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Court Lady 骊歌行 Episode 11 Recap

Seeing that the prince was unhappy, Sun Lingshu offered to dance for him. The prince was just reprimanded by the emperor for extravagance. Seeing that Sun Lingshu was wearing such a luxurious dance dress, he was so angry that he drove Sun Lingshu away. Carefully bumped into Situ Shangyi. Seeing Sun Lingshu walking recklessly and wearing a luxurious dance skirt, Situ Shangyi taught Sun Lingshu a few words. Sun Lingshu was getting angry and raised his hand to give Situ Shangyi a slap, and the matter was slapped by the queen. Knowing that, the queen became more dissatisfied with Sun Lingshu and asked Sun Lingshu to kneel outside her palace as a punishment, but Sun Lingshu had no repentance and wanted to get back with revenge.

Sheng Chumu was ordered to attack the city of Nine Pillars, and all the people who attacked the city in the past had nothing to do with the city of Nine Pillars, but Sheng Chumu seemed to have figured out a way. Fu Tao felt a little anxious when he saw Sheng Chumu sell Guanzi. He decided to flood Nine Pillars City with water. Sheng Chumu ordered to dig a river and divert water to flood the city. After the water receded, he let the city wall be exposed to the sun for two days. After the city wall became loose, he projected it with huge stones and successfully knocked down Nine Pillars City.

Lu Yunji gritted his teeth with hatred. Lu Yunji led a large army into the city of Nine Pillars, and also let people search the property in the mansion. General You and others under Lu Yunji’s hands also wanted to scrape the oil, so Lu Yunji ordered them to search the city and search the people. Sheng Chumu heard the news and went to find Lu Yunji. Before he could speak, Lu Yunji asked Sheng Chumu to take two hundred people to Anxixia to find out about the rebels and sent Sheng Chumu away.

Anxi Gorge was called Death Gorge by the locals. Lu Yunji’s move was tantamount to sending Sheng Chumu to death. Fu Tao wanted to go with Sheng Chumu, but the trip was too dangerous. Sheng Chumu did not agree and said that he Suspecting that it was the Lu family who killed the Fu family, and asking Fu Tao to stay for investigation, Sheng Chumu wrote a secret letter to send the soldiers back to Chang’an to Sheng Xiaojing, but Lu Qi stopped them all. Sheng Chumu was surrounded in Anxi Gorge, but fortunately, he finally figured out the den of the rebels. He wanted his men to find a chance to send the map out, and told them to give the things to Fu Tao.

Chang Guogong, who was next to the prince, suggested that the prince should please the emperor and present to the emperor the Han book annotated by Yang Chishu. Yang Chishu’s father and father were both Confucian masters. He tried his best to annotate the Han book. , The prince was very pleased and quickly asked Chang Guogong to do the matter. After Chang Guogong left, Situ Shangyi came to help the queen deliver bird’s nest porridge to the prince.

The prince took out ten shark beads that he was going to offer to the queen, and asked Situ Shangyi to pass it on to the queen. Situ Shangyi should go on an errand and carry it carefully. When the plate of shark beads left, her clothes corner was hung on the shelf by the roadside. She first put the shark beads on the shelf to the side, and when she pulled the dress corner out, she heard two court ladies making noise at the door.

She subconsciously went out to teach the two court ladies, who knew that someone took the opportunity to hide the shark beads in a vase on the side. Fu Rou saw this scene. Situ Shangyi came back and found that the shark beads were missing. He quickly turned around and pleaded with the prince. Fu Rou just came to send embroidery to the prince. Seeing that Situ Shangyi was pleading guilty for this matter, while Sun Lingshu deliberately said bad things about Situ Shangyi on the side. Fu Rou knew the inside story, so she deliberately used the new tablecloth as an excuse to attract people.

Situ Shangyi found the shark pearl in the vase, and Situ Shangyi realized that someone was hurting herself, but the prince was upset when he saw the shark pearl had been found, so he didn’t want to go further. The prince guessed that Sun Lingshu did the thing about Shark. He didn’t blame Sun Lingshu. Instead, he reflected on his recent neglect of Sun Lingshu, which gave her so much careful thinking. Sun Lingshu hurriedly ensured that he would never commit it again.

Situ Shangyi knew that Fu Rou had deliberately helped herself, so she went to the Department of Manufacture to talk to Fu Rou alone. Before, Situ Shangyi didn’t let Fu Rou pass the insider test. She thought that Fu Rou would hate herself, and Fu Rou didn’t.

Understand why Situ Shangyi wanted to target herself, Situ Shangyi said that Princess Han made herself do this deliberately, because once passed the insider test, Fu Rou would become a person in the palace, who was the emperor in his identity, without the permission of the emperor. No marriage is allowed. Princess Han did this for the sake of Fu Rongrong and Sheng Chumu. It was then that Fu Rou suddenly realized that she understood the good intentions of Princess Han and Situ Shangyi.

Fu Rou went to the Queen’s Palace to deliver embroidery. After chatting and discovering that Fu Rou knew many merchants from far away, she stayed and told many stories. King Qin was very interested in it. When Fu Rou was about to leave, King Qin wanted her. Fu Rou agreed to tell herself more stories in the future. King Zhou made a swing for Fu Rou to play. Fu Rou didn’t want to sit on it, but Zhou Wang said that the swing was for prayer. When Fu Rou remembered Sheng Chumu, she sat on the swing and prayed that Sheng Chumu would return safely.

Almost accidentally fell, Zhou Wang hurriedly supported Fu Rou and called Fu Rou by her boudoir name. Fu Rou recovered and asked Zhou Wang not to shout again. Zhou Wang was a little disappointed, but he did not give up. Asked Fu Rou to accompany her to ride a horse tomorrow. Fu Rou was threatened by King Zhou and could only agree to come down, but when she rode the horse the next day, Fu Rou almost fell, but Zhou Wang caught her.

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