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The Rational Life 理智派生活 Episode 19 Recap

A group of young people dreamed of forming a band, but their passion alone was unable to maintain their basic needs. The drummer was overwhelmed by the pressure of life and was forced to abandon music and leave Shanghai to return home. Seeing his friends leave for many years, Ah Ting was very sad inside, but he would not be easily defeated by reality, and he would still rush forward without hesitation, even if his head was broken.

Just because Ting is so obsessed with music, Song Ziyan thought of her past experience, so she took the initiative to run to the stage to play the drums when there was no one in the bar, and experience the familiar and distant Song Ziyan. That night, Song Ziyan cleaned up the bedding and moved to the guest room to rest, and took out 7,000 yuan to share the mortgage with Zoucheng, and the remaining part could be used to repay the debt through housework.

Zou Cheng realized that the problem was serious, and was shocked and sad, but Song Ziyan would rather protest by separation, insist on going to the bar to work, and even refuse to have children for him. Although the couple agreed to dink after marriage, most men will gradually yearn for their own flesh and blood over time.

Now that Zou Zheng is at the age of Ben four, he doesn’t feel that it is wrong for him to want children, and he also does not approve of Song Ziyan’s approach. However, Song Ziyan thinks that Zou Cheng totally ignores her value. Now it seems that she only needs a nanny who can wash and cook, as well as the tools to inherit the family. This is something that any woman can do. Only Song Ziyan cares about Zou Cheng too much, and it is lost. Yourself.

As the test drive promotion succeeded in the first battle, it not only made the first shot in East China, but also attracted many household consumers, making new energy have a better development. The two bosses urged Xu Minjie to return to the headquarters to follow up the follow-up work. Xu Minjie responded to their request and proposed to take a capable cadre to Shenzhen.

After finishing the call, Xu Minjie called Shen Ruoxin to talk, hoping that he could work with him in the Shenzhen headquarters. This news is undoubtedly a good opportunity for Shen Ruoxin to get a promotion and raise his salary. Shen Ruoxin didn’t want to miss it, but he had many concerns, so he didn’t agree on the spot, but needed some time to consider.

Originally, Shen Ruoxin planned to take Qi Xiao with him, but Qi Xiao couldn’t leave his mother in Shanghai, so he could only tactfully refuse, which made him feel very uncomfortable. Back home, Qi Xiao planned to confess to her personally before Shen Ruoxin left, even if she was rejected without regret. Because of Qi Xiao’s clear understanding of feelings, Su Yang thought of his problems with You Sijia. Qi Xiao felt that Su Yang should not conceal his feelings. Sometimes self-righteousness would cause harm to the one he loved.

Since Shen Ruoxin is going to Shenzhen, he must make arrangements in advance. First, he must face Shen’s mother and explain the situation to her. Although Shen’s mother had a bad impression of Xu Minjie, she really had no reason to obstruct her daughter’s career, so she silently suppressed her inner loneliness and tried her best not to show it in front of Shen Ruoxin.

Xu Minjie received a text message from Shen Ruoxin, knowing she had made a decision, and immediately notified her assistant to rent a house in Shenzhen. Shen’s mother bought a lot of her daughter’s favorite dishes, and planned to cook a sumptuous dinner before she left, so as not to be able to eat hometown food again in Shenzhen. Qi Xiao made a confession plan at home. Considering that Shen Ruoxin likes the starry sky, he simply conceived a starry sky romance.

Zou Cheng came home from get off work and found that there was no one in the room, and the kitchen table was filled with dishes that Song Ziyan had already cooked, and a reminder note was left. While Zou Cheng was cooking, he suddenly saw many symbols on the calendar hanging on the wall.

At first, Zou Cheng didn’t know what the symbols meant, but until the secretary called to inform him to attend the meal and reimbursement receipts, he realized that the symbols represented the days when he worked overtime on business trips. Thinking of this, Zou Cheng’s heart was complicated, and he finally realized that he had missed a lot of time to get along with Song Ziyan, and that was why he completely disappointed the other party.

At the same time, Qi Xiao came back with Shen’s mother from shopping, and happened to see Xu Minjie sending Shen Ruoxin home. After Shen Ruoxin went upstairs, Shen’s mother deliberately distracted Qi Xiao and stayed alone to talk to Xu Minjie, reminding him in disguise not to let Shen Ruoxin be wronged, otherwise she would have to ask him to settle accounts even if she had tried her best.

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