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Love Scenery 良辰美景好时光 Episode 17 Recap

Liang Chen called Lu Jing to listen to her concert. Lu Jing put on clothes and went out without asking a word. Liang Chen was curious to ask Lu Jing and he didn’t need to ask anything? Lu Jing said that he didn’t need it. He had closed the door as soon as he finished speaking, because he could go anytime as long as Liang Chen called him.

Liang Chen felt relieved when he heard that Lu Jing had gone out, so he hurried to put on make-up. Looking at himself in the mirror, Liang Chen was a little sad. He even felt that his acting career was about to end but he was still in the mood to make up.

Sister Qing also contacted Jiayun to inform Liang Chen of the current situation, and Jiayun was very worried about Liang Chen. Liang Chen turned off his mobile phone directly, and no one was seen on any phone. Lu Jing came to the concert place according to the address given by Liang Chen. Unexpectedly, Liang Chen actually asked Lu Jing to watch her personal concert at KTV. It is also the only song sung to Lu Jing. Lu Jing is the only audience she currently has. Lu Jing was moved when she saw Liang Chen singing.

Jiayun couldn’t get through and went to Liang Chen, but there was no one in Liang Chen’s family. At the same time, Lu Jing also sang for Liang Chen in the KTV. Liang Chen couldn’t help laughing when he listened to Lu Jing singing seriously and out of tune. But the tears fell when he smiled and Lu Jing hurriedly went to persuade him.

Liang Chen, Liang Chen was a little sad, thinking about what to do if he couldn’t sing in the future, and felt that his songs might have to be so ruined by someone like Lu Jing in the future. Lu Jing looked at Liangchen sad, guessing that her throat was in a serious condition. Liang Chen told Lu Jing of her condition. If she really understood her condition after the operation, she was worried that she would never be able to sing anymore. Lu Jing said gently. Liang Chen wiped away the tears and held Liang Chen tightly in his arms to comfort her.

Jia Yun finally waited for Liang Chen to come back downstairs from Liang Chen’s home. He was always worried about Liang Chen’s body and hoped that Liang Chen would not pretend to be strong. Liang Chen smiled slightly and said that he had let go. At night, at home, Lu Jing kept searching on his computer for some recovery conditions after vocal cord polyp surgery. Everyone laughed that Lu Jing was going to study medicine.

The next day Lu Jing and Gu Feiming met downstairs in the dormitory. Gu Feiming proudly told Lu Jing that he and Qiqi had come together, and that Lu Jing had contributed a lot. Sister Qing believes that Liang Chen’s body is more important than anything else, so she rejected all business performances and activities without Liang Chen’s consent, just wanting Liang Chen to recover from the operation.

Lu Jing bought a lot of ingredients related to the treatment of the throat. When he went back, he wanted to make some soup, but it was so smoky. Grandma happened to be back. As soon as she heard that it was for the young actor, her grandma knew it. Take the initiative to help Lu Jing make the soup, and Lu Jing is responsible for washing the dishes.

Ke Ke bought Liang Chen takeaway. Liang Chen had no appetite at first sight. Lu Jing just brought the food over. Liang Chen quickly packed up the takeaways and urged Ke Ke to leave. Lu Jing couldn’t help but watch. Laughed. Lu Jing accompanied Liang Chen to dinner. Liang Chen also found that Lu Jing’s injured finger while cutting vegetables took the initiative to help bandage. Lu Jing looked at the serious Liang Chen very moved, and gently hung the hanging hair behind his ears for Liang Chen. , Liang Chen suddenly felt the deer bump in his heart.

Taro brought his pet dog to find Ma Shanshan. Ma Shanshan was really annoyed by him before opening the door. Taro told Ma Shanshan about Liang Chen’s illness, and Ma Shanshan looked worried.

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