars to apply for membership and brought back a lot of blind date materials by the way. Originally, Shen Ruoxin had no interest in this, but she could only barely agree to participate in the so-called high-quality blind date event because of Shen’s mother’s good intentions.

The next morning, because of her mother’s strong request, Shen Ruoxin was forced to put on the pink dress years ago and walked into the elevator to work in the company while she stared at her. Shen Ruoxin was already past the age of wearing a fan, so she was uncomfortable. Seeing Qi Xiao entering the elevator, she immediately put away the invitation letter from the blind date platform.

Qi Xiao noticed something was wrong with Shen Ruoxin, but he was not easy to inquire. When he got off work, he found a reason to take a ride with Shen Ruoxin. It just so happened that Shen Ruoxin would be difficult for a blind date. Seeing Qi Xiao suddenly come over, he immediately had an idea to let him accompany him on the blind date, which can avoid a lot of embarrassment.

Before arranging for the meeting between the man and the woman, the platform first provided speech skills training for the woman. Shen Ruoxin still had a little hope before, but this training directly wiped out her expectations, and then turned into disappointment. Although the blind date will be held lively, but the man’s appearance and quality are uneven, Shen Ruoxin deliberately answered the questions in reverse, stepping on the detonation line that Xiaomei had told him in advance, so that the men would retreat.

Fang Da, who is also in charge of new energy work, participated in this blind date. He became interested in Shen Ruoxin, and at the same time questioned why there are many male colleagues in the new energy department. This problem caused Shen Ruoxin’s disgust, and he wanted to get rid of Fangda’s entanglement as soon as possible. Qi Xiao was surrounded by female members. He happened to see Shen Ruoxin showing embarrassment, so he rushed to hold her hand and announced on the spot that he liked Shen Ruoxin.

Regardless of the strange gazes of everyone, Qi Xiao dragged Shen Ruoxin to escape from the meeting, while sincerely expressing his inner thoughts. Shen Ruoxin didn’t give Qi Xiao a chance to continue to confess at all, and just found a topic and slipped away. Just when Shen’s mother wanted to tell Shen Ruoxin’s blind date, she unexpectedly took out You Sijia’s information in the member database and claimed that the platform provided false information, which was completely deceiving money.

Shen’s mother was half-believing, and she would continue to blame her daughter if she didn’t want to. On the contrary, Su Yang thought that You Sijia would really go on a blind date, and repeatedly asked about the membership database. Qi Xiao sent away Su Yang with a few words, lying in bed in the middle of the night, tossing and awake, she couldn’t guess Shen Ruoxin’s response, and she didn’t know if she was concerned about what she confessed today. At the same time, Shen Ruoxin recalled Qi Xiao’s confession, feeling a little sweet and shy in his heart, until they went to work the next day, the two were a little embarrassed because of what happened yesterday.

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