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Love Scenery 良辰美景好时光 Episode 18 Recap

Jia Yun called and told Liang Chen that he had already found an expert for surgery, but Liang Chen said that he needed to think about it again. Lu Jing is good at violin. Liang Chen wanted to play a piece. Lu Jing asked Liang Chen to promise him a condition. Lu Jing happily played the violin. Liang Chen excitedly played the violin. Liang Chen remembered the one he heard in school. The sound of the violin must be Lu Jing. Lu Jing admitted that he had met Liang Chen that day, and the two were in the car and the other outside.

Lu Jing offered to let Liang Chen agree to receive treatment. Lu Jing believed that even though the voice had changed, he could only change a way of singing. He believed that Liang Chen would still be able to continue singing with her proficient skills, because of her love and love for singing. Perseverance will make Liang Chen sing as usual. Liang Chen contacted Jiayun that night and took the initiative to receive treatment.

Gu Feiming thanked Lu Jing for making him and Qi Qi complete. Moreover, Gu Feiming always dressed and dressed Lu Jing as Rubik’s Cube, and always entangled Lu Jing when he walked. Zhou Zhou and others even began to suspect that the box essence was Gu Feiming, who is Lu Jing’s lover. Several people were uneasy and confirmed, and asked if the box spirit was a student of the school. Liang Chen originally went out of this school. Lu Jing had to admit that several people immediately confirmed the guess and claimed that Lu Jing’s love was destined to be difficult. But you must stick to it. Lu Jing thought it was the matter between himself and Liang Chen and immediately asked everyone to keep it secret. Everyone was more sure of the guess, and he also took care of Gu Feiming.

After Jiayun took Liang Chen to the hospital for an examination, he found that the inflammation had gradually disappeared, and the polyps were not obvious. It could be improved by nebulization treatment. Excited Liang Chen took Jiayun’s hand to express his gratitude, Jiayun for a long time. Looking at my hand, I felt so happy.

When Jia transported Liang Chen back, Ma Shanshan came back to see Liang Chen because he was uneasy. Ma Shanshan thought that Liang Chen was dangerous and worried. Seeing Ma Shanshan always remembered himself, Liang Chen was moved and hugged Ma Shanshan tightly. , The two embraced and wept.

Lu Jing, who had been waiting for Liang Chen’s news in the dormitory, rushed out as soon as he received the call, thinking that Liang Chen was in an accident. He didn’t expect that Liang Chen’s condition would not require surgery. After letting go of his hanging heart, Lu Jing and Liang Chen were together. watch fireworks. Lu Jing couldn’t help but want to kiss Liang Chen. Liang Chen quickly got up and left. Lu Jing followed up. Liang Chen thought that Lu Jing was going to chase her and kiss her. He still had some small expectations in his heart, but he didn’t expect Lu Jing to just smile and wipe his shoulders. However, Liang Chen blushed a little shyly.

As soon as Lu Jing went back, he ran into Taro. Lu Jing talked about love triumphantly, which made Taro a little depressed and angry, as if someone had never been in love before, showing off in front of him. Back in the room, Taro gradually closed his eyes watching the lines in the script.

Taro received a call and his girlfriend broke up. He met Ma Shanshan when he was participating in a commercial performance. Ma Shanshan played the drums in public. He was very handsome and free and easy, and he was stunned by Taro. Taro hopes that Ma Shanshan can beat the drums often, because it is really good, but Ma Shanshan said that this is the last time he beats the drums. Never touching music again, Ma Shanshan left afterwards. Thinking of these words made Taro feel incredible, as if Ma Shanshan has never touched music ever since.

Sister Qing considered Liang Chen’s voice, so she quit all music-related jobs, but Liang Chen wanted to take part in work-related jobs, especially the Philharmonic journey, and she also wanted to have the opportunity to sing rock and roll. Sister Qing promised to try to apply, as far as possible to satisfy Liang Chen, Liang Chen smiled happily.

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