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Palace of Devotion 大宋宫词 Episode 55 Recap

Qingwu came to Liu E because of rumours in the palace, for fear that he would benefit from choosing Cao Ru. Liu E comforted Qing Wu again and again, but Qing Wu still expressed his worries, worried that he would benefit from frequent private meetings with Cao Ru, and secretly developed feelings. Liu E listened to her heart, silently planning something…

Taifu Cao approached Cao Ru and persuaded his granddaughter to break the relationship with the beneficiary, otherwise he would be hurt in the future. Cao Ru silently shed tears and promised grandpa’s words. So the next day, Wang Jian, who was beside Yiyi, saw Yiyi with the help of Yiyi. Talking with Yiyi what his grandfather said, Yiyi believed that Liu E must have instructed Mrs. Cao to prevent the two from meeting. Su Yijian and Liu E discussed that even if Ding Wei became a prefect, he would still do something to search for people’s anointing.

At this time, Yiyi found Liu E angrily, and asked why Liu E had to prevent the two from seeing each other, and asked why he was too late to be pro-political. Su Yijian helped Liu E speak, but Yiyi couldn’t listen to it. Just insisted, if he was still in place, he would never agree to let Qingwu be the queen. Liu E was angry, but he still thought about what he did, as if he had returned to the time when Taizong opposed Yuan Kan making Liu E his concubine. Jingzong next to Liu E began to help Liu E. Liu E’s painstaking efforts will surely be benefited in the future. Understand that with Jing Zong’s words, Liu E is also a little relieved.

Wang Qinruo and Cao Taifu discussed the list. Wang Qinruo began to worry about his status. Cao Taifu believed that Liu E’s next step was to deal with all the officials one by one and replace them with cronies. Today’s big plan of resistance is to unite hundreds of officials to benefit Liu E from returning to politics. After hearing this, Wang Qinruo was very supportive, and decided to put all his energy into helping Cao Taifu build momentum.

Liu E chose a good day and wanted to give the beneficiary a marriage, but the beneficiary insisted on disagreeing. He would rather lose his temper in the heavy rain and get sick than let the wedding be successful. Liu E knew that the beneficiary had a strong temper, but he didn’t expect it to be arguing with him for Cao Ru. The marriage of the emperor has never been a love affair with children, but even if Liu E has all kinds of reasons, the benefits at this moment cannot be heard.

In the court hall, the queen mother proposed to establish a court of remonstrance, but the benefit deliberately opposed it, and Liu E brought up the marriage again, but the benefit was even more inaudible, and she retired directly from the court. Liu E took Yiyi and looked at the map he had prepared. Yiu asked why he chose Qingwu as the queen. Liu E explained that Qingwu’s father Guo Chongxin held the military power, so that he could help Yiu sit firmly in the dragon chair.

But the benefit of misinterpreting Liu E’s meaning is that Liu E used Su Yijian to control the literary power and Guo Chongxin to control the military power. Everything was just for his own power and ignored his own feelings. It even said that he would rather give up all rights than be a puppet of Liu E. Liu E looked at the figure benefiting away, and the shocked expression on his face lingered.

Ding Wei received a letter from Wang Qinruo, in which he asked Ding Wei to join local officials to help this conspiracy. Ding Wei was overjoyed and prepared to respond to Wang Qinruo’s call. Even if the beneficiary disagrees, Liu E still issued an order, and even the wedding gown has already been made. The heart of the beneficiary was very disappointed, just looking at the new waiter around him, thoughtfully.

In the evening, it was for the benefit and enlightened marriage to receive envoys from various countries. Benefiting from watching the full house of gifts, he didn’t show the slightest smile, and also lost by the neglected lucidity and Cao’s use. Beneficiary deliberately drank and got drunk himself, Liu E utterly stopped him, but the beneficiary still grabbed the glass, who would know that the drink was spilled on the clothes, and the beneficiary went back to change it. After a long period of time, Su Yijian became suspicious and asked Zhang Jingzong to see it. Only then did he discover the beneficial exchange strategy.

Now the benefit must have escaped back to the palace. When Liu E heard Jing Zong’s report, his eyes suddenly became dark and he was almost untenable. He could only leave with Jing Zong’s support. Liu E told Jing Zong to go to Cao’s Mansion so that no one would notice it. Su Yijian watched Liu E’s trembling figure leaving, and began to entertain the envoys on behalf of Liu E. The banquet was still going on, but the master had already been lost…

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