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Palace of Devotion 大宋宫词 Episode 51 Recap

Wang Qinruo did not expect that his son-in-law Dingzhi had such great ambitions in his heart. If his uncle could take advantage of the situation, it would not be harmful to the Wang family. Madame Wang was worried and suggested that Wang Qinruo come to help Ding Wei. Wang Qinruo fell into deep thought and suddenly revealed Smile, silently.

Taking advantage of playing hide-and-seek with the eunuchs, Yiyi secretly hid in the attic. Cao Ru, the daughter of Cao used, saw Yiyi’s dull face and quietly followed. But the benefit was that Cao Ru didn’t care about herself, and the two ran to the attic. The eunuchs were worried and persuaded the benefit to come down quickly. Liu E, who happened to go to visit Qing Enlightenment, found a large group of people in the garden. Then he saw the naughty benefit.

After seeing Liu E who lost his temper, he went downstairs with the benefit. Waiting for Liu E to ask questions. The benefit was silent, but she resisted Liu E’s meaning in a few words. Liu E knew that the benefit at this time was to miss Qi Yuankan. The benefit was originally just a child who could enjoy playing, but now she is carrying the burden of society. Suddenly I learned about Liu E’s painstaking efforts and hoped that I could grow up soon.

When Cao Ru returned to the Cao Mansion, Cao used eagerly asked about today’s gains at first sight. Cao Ru mentioned Liu E and the emperor with a smile on his face. Cao was even more excited after hearing about it. When Cao Ru returned to the room, Cao used asked Mrs. Cao. , What are the attitudes of Liu E and the emperor towards Cao Ru? Do you like it? Whether you want to keep Cao Ru in the palace, because Liu E’s expression is unpredictable, Mrs. Cao dare not make a decision. Cao uses the moment and decides to use the best resources in Beijing to teach his daughter, so that Enter the imperial city as soon as possible.

Su Yijian came to Kou Mansion to visit Kou Zhun. Kou Zhun thought that Su Yijian was one of the people who blocked him. Su Yijian mentioned that Liu E was also looking for the edict in the palace, hoping to know her husband’s. Finally leave a message. Kou Zhun knew that Liu E was smart and generous, but it was difficult to know whether Liu E would have the evil of Lu Wu in the face of the supreme imperial power.

However, under discussion, Kou Zhun put aside his defenses against Su Yijian, and the two again talked about Ding’s claim to power. Kou Zhun used Su Yijian’s mouth to provide Liu E with a strategy, and to collect notes for two days a month. Although it’s easy to lose control of the previous dynasty, it is better to think about it from the candidates who presented the sparse.

In the study, Liu E and the beneficiaries and ministers checked the memorandums. Cao Lili, Su Yijian and others found that the memorials they read were all written with Ding Wei’s name. Su Yijian even found out that he was even degraded. Ding Wei Before discussing with everyone, Liu E saw everything in his eyes and specifically called Lei Yungong, who was responsible for submitting the memorial, but Lei Yungong was only carelessly pushing away from the responsibility, and Ding Wei was still speaking for Lei Yungong. Liu E dismissed Lei Yungong from his position and sent him to supervise the imperial tomb.

Remove the eyeliner presenting the memorial, which is a good way to fight against the tiger. Su Yijian and Liu E were discussing in private. Cao Ru entered the palace again. Su Yijian suddenly remembered the rumors in the palace. Cao used to buy the palace maid to find out what Qing Enlightenment uses and eats in the palace. Liu E listened silently. In my heart.

Cao Rulai found the beneficiary. Cao Ru, who likes to read, shared a lot in common with Beneficiary. Beneficiary specifically gave Beneficiary a puppet show and Shou Kang’s usual fun, ignoring Qingwu’s request to put paper kites. Liu E understands Cao’s sincerity, but he is just a person who judges the time and the situation, but Liu E still believes that the innocent and brilliant enlightenment is more suitable for benefiting, and everything is only waiting for the two to slowly develop their feelings.

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