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The Glory of Youth 号手就位 Episode 8 Recap

Xia Zhuo and Ouyang Jun followed the veterans all the way to the cave, and they were immediately surrounded by the veterans. Of course, they knew that they were following them, and after frightening them, they let them live with them. Yi Zimeng finally found Lin Anbang, Lin Anbang was still playing treasures, Yi Zimeng was anxious, Xia Zhuo and the others had already gone far, if they couldn’t go out before dark, they would all be over.

Lin Anbang suddenly took out the red button and said he was going to do something big. Lu Zheng was worried about whether the recruits could hold on. Seeing Lin Anbang pressed the red button, Lu Zheng immediately drove to the location where he showed him, only to find that only the button was there. Lin Anbang and Yi Zimeng sneaked out at this time and drove away Lu Zheng’s car. Lu Zheng realized that they were fooled and rushed out and shouted.

Lin Anbang drove fast, and even told Yi Zimeng that he felt like returning to his hometown and letting him go. Yi Zimeng felt that they had ill-conceived this matter, but Lin Anbang said that everything was done by him and had nothing to do with Yi Zimeng. When Xia Zhuo and Ouyang Jun were looking for Lin Anbang and Yi Zimeng, they met Lu Zheng who was also looking for them.

Lu Zheng gritted his teeth and told them that Lin Anbang had drove his car away, saying that they would find them to let them know what is dangerous. Xia Zhuo and Ouyang Jun took Lu Zheng back to the cave. Seeing the self-heating hot pots of several veterans were stupid, Ouyang Jun also realized that Lin Anbang must have sold everything in the car.

Sure enough, Lin Anbang and Yi Zimeng drove to find everyone, saying that they had given up the game, so Lu Zheng sent him to sell things, and everyone was immediately fooled. Because he came to the game without money, Lin Anbang also let Yi Zimeng keep the account. An Lei was not surprised to see this scene from the drone, because it was Lin Anbang who did it, but they couldn’t escape the suffering. The four of Lang Yongcheng told the story to Xia Zhuo and Ouyang Jun.

Lang Yongcheng was the driver of the guided missile vehicle. There was a very difficult situation many years ago, but Lang Yongcheng could easily solve it and retired in applause. Xia Zhuo always wanted to ask Lu Zheng if Lin Anbang was considered abstaining. Lu Zheng said of course, he should also withdraw whatever he eats. Lu Zheng called a spare car and left, leaving Xia Zhuo and Ouyang Jun to ask for their blessings.

In the mountains late at night, Xia Zhuo wanted to go out while the veteran was asleep. Ouyang Jun asked him what he was going to do. Xia Zhuo said he was going to save Lin Anbang. If he was eliminated, he would not be able to go to the Elder Village. If they could not finish the game, the game was right. It doesn’t make sense to him.

As a result, Xia Zhuo and Ouyang Jun became discredited, and Xia Zhuo did a simple calculation to know which launch base the cave library was just now. At this time, Lu Zheng and others had found Lin Anbang and drove the car back. Xia Zhuo took Ouyang Jun to find the ventilation duct, and the two climbed in, enduring the unpleasant smell, while lamenting the difficulty of the engineer.

After entering the cavern, a light suddenly rang, and the other party told him that this is the 270 underground city, and it is the only shortcut to the end. The original three-day journey can save one day. Ouyang Jun lamented that Xia Zhuo’s life was so good. He did not expect that Xia Zhuo insisted on saving Lin Anbang and Yi Zimeng, because the more important the moment, the brothers are more important, otherwise it would be meaningless to win the game and take the first place.

Ouyang Jun said that he has his ideas, this is a game, there is nothing unsympathetic, they are standing on such a close road at the moment, as long as they walk forward, they can get the first place. Xia Zhuo asked him to move forward. If he didn’t think so, it wouldn’t be Ouyang Jun. They can only say that their definition of the game is different. Xia Zhuo has left, and the rule here is that after leaving, he can’t come back, no one can go in, and he can’t tell others about this point. Xia Zhuo happened to meet four veterans in the pipeline, and the two sides quarreled about who withdrew first.

Lin Anbang suddenly woke up Yi Zimeng and asked him to follow him, only to be discovered by others. When the car was gone, Lin Anbang couldn’t deceive him. Xia Zhuo said that he would not let anyone in after he left, and was anxious to save his friends, so Lang Yongcheng and the four had to retreat. Xia Zhuo exposed this point, and the veteran couldn’t take a shortcut, so he decided to help Xia Zhuo save people. Xia Zhuo said that this was a waste of their time, and the four of them were too lazy to talk to him and couldn’t help but say that they were on the road.

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