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Mysterious Love 他在逆光中告白 Episode 6 Recap

Vasha drank the wine alone, and after getting the silver coin, he began to plan his next plan. It turned out that in Taicheng five years ago, the mysterious woman Vasha targeted Ruan Nianchu everywhere. In order to protect Ruan Nianchu, Lee stood in front of Vasha and interceded for Ruan Nianchu, saying that the people in her house would learn a lesson.

After Li Teng got the coin, he asked someone to decipher it, and he kept thinking about the deep kiss between himself and Ruan Nianchu. Ruan Nianchu and Qiao Yufei were doing facial treatments outside. Qiao Yufei saw Ruan Nianchu’s full face and felt that she had been frustrated recently and had not met her little prince in the parking lot again.

Jiang Hao asked Li Teng if he had broken up with his sister-in-law, but Li Teng did not answer positively. Jiang Hao mistakenly thought that Li Teng had broken up, so he told Li Teng to wait for the coin to be deciphered, and then go to Taicheng Daen Base on his own. Let Li Teng take good care of Ruan Nianchu again, and ask Li Teng to take good care of the stars.

Li Teng told Jiang Hao that only the dead can enter Taicheng Dan with a new identity, and the guard over there is very strict. Jiang Hao was very happy when he learned that Li Teng and Ruan Nianchu had not broken up yet, but Li Teng was not sure about the future of his relationship with Ruan Nianchu. Li Teng learned that the coin was fake, and immediately called his old friend Vasha. Vasha made a request to meet with Li Teng, and at the same time Ruan Nianchu also received a fake interview call, but Ruan Nianchu didn’t know that this was Vasha’s conspiracy. She wanted to create a gap between Ruan Nianchu and Li Teng.

Ruan Nianchu was upset because of Li Teng, but Li Teng told Ruan Nianchu that he was busy and would look for him later. Qiao Yufei accidentally discovered that Li Teng was in the same hotel as them, and followed Li Teng. According to Vasha’s address, Li Teng came to room 902 of the hotel. Vasha dressed up and waited for Li Teng, while Li Teng asked directly where the Vasha coins were. Vasha told Li Teng that he was not interested in coins and fighting, but he was very interested in Li Teng. It turns out that in the transaction five years ago, the chip was missing. It was Vasha who stole the coin and secretly put it in Ruan Nianchu’s Forget-me-not flowerpot. Everything he did at that time was to plant Ruan Nianchu.

After Ruan Nianchu broke the door and saw through Vasha’s tricks, Vasha was not discouraged at all, after all, the coin was in his hand. Qiao Yufei warned Li Teng that she must treat Ruan Nianchu well in the future, otherwise she would not let him go. Li Teng was very grateful to Ruan Nianchu for trusting him so much, but Li Teng still didn’t want Ruan Nianchu to participate and come in for the coin issue. In desperation, Ruan Nianchu had no choice but to ask the head of the group to ask for more information. The head of the group told Ruan Nianchu about it, and Ruan Nianchu learned some subtle details.

Qiao Yufei helped Ruan Nianchu analyze the subtle details, but did not solve the confusion, and simply asked Jiang Hao about the details. After Jiang Hao left for the appointment, Qiao Yufei learned that the little prince of parking was Jiang Hao, and his eyes lit up. After Jiang Hao took his seat, Qiao Yufei kept staring at Jiang Hao, and ordered a large push of beer, intending to get Jiang Hao drunk and ask the truth. As a result, the entire date was Qiao Yufei’s interest in Jiang Hao. Qiao Yufei was so drunk that Ruan Nianchu gave himself to Jiang Hao, and Jiang Hao had no choice but to take Qiao Yufei back to his home.

Li Teng played with a lighter thoughtfully, and only replied that Ruan Nianchu would pick her up to work tomorrow, and Ruan Nianchu was also very confused about the coin. In her sleep, Qiao Yufei imagined the scene of herself kissing Jiang Hao sweetly. She didn’t know that she opened her eyes and found the stars, scared Huarong paled and immediately screamed.

As soon as the two met, they immediately faced each other. Xing Xing told Jiang Hao that Qiao Yufei was a vicious aunt, and also told Qiao Yufei not to use a hangover to soak her father Jiang Hao. Qiao Yufei told Xingxing that she saw Jiang Hao. Jiang Hao saw that Qiao Yufei was interested in her falling flowers, but Jiang Hao was afraid of delaying Qiao Yufei, so he bluntly told Qiao Yufei not to waste time on himself, which made Qiao Yufei feel like being dumped by others.

On the way from Li Teng to Ruan Nianchu, the two men mentioned the coin again. Li Teng’s emotional reaction was very overwhelming. He warned Ruan Nianchu not to investigate it anymore. The coin matter had nothing to do with her. Ruan Nianchu was shocked by Li Teng’s stern look.

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