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Mysterious Love 他在逆光中告白 Episode 7 Recap

On that day, Ruan Nianchu jumped into the swimming pool to pick up the contract. In fact, Li Teng was more anxious and nervous than anyone else. He gave Jiang Hao a wink and pretended to be indifferent.

Ruan Nianchu got out of Li Teng’s car with a cold face, and colleague Shiqi saw that there seemed to be a gap between the two of them from a distance. Seeing Li Teng’s car was driving far away, she stepped forward and greeted a few words. However, Ruan Nianchu was interrupted by a call from Vasha. Vasha’s yin and yang tone provoked Ruan Nianchu’s emotions on the phone. Vasha asked Ruan Nianchu to come to him alone, and he told Ruan Nianchu the truth. After the doubtful Ruan Nianchu hung up the phone, he immediately asked Shiqi to ask for a leave of absence from the group leader, and went to the appointment alone.

During the appointment, Ruan Nianchu also sent a message to Li Teng, asking him to come to the designated place in Vasha, saying that he had something to ask him. Ruan Nianchu saw Vasha standing on the dock waiting for him. Ruan Nianchu, who was afraid of water, was still afraid of water, but he bit his head and approached Vasha step by step.

Vasha took out the coin, indicating that the coin is the purpose of Li Teng’s re-contact with Ruan Nianchu, and Vasha put Ruan Nianchu close to the corner in a few words. When the two were arguing, Ruan Nianchu picked up the coin that had fallen to the ground, and when Vasha was about to do something with Ruan Nianchu, Li Teng and Jiang Hao showed up with a large group of people.

Vasha jumped into the water and escaped because of bad condition. Ruan Nianchu asked Li Teng if she should trust him with the coin. She asked Li Teng the answers to certain questions, but Li Teng did not respond positively. Such an attitude completely chilled Ruan Nianchu’s heart. Ruan Nianchu returned the coin. After Li Teng, he said to Li Teng neatly and very sadly: Let’s break up.

After breaking up, Ruan Nianchu asked Qiao Yufei to resolve his lost emotions, but his head was filled with the past with Li Teng. The more he thought about it, the more uncomfortable he became. Tears fell from his cheeks drop by drop. Qiao Yufei felt that she and Ruan Nianchu had a special sympathy for the same disease, but felt that Ruan Nianchu was so a pity, so she suggested that Ruan Nianchu ask Li Teng for more information.

Ruan Nianchu told Qiao Yufei that during this period of time with Li Teng, he had never told himself about the relevant plans and arrangements. He was not trusted in Li Teng’s heart. After waiting for Li Teng for five years, he did not want to do anything. The individuals are together in their current situation.

After breaking up, Li Teng felt uncomfortable, relying on punching the sandbags to relieve the sadness in his heart. Jiang Hao persuaded him when he saw it. Jiang Hao hoped that Li Teng would forget the past. The brothers who used to fight together don’t want to see a little bit depressed Li Teng. After Li Teng listened to the advice, he asked Jiang Hao to hand over the coin chip to He Hu. He wanted all the transaction records in it. Jiang Hao seemed to have guessed Li Teng’s determination. He wanted to advise him a few more words, so he was bombarded by Li Teng. Got out.

Three years ago, the ship exploded and was lucky enough to die, but the muscles were atrophied severely. During that time, day-to-day rehabilitation training relied on my beliefs. When Li Teng was caught in his own memories, Jiang Hao interrupted him. He took out his cell phone and showed Li Teng to Qiao Yufei’s circle of friends. As soon as Li Teng saw that he was going to pick up the drunk Ruan Nianchu, and seeing Jiang Hao wanting to go but not daring to go, he immediately persuaded that Xingxing didn’t like any woman close to Jiang Hao.

Would Jiang Hao be single forever? After some hesitation, Jiang Hao accompanied Li Teng to the box. Two drunk women slept on the sofa in the box. Li Teng stroked Ruan Nianchu’s face with distress. Ruan Nianchu leaned against Li Teng’s because of Jiujin. In his body, Jiang Hao was very happy to see this scene. I didn’t know that Qiao Yufei was sober at this time and threw herself up again.

After Li Teng followed Ruan Nianchu to get out of the car, he ordered Jiang Hao to send Qiao Yufei home. Although Ruan Nianchu was a little drunk, he still reminded himself to keep a good distance with Li Teng, after all, the two had broken up. Ruan Nianchu told Li Teng that he officially notified Li Teng that he had thrown Li Teng, but Li Teng suddenly kissed Ruan Nianchu forcibly. Ruan Nianchu wanted to be angry but still stopped. At this moment Li Teng had no idea what to do.

Jiang Hao drove all the way, but didn’t know where to send Qiao Yufei. The next day, Qiao Yufei woke up and found that she was staying at Jiang Hao’s house again. She didn’t want Jiang Hao to think she was stalking, so she secretly planned to leave. They knew about Qiao Yufei for a long time, so Jiang Hao took the initiative to invite Qiao Yufei to have a meal. After Jiang Hao was supported by the stars on the table, he told Qiao Yufei that his father Jiang Hao was very simple, and asked Qiao Yufei not to live in him in this way. Home, a word from Xingxing almost choked Qiao Yufei to death.

After Ruan Nianchu woke up, he reminded himself of the new beginning of a new day, but he still couldn’t erase the traces of the base of the forget-me-not flowerpot. When Ruan Nianchu visited the community, one of his brothers greeted Ruan Nianchu to take his car. Seeing that the time was too late, Ruan Nianchu got in his car. But the brother who knew this deliberately drove the car into a remote corner and tried to irritably rape Ruan Nianchu. Ruan Nianchu desperately defended himself and remembered the escape method he learned from Li Teng last time.

Qiao Yufei was worried about Ruan Nianchu’s accident, so she hurried to the hospital and couldn’t believe it when she learned that Ruan Nianchu had only minor bruises. Ruan Nianchu saw that Qiao Yufei appeared in front of him without changing last night’s clothes, guessing that he probably went to Jiang Hao’s house for the night again.

Qiao Yufei and Ruan Nianchu expressed their determination to pursue Jiang Hao. While the two were talking, the police interrupted the conversation between the two and told them that the driver was a habitual offender, collecting money to do things for others. Qiao Yufei was a little panicked when she heard that someone would harm Ruan Nianchu.

Colleagues from the Xi Wei Theatre Company also received the news that Ruan Nianchu appeared. Everyone felt that Ruan Nianchu was definitely injured and was about to go to the hospital for a visit, but Ruan Nianchu appeared in front of them. Ruan Nianchu told Shiqi that he had broken up with Li Teng, but refused Shiqi’s kind introduction. Qiao Yufei came to Li Teng’s company in a hurry. After learning that Ruan Nianchu was almost raped, Li Teng was very angry and determined to help Ruan Nianchu eliminate all the threats around him before leaving. He planned to find Ruan Nianchu, but Jiang Hao couldn’t stop it.

As soon as the two came downstairs, they saw Qiao Yufei who was looking for a bodyguard for Ruan Nianchu, Jiang Hao was like an enemy. When Qiao Yufei looked at Jiang Hao when he was choosing her bodyguard, Li Teng asked Qiao Yufei to hire Jiang Hao as his personal bodyguard in order to make Qiao Yufei agree to be Ruan Nianchu’s bodyguard.

After Li Teng had a bodyguard agreement, he immediately went to find Ruan Nianchu, but Ruan Nianchu deliberately kept a distance from him. Ruan Nianchu was surprised when he learned that Qiao Yufei had hired a personal bodyguard, but Ruan Nianchu didn’t understand why the bodyguard hired was Li Teng. Ruan Nianchu tried to cancel the contract, but Li Teng resolved them one by one. It can be seen that this time Li Teng was determined to protect Ruan Nianchu.

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