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Palace of Devotion 大宋宫词 Episode 52 Recap

Wang Qinruo found Master Xing. Liu E sent Master Xing to the imperial tomb to check the geomantic omen. When asked by Wang Qinruo, Master Xing said that if the imperial tomb is moved up, he will be able to bless his children and grandchildren. But who will dig out the rocks and who. After hearing this, Wang Qinruo was very happy and decided to meet with Master Xing. When I saw Liu E, Master Xing talked about moving the imperial mausoleum, but before he went on, he was interrupted by Wang Qinruo. Ding Wei took advantage of the situation and started to encourage Liu E to consider for future generations.

Liu E asked if Ding Wei When the funeral period was too late and the treasury was sufficient, Liu E nodded when Ding Wei was affirmed. Afterwards, Master Xing was very disturbed by Wang Qinruo’s interruption to continue to say that moving the imperial tomb would dig out mountains, rocks and water, but Wang Qinruo and Ding Wei continued to comfort them, but they were actually thinking for themselves in their hearts.

A few days later, Liu E really received news of the construction of the imperial tomb. He dug out carbon stone and gushing mountains and water. Liu E questioned the three people on the spot. Ding Wei proposed to fill the ground with stone mortar, and Liu E had no choice but to take an opinion. .

In desperation, the palace ladies came to report that Princess Lingyang was abused by her husband, and Liu E personally prescribed medicine for her. Now Lingyang, who is pregnant with her fetus, was very sad. Liu E looked at the pain in her heart and decided to seek justice for Lingyang. . Ding Wei also knew about it, and he was really angry with his son. Now there is one trouble after another, but Ding Wei doesn’t plan to ask Liu E to plead guilty immediately…

Liu E found Master Xing and asked the truth about the day of the pursuit. Sure enough, Master Xing repeated the words of Ding Wei and Wang Qinruo. Liu E frowned and ordered Master Xing not to leak today’s conversation. After a few days, Ding Wei brought his son Ding Xianrong to Lingyang. Lingyang refused to meet, so Liu E met the two. Ding Wei pleaded guilty while observing Liu E’s expression. Sure enough, waited until Liu Eyi said it.

To insult the royal family, Ding Wei started to punish Ding Xianrong on the spot. Lingyang heard Ding Xianrong’s screams, and originally wanted to go out to visit, but was persuaded by Ying Luo sent by Liu E. Before the end of the play, Liu E received Su Yijian’s memorial and handed it to Ding Wei speechlessly. Ding Wei became guilty on the spot. It turned out that the imperial mausoleum was out of water again…

The ministers surrounded the study and wanted to find Liu E, but Liu E chose to avoid seeing him. Even the beneficiary came to Liu E in a hurry. At this moment, Liu E knelt in front of the Buddhist hall, facing Yuan Kan’s memorial tablet, and Liu E reflected on himself. Yuan Kan always talked to himself about his blessings, and Liu E was the only one. My heart was moved because of Mr. Xing’s words. Benefiting from the shock of hearing, but still to find a solution, Liu E has sent Master Xing and Su Yijian to Luoyang to find out. Su Yijian reported back, and all the evidence pointed to Ding Wei, but the evidence was insufficient. Now Lei Yungong is the breakthrough point for everything. It can only be seen whether Cao can use his mouth to pry open his mouth.

Cao used to talk to Lei Yungong in the dungeon. Cao used deliberately mentioned that during the transport of Lei Yungong, people frequently wanted to assassinate Lei Yungong. Awakening, under Cao’s use of questioning, Lei Yungong really put down the precautions…

At the court, Liu E pointed out the mistakes that Wang Qinruo and Ding Wei had repeatedly suggested to affect the imperial tomb. Su Yijian stood up and reported that the materials were shoddy and the construction was negligent.

Afterwards, Cao used to ask for a meeting and brought Lei Yungong’s confession to Liu E. Cao Liu said in detail that Ding said that he was seriously corrupt, and even asked Lei Yungong to go to the imperial tomb with him. Cao used to hand in the amount of corruption provided by Lei Yungong. This is as strong as a mountain, Ding Yan and Wang Qinruo had no choice but to commit. Kneeling to plead guilty, Liu E demoted Lord Xing and Ding Wei, while Wang Qinruo was fined.

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