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The Rational Life 理智派生活 Episode 20 Recap

When Qi Xiao brought the food upstairs, he happened to see Shen Ruoxin packing things in the living room. It was inevitable that she felt a little sad when she thought that she was leaving Shanghai tomorrow, so she repeatedly told her to take care of herself after arriving in Shenzhen. If she is wronged or helped, she can come back anytime. .

After saying this, Qi Xiaoyi reluctantly went downstairs. As soon as he left on his front foot, Shen Ma then entered the house. Shen Ruoxin lied to say goodbye to his friends, but actually went to the hospital to find Dad Shen. The father and daughter sat side by side on the hospital benches, chatting about some good things in the past, and also about Shen’s mother’s dedication to her daughter’s marital problems.

Shen Ruoxin really didn’t understand why his parents divorced, until Shen’s father took the initiative to confess what happened before, so that he understood the mother’s contribution to the family. When Dad Shen went out to develop, it was when Shen Ruoxin was nervous preparing for the exam. She thought Shen’s mother raised the divorce because she was afraid of affecting her daughter’s review, so she agreed casually, but he didn’t expect this decision to make him still regret it.

It turned out that Shen’s mother was not without dreams, and even faced the appreciation of the grade director, but if Shen’s father left, there might be no one to take care of her at home. In the end, Shen’s mother gave up the opportunity to be promoted, which is to fulfill Shen’s father’s dream and her daughter’s life. Hearing this unknown past, Shen Ruoxin felt very distressed.

On the way back, Shen Ruoxin sat in a daze by the car window, waiting for her to enter the house, watching her mother pack everything for herself, and patiently organize her luggage, she couldn’t help crying. Because of this, Shen Ruoxin decided to give up being transferred to the Shenzhen headquarters. She was reluctant to leave her mother, and she was also reluctant to leave Shanghai.

So when Shen’s mother was sure of her daughter’s thoughts, she screamed happily like a child, and immediately opened the packed cartons with her. At the same time, Qi Xiao contacted her friend to hack into Shen Ruoxin’s official account, and published a confession article in her official account, accompanied by corresponding starry sky pictures.

Just as Qi Xiao anxiously waited for Shen Ruoxin to come to her door, she didn’t expect that Shen’s mother would send them the delicious food. Qi Xiaoxin was overjoyed when she learned that Shen Ruoxin had given up on going to Shenzhen. After Shen’s mother left, she suddenly remembered the official account confession, so she immediately called her friend to withdraw the picture.

However, it takes time to remove the article picture. Qi Xiao worried that Shen Ruoxin would find the official account strange, so he simply combined with Su Yang to deceive Shen Ruoxin downstairs. First, he pretended that he had an attack of gastroenteritis, and then lied that he did not eat at night, so he asked Shen Ruoxin to take everyone out. eat hot pot.

At Qi Xiao’s request, Su Yang personally contacted You Sijia, and the four of them went to the hot pot restaurant together. Except for Qi Xiao’s anxiety, the other three were normal. Shen Ruoxin always felt that something was wrong with Qi Xiao, but every time he asked him, he was prevaricated and simply stopped asking.

After eating the hot pot, Qi Xiao found that the official account picture was still there, and found an excuse to go to Song Ziyan’s bar to have fun. You Sijia remained alienated from Su Yang, which made Su Yang feel uncomfortable. Qi Xiao was absent-minded throughout the whole process and could only find a way to delay time and try not to let Shen Ruoxian touch his phone.

At the end of Ah Ting’s performance, Shen Ruoxin revealed to him that Song Ziyan would play drums, and everyone followed up and suggested that Song Ziyan should perform on stage. Shen Ruoxin watched Song Ziyan find confidence in the flashlight, as if he saw the female drummer who made a sensation in the school. Qi Xiao kept refreshing the official account until he saw that the picture was withdrawn, and finally heaved a sigh of relief. At the same time, he was worried that Shen Ruoxin would see the difference, and simply pretended to applaud Song Ziyan.

Xu Minjie saw Shen Ruoxin’s gift on the table in the office. When he opened the box, it turned out to be a handmade wooden top, and at the same time, he showed her his final decision. Although Xu Minjie felt sorry, she still respected Shen Ruoxin’s choice, and invited everyone from the company as a farewell dinner.

In order to prevent Shen Ruoxin from being bullied by Liu Pei and others, Xu Minjie took out the spinning top in front of everyone, warned them in disguise by telling a philosophy of life, and announced on the spot that Shen Ruoxin would connect with him in future work. Qi Xiao recognized that the wooden top was in Zhulin’s shop, and called to ask to find out that it had been bought by Shen Ruoxin.

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