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Court Lady 骊歌行 Episode 10 Recap

Fu Rou was very exhausted from having to do with the prince’s wedding. King Zhou came to Fu Rou again this day to ask for her sachet, and threatened Fu Rou to come to the Lingxiao Pavilion in the afternoon. The princess went to the palace to greet the emperor and the queen, and ran into Fu Rou in the palace. She always remembered Fu Rou’s help to herself in the Palace of Han Dynasty. After seeing the princess, Fu Rou went to the Lingxiao Pavilion. Zhou Wang asked Fu Rou to pose. He drew a portrait of Fu Rou. Fu Rou was exhausted and even fainted on the ground after standing for a long time. Upon seeing this, Zhou Wang quickly called the doctor to diagnose and treat Fu Rou.

When Fu Rou woke up, she saw that Zhou Wang was sitting next to her, so she subconscious He wanted to escape, but Zhou Wang was so clever that Fu Rou couldn’t escape, so he could only let Zhou Wang give himself medicine, and Zhou Wang also guessed that Fu Rou had a sweetheart, and Fu Rou gave it to Zhou Wang when he recovered. After taking the sachet, Fu Rou was about to leave. Zhou Wang said that she had caused Fu Rou to faint last time and felt a little guilty, so she said that she could agree to Fu Rou’s request, and Fu Rou asked Zhou Wang not to drink to herself anymore. Zhou Wang said that he couldn’t do it, and he only promised Fu Rou that he could take her out of the palace to meet her family.

Fu Rou went to Prince Han’s Mansion to ask Concubine Han about Sheng Chumu’s situation. Sheng Chumu wrote a family letter and reported that he was safe, but only a few words, and Lu Yunji also arranged Sheng Xiaojing for Sheng Chumu’s personal transfer. After leaving, Fu Rou was very worried. Princess Han comforted a few words and asked her to take good care of herself in the palace. After Fu Rou saw Princess Han, she met Sheng Chuling again. Sheng Chuling asked Fu Rou to help herself transfer a peace knot to Princess Xin Nan. After Fu Rou returned to the palace, she gave the peace knot to Princess Xin Nan. Princess Xin Nan was very happy.

Sheng Chumu and Fu Tao met on the battlefield. Fu Tao has now become a petty official and used the bounty to buy a gold ring to send it back to the third lady. Sheng Chumu’s face changed and the third lady died. The news of Fu Tao told Fu Tao, Fu Tao was in pain, a little upset that he had left without saying goodbye. Lu Yunji deliberately embarrassed Sheng Chumu and repeatedly asked Sheng Chumu to fight more with less. This time he even gave Sheng Chumu two thousand two hundred troops to attack the most difficult city of Nine Pillars. Lu Yunji hoped that Sheng Chumu Can die in the hands of the rebels.

The prince received the news and learned that Zhou Wang had taken Fu Rou out of the palace. The prince planned to file a complaint with the emperor. Sun Lingshu was just aside, so he persuaded the prince not to file a complaint. After hearing Sun Lingshu’s words, the prince felt somewhat reasonable, so he dispelled the idea . The queen summoned Sun Lingshu into the palace. The queen wanted to make Sun Lingshu pregnant, but the prince was always busy with government affairs and refused to get close to Sun Lingshu.

Sun Lingshu approached Fu Rou for help, hoping that she could help herself make another dance skirt to attract the prince. note. When Sun Lingshu heard that the queen regretted not choosing Lu Yingying as the princess, and saw that Lu Yingying often went to the palace to please the queen, he was a little angry, so he ordered her servants to pour a bucket of water on Lu Yingying to teach her. Fu Rou just passed by and helped A handful of Lu Yingying.

Fu Rou sent the dress Sun Lingshu asked for, but Sun Lingshu was not satisfied, hoping that the dress would be more luxurious, but Fu Rou felt that Sun Lingshu’s temperament was not suitable for luxurious skirts, but the princess had orders, she could only do it and go back. Wang Zhou ran into King Zhou again on the way, and when King Zhou learned what had happened, he gave Fu Rou a few words. The king of Zhou wrote an extravagant admonition. The emperor was full of praise for it, and asked the prince to make a copy and put it on the bedside. Seeing that the emperor only rewarded the king of Zhou, he blamed himself and felt a little upset.

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