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Court Lady 骊歌行 Episode 9 Recap

Sheng Chuling made a look of regret, saying that he had finally found a maid who was close to him, but she turned out to be an unattainable princess. His affectionate look coaxed Princess Xin Nan, until he left Princess Xin Nan’s sight. Dare to breathe a sigh of relief. The martial arts competition is still going on here. It’s already reached the stage of the archery test. Lu Qi’s fifteen arrows hit the bullseye. When Sheng Chumu saw it, he made himself more difficult. With the increased difficulty, Sheng Chumu’s ten The five arrows also hit the bullseye. The emperor hurriedly asked about the identity of Sheng Chumu, who was next to him. After learning that it was the dude, the emperor was a little surprised.

Lu Qi and Sheng Chumu entered the finals, and they are about to compete in the final match. Whoever wins is the championship. Sheng Chumu changed from being unilaterally beaten and fought with Lu Qi, and even gradually took over. With the upper hand, the final blow defeated Lu Qi. Sheng Chumu won the final victory. The emperor asked Sheng Chumu if he could shoot through the seven layers of armor with one arrow. Sheng Chumu said that he could give it a try, and Sheng Chumu shot it with one arrow. ,

After successfully shooting through the seven layers of armor, the emperor was very happy and wanted to give Sheng Chumu a reward. Sheng Chumu was about to ask for a kiss, and Lu Yunji started to disrupt the situation again, saying that the emperor would give Sheng Chumu a chance to be loyal to the country. As soon as the emperor heard some truth, he named Sheng Chumu General Dingyuan, and as Lu Yunji’s lieutenant, he went to Shengguo together. The holy intention was difficult. Even if the Sheng family were reluctant, they couldn’t resist. After Fu Rou learned of this, she was also very worried.

Fu Rou previously bet Sheng Chumu with a bet of 10,000 taels, but the servant Cao who was in the house was worried about how to pay the money. Fu Rou came to the door and said that she could not bet, but hoped that the servant Cao could help herself with a small amount. busy. With the help of Cao’s internal servant, Fu Rongrong and Sheng Chumu secretly met, and Fu Rou worriedly urged Sheng Chumu to return safely.

After Lu Yunji and Sheng Chumu went on the expedition, the Queen’s birthday arrived. The Emperor and the Queen held a banquet in the palace to celebrate. At the banquet, the emperor asked the King Zhou about the governance of Zhouzhou and praised the King Zhou for his actions. Studying with Zhou Wang, these words gave the prince and the queen a sense of crisis, and the queen asked the prince to do the best. The prince went to the outskirts to relax with some boredom.

It happened that Chen Ji was fishing by the river. When Chen Ji saw that the prince was in a bad mood, he wanted to retire, but the prince stopped Chen Ji and asked him to continue fishing while he watched. . The two fished for a day and only caught one fish. They were hungry, and they grilled the only fish. With Chen Ji’s company, the prince was in a better mood and gave Chen Ji a reward.

Fu Rou had a nightmare at night and couldn’t sleep, so she walked to the garden and prayed to the moon for Sheng Chu’s safety. She was almost taken away by the guards in the palace. King Zhou rescued Fu Rou and told Fu Rou to come tomorrow. Lingxiao Pavilion asked himself to take medicine for injury. Fu Rou declined, but went to see King Zhou the next day, and King Zhou had to make an inch of it and asked Fu Rou to grind for herself.

Princess Xinnan was obsessed with Sheng Chuling, so she secretly went out of the palace to find him. Sheng Chuling saw Princess Xinnan, and in order to avoid her, she hid in Yanhuilou. The old bust in Yanhuilou recognized Princess Xinnan’s daughter and let him Someone arrested her and a guest came to molest Princess Xinnan. Sheng Chuling appeared and rescued Princess Xinnan. Princess Xinnan revealed her identity in a hurry. This matter passed to the queen’s ears. The queen gave the two a meal and gave an order. The stick blames Princess Xinnan.

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