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Palace of Devotion 大宋宫词 Episode 54 Recap

An imperial chair was moved to the main hall, Liu E kept the promise of Kou Zhun and the others, only serving as an auxiliary minister to accompany him.

Three years later, Yiyi went on a boat to watch Cao Ru’s puppet show. After the end of the song, Yiyi personally took Cao Ru to the boat. The two of them talked about their talented opera very happily. On the other hand, Su Yijian and Liu E talked about the relationship between the emperor and Cao Ru. The court ladies came to report that the youngest daughter of the Guo family was sulking because of the absence of the emperor.

Liu E realized that she had missed the relationship between Qingmei, but she still believed that she had benefited. Can’t use the deepest affection, the palace is turbulent, and the overall situation should be the most important thing. But after thinking and thinking about it, Cao Ru’s face continued to come to mind. He stood up and wrote a love poem for the portrait he painted Cao Ru, and ordered the next person to send it to Cao’s mansion early in the morning.

In the court hall the next day, Liu E specifically mentioned that Kou Zhun’s good policy of governing the country must go to the floating waves. Liu E advocated that Su Yijian should be asked to find out the negligent officials. As for the appraisal of talents, the general specifically mentioned the Wucai imperial examination. , Liu E agreed to let General Guo and Mr. Su take charge, but he only agreed to the benefit, because he was thinking of Cao Ru’s reply to him. Sure enough, when the court was dismissed, I ran back to the bedroom and saw Cao Ru’s reply. I was very happy to benefit.

Cao Ru, who wanted to come to Bingxue and smart Cao Ru, must know his own mind. After being overjoyed and overjoyed, he decided to go to Cuju Stadium to express his mood. Unexpectedly, Qing Wu came here at this time and said that he wanted to see something for the benefit, but the benefit was very impatient. Of course, the careless Qing in front of him was of course different from Cao Ru, who was proficient in piano, chess, calligraphy and calligraphy. The benefit repeatedly refused without looking back. Abandon the Qing Enlightenment in the bedroom.

Liu E learned that Yiyi had been obsessed with Cuju court all day, and it was Wang Qinruo who kept sending Cuju masters into the palace, making Yiyi run into the Cuju court all day long. Liu E’s brows were frowned, and he couldn’t help showing dissatisfaction. A few days later, in the court hall, Liu E deliberately asked people to submit the correspondence with the ministers found in Ding Wei’s mansion, and deliberately burned this box of correspondence in front of everyone. In addition, let Wang Qinruo draw up a list of relatives and friends of all ministers in the capital, and select talents from scholarly families.

Taifu Cao raised objections, saying that he was worried about nepotism, but Su Yijian and other ministers stood on Liu E’s side and drew the consent of all the ministers at once, but Cao Taifu couldn’t be more embarrassed. After the meeting was over, Wang Qinruo deliberately found Cao Taifu and asked the reason. Cao Taifu saw through Liu E’s burning letters to appease everyone, but the actual purpose was to be on the list. If Liu E got the list, all the ministers’ contacts would be grasped. Wang Qinruo suddenly realized…

Liu E and Su Yijian have seen the attitude that Cao Taifu always opposed. In order to help stabilize the country, Liu E believes that marrying the Guo family is the best. Su Yijian is willing to take the initiative to raise the matter the next day and let Liu E presided over the marriage of the two. Zhang Jingzong came to report that he had collected the network of relations submitted by the ministers into a map, and discovered that all the sources point to Ding Wei. It seems that Ding Wei’s power has not diminished in the DPRK. Liu E ordered any talent to use it in the future. In the middle, we must refer to this map, so as not to increase Ding Wei’s power.

Benyi specially came to listen to Cao Taifu’s lecture. Cao Taifu deliberately mentioned the concept of benevolent governance, mentioned that Liu E was reluctant to return to politics for a long time, and even misinterpreted Liu E’s actions to collect the list in front of the beneficiaries. I heard the preaching of letting the benefit rob the government of power. Sure enough, I had heard it with my pure mind and I was lost in thought.

At the court, Su Yijian and General Guo mentioned the big wedding and recommended the daughter of the Guo family. They were very dissatisfied with the benefits. However, Liu E’s tone revealed his approval. The benefit was very dissatisfied in his heart, and he rejected the Qing enlightened. Candidates, when Cao Ru’s candidates were proposed in public, Liu E deliberately broke the topic when he heard it, and disbanded the court.

Taifu Cao discovered that the emperor and Cao Ru had a intensive correspondence. When asked about his son, Cao used his whole heart to make his daughter and the emperor have love, which will help the future glory of the ancestors. However, the Taifu is well aware of the changing situation, and even the emperor may not be able to do whatever he wants. If there is an accident, Cao Ru is likely to be depressed for life, but Cao Li just thinks that his father is too worried, and his daughter will surely be the queen in the future.

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