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Palace of Devotion 大宋宫词 Episode 56 Recap

Qing enlightenment threw the accessories on the ground angrily, not robbing the emperor’s favor, what is the use of his own mind. Jing Zong returned from the Cao Mansion, but did not find Cao Ruhe benefited. Liu E thought that the two must have eloped, and now only the Forbidden Army can be dispatched secretly to retrieve the benefits. The imperial physician who diagnosed Liu E was so frightened that he knelt on the ground. The imperial physician reported that Liu E was dying of illness at this moment. It did not take long for Jing Zong and others to show a sad expression. Liu E knew that his deadline was reached, but he insisted that he must be. To see the day to benefit from the big wedding.

Cao’s Mansion also discovered the disappearance of Cao Ru, but Cao Taifu had already guessed that Qing Wu and the emperor had escaped, but he would definitely be able to return in a few days. He specifically instructed his servants not to talk about the matter. The beneficiary carriage left the capital all the way south, and the beneficiary decided to visit the place where Ding Wei was.

Even if the beneficiary is not there, Liu E still insists on dealing with the affairs of the state. Su Yi briefed the report. After the search, no discovery was found in the capital. It is estimated that the beneficiary has already left the city. Liu E didn’t expect the benefit to be so rebellious, and couldn’t help but reflect on whether he really did something wrong. But the dynasty still had to continue. Taifu Cao deliberately asked about the whereabouts of the emperor, and traced it down to the end. Liu E only overwhelmed him with a minor illness and barely avoided the questioning. Zhang Jingzong could only find the similar servant again and let him stay in the palace.

Wang Qinruo found Cao Taifu. Wang Qinruo thought that Liu E had benefited from house arrest. Cao Taifu revealed the truth and believed that this was the best time to force the palace. Although Wang Qinruo agreed with him, hesitated between his brows.

Liu E also found Mrs. Cao and simply pierced the matter of his disappearance in front of him. Sure enough, Mrs. Cao still pretended not to know in front of Liu E. Even though Liu E asked Mrs. Cao’s discipline, Mrs. Cao still insisted on not knowing, but he still persuaded Liu between the lines. E returned to politics, Liu E said in a sarcasm, when the beneficiary can identify the loyalty and traitor, he will naturally return to politics.

Ding Wei received the letter again and learned about the emperor’s departure. Wang Qinruo revealed that the emperor would definitely come to Pingjiang Mansion and find his former playmate Su Mingyun’s mansion. Sure enough, benefiting from eating in Pingjiang Mansion, Ming Yun revealed that there was a disaster in Pingjiang Mansion and that the officials were extremely greedy.

After listening to Ming Yun’s words, I started thinking deeply and decided to visit the WeChat privately on another day. Ding Wei sent people to observe the movement of Su Mansion, and sure enough, he found a beneficiary. Ding Wei specially sent people to drive away beggars on the street, arrange the affairs of the storyteller, and kept secretly observing the beneficiary’s every move.

Liu E’s body is worsening every day, but he still insists on going to court. On the other hand, Ying Yi and Cao Ru walked on the street to investigate the situation of the people, and Ding Wei really took people on the street to pretend to deal with the civil affairs. As soon as he saw the beneficiary, he knelt to greet him and took the beneficiary to a teahouse.

The storyteller in the teahouse was telling the story of the prince. When the beneficiary asked about the disaster, Ding Wei fooled him with a few lies. Sure enough, I lied to the benefit. Mr. Storyteller is on the rise, talking about the fire in Neiku that year, the imperial concubine gave birth to the prince, and the queen was replaced by a civet cat monster. The benefit was heard in the ears, and the brows were tightly frowned.

Ding Wei and Cao Ru were observing the expression of benefit in private. The listener arranged by Ding Wei deliberately said that the storyteller was telling the story of the Song Dynasty, alluding to benefit. Yiyi walked out of the teahouse in a rage and really took the storytelling thing seriously. Ding Wei took advantage of the situation and told all the things. Yiyi recalled the imperial concubine in the story. Suddenly Wan’er appeared in his heart. , Got a nod from Ding Wei, the benefit was stunned in place…

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