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Mysterious Love 他在逆光中告白 Episode 3 Recap

Li Teng decided to leave Ruan Nianchu after getting the coin chip. It turned out that Li Teng was indeed Lee. In fact, Li Teng silently read the five years of Ruan Nianchu in his heart, and he was quite concerned about the self-image of the first blind date, but for some reason, he decided not to disturb Ruan Nianchu’s future life.

Xing Xing is Jiang Hao’s daughter. Because Jiang Hao has something to do, I helped show Xing Xing today. Xing Xing doesn’t seem to have much affection for Ruan Nianchu, calling him brother Li Teng, but changing his name to aunt Ruan Nianchu. Xingxing also argued with Ruan Nianchu about the position of the co-pilot. Xingxing told Ruan Nianchu that his prince could only be brother Li Teng. Xing Xing deliberately showed off his closeness with Li Teng, and Ruan Nianchu was a little bit jealous.

After leaving the merry-go-round, Ruan Nianchu asked Li Teng whether the tattoo of Lavender looks good, but Li Teng deliberately ignored it. In order to see the scars on Li Teng’s body, Ruan Nianchu deliberately let Li Teng wet his clothes while drinking water, so Ruan Nianchu also saw the scars on Li Teng’s waist and abdomen. Li Teng seemed to have guessed Ruan Nianchu’s intention, and deliberately asked Ruan Nianchu to go to the hotel to open a room with him later, and then he could watch it slowly. When Ruan Nianchu heard it, he thought about it. In her heart, Lee was not a casual man.

Xing Xing saw Qiao Yufei, who was exactly the same as he was wearing, in the playground, and burst into tears, saying that there can be no two ice princesses in the world. A burst of crying caught the attention of Li Teng and Ruan Nianchu, only to find that the world was really small. It turns out that Qiao Yufei has cultivated Dai Jie into a male best friend, and is even Qiao Yufei’s exclusive photographer.

Ruan Nianchu joked that Qiao Yufei really had a way, and he just cultivated Dai Jie as a male best friend. Qiao Yufei told Ruan Nianchu that when he pursued his parking little prince Jiang Hao, he must have friends of the opposite sex too. Who made Dai Jie’s shooting skills really good and made the best use of everything. Ruan Nianchu told Qiao Yufei that he had confirmed Li Teng’s identity, but this time Li Teng was still different from Lee five years ago.

Five years ago, Li Teng personally taught Ruan Nianchu how to shoot a gun, but the recoil of the pistol made Ruan Nianchu touch Li Teng’s wound. Ruan Nianchu decided to let Li Teng personally admit that he was Lee. Because Xing Xing wanted to fight for the Snow Doll, Li Teng Ruan made a group, Dai Jie Qiao Yufei, and the two groups played pk. Whoever wins will get the Snow Doll. When shooting the gun, Ruan Nianchu’s inexplicable sense of familiarity returned to her place again, and Li Teng felt similar to Lee.

Li Teng came to Jiang Hao’s house holding the sleeping star. Jiang Hao invited the two of them to stay for dinner, but Li Teng refused the request to eat, and instead offered to let Ruan Nianchu come to teach Xingxing to play the piano next time. When Ruan Nianchu and Li Teng were in the car, Ruan Nianchu felt that Li Teng had been doing his own routine and asked why Li Teng did not admit that he was Lee. Li Teng also asked Ruan Nianchu if he was single for five years, whether it was because he always remembered Lee in his heart. Ruan Nianchu did not respond.

Li Teng took Ruan Nianchu to the psychiatric hospital. The woman on the bed named He Lihua was tied to the bed. She kept clamoring to find Xia Fei. Li Teng respectfully called the woman his sister-in-law. After listening to the doctor’s explanation, Li Teng respectfully called the woman his sister-in-law. After the illness, he left the ward with a heavy heart. Ruan Nianchu felt that Li Teng should have something to say to himself, so he followed.

Li Teng told Ruan Nianchu that Xia Fei had died on the battlefield, and that Xing Fei was Xia Fei’s daughter. He Lihua became insane because he could not accept the news of Xia Fei’s death. At the same time, he didn’t know that Xing Fei was his daughter. After He Lihua, perhaps because of the mother-daughter connecting the hearts, the stars heard a piece of music in He Lihua, and planned to learn to play the piano for He Lihua.

After listening to Li Teng’s account, Ruan Nianchu seemed to understand why Li Teng wanted to call himself Xing Xing Qin, so he readily agreed. At the same time, he also learned that Li Teng did not admit that he was Lee. It turned out that Li Teng didn’t want Ruan Nianchu to be the second. He Lihua. Ruan Nianchu thanked Li Teng for appearing in his life again, and the two said goodnight to each other. Jiang Hao sent a text message to Li Teng asking if he wanted to continue the task of finding silver coins. Li Teng replied that he would not only search the Xi Wei Opera Troupe, but also Ruan Nianchu’s home.

In order to search for coins, Li Teng came to Ruan Nianchu’s house for the first time. The father-in-law and mother-in-law saw the son-in-law more and more they liked it. Li Teng also took the initiative to introduce himself. When Ruan Nianchu’s parents went to the kitchen to wash the fruits, Li Teng quickly observed the home environment, saw a bottle of game coin jar, immediately checked it, but found that the coin he was looking for did not contain it. Ruan Nianchu was blowing his hair in the bathroom, and found Li Teng sitting in the living room, shocked, but Li Teng calmly told Ruan Nianchu that he had said yesterday that he would come to pick her up today.

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