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Palace of Devotion 大宋宫词 Episode 53 Recap

Wang Qinruo came to find Ding Wei, who knows that Ding Wei avoided seeing him, and Wang Qinruo was even more upset. His daughter only spoke for Ding Wei, but Wang Qinruo felt sorry for her daughter, and even suggested that the two should be reconciled to avoid the desolation However, her daughter was determined to follow Ding Wei, and not to leave when he was frustrated, Wang Qin ruo fell on her seat angrily, unable to utter a word.

Liu E personally came to Kou Zhun’s mansion, the two of them boiled wine with red leaves, Liu E took the initiative to talk about the search for the edict, Kou Zhun said nothing, the day before, Liu E dealt with Ding Zhi’s matters and dealt with foreign affairs during the national funeral. , Through Liu E’s proper handling, everything is in order. Even Kou Zhun couldn’t fault it. Liu E smiled without saying a word, talking about the first emperor saving himself from hardship, and the first emperor was even more kind to Kou Zhun. Kou Zhun saw that Liu E was still affectionate to the first emperor, and his thoughts slowly began to grow in his heart.了transfer.

Ding Xianrong sent Liu’er, concubine’s room, specially to Lingyang, asking Lingyang to say a good word for the Ding family, who is now in the midst of fire and water, Lingyang turned around and ignored Ding Xianrong’s request, Ding Xianrong chased after him, who would have missed it. Pushing Lingyang towards the pillar, Lingyang fainted to the ground, Ding Xianrong froze in fright.

The imperial physician hurried to the palace. Liu E waited anxiously outside. The imperial physician walked out sweating profusely and said weakly that Lingyang not only lost his children, but even lost the ability to bear children. Liu E stared at Lingyang inside the house. For a long time, he couldn’t speak, and could no longer have his own child. Liu E knew the pain well, and Lingyang also knew the news.

He almost knelt down and begged Liu E to allow himself and Ding Xianrong to reconcile. Even if Lingyang didn’t say it, he also meant it. When Ding Wei learned of this, he became angry again. Facing the son who had committed a big mistake in front of him, Ding Wei couldn’t help it. So far, the Ding family could only accept the will in frustration and was transferred to a remote place to do a little work. Prefect.

The mausoleum was finally nearing completion, and the day of burial changed to next month, Liu E couldn’t help but feel guilt for Yuan Kan. The ministers reported again that the messenger from the Liao Dynasty came to Beijing, but Liu E avoided seeing him. A few days later, when the day of the funeral of the first emperor arrived, and the etiquette began, Kou Zhun woke up from the bed and insisted on seeing the first emperor for the last time. Who knew that Kou Zhun, who had not recovered from his illness, vomited blood in a hurry and knelt down before his own threshold. In the end, there is still time to catch up in the future.

Liu E and Yiyi sent Yuan Kan for the last time in the underground palace. Liu E looked at Yuan Kan’s palace, as if seeing the voice of his lover calling for him again, Liu E burst into tears.

Perhaps it was a symptom caused by excessive sadness. Liu E lay weakly on the bed, benefiting from a distressed face drinking medicine and eating fruit for Liu E. Knowing that the four ministers were seeking to see outside, Liu E met in person. Wang Qinruo put forward several edicts of enthronement drawn up by the emperor’s decree. In accordance with the enthronement dictum, E formally listened to politics, but Liu E still refused to allow it, and just let it be discussed in the future.

Cao Lili even mentioned that Kou Zhun passed away on the day of the burial of the first emperor. Now the funeral has been arranged. According to Kou Zhun’s wishes, he was buried at the foot of the mountain. Liu E couldn’t help showing a very regretful expression, leaving infinite sadness in his heart. .

Su Yijian came to meet Liu E privately and once again persuaded Liu E to listen to politics. Su Yijian knew how much Liu E had doubts in his heart, so he submitted the letter he found in Kou Zhun’s mansion and left Liu E. It turned out to be a good rule of the country prepared by Kou Zhun for Liu E. In the letter, Kou Zhun specifically requested Liu E. E is prosperous. Follow the name of the first emperor and govern the country.

The enthronement ceremony began, benefiting and eventually becoming emperor, and Liu E, as the queen mother, listened to politics, and the two stood together in the court hall, accepting the bows of the ministers…

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