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Mysterious Love 他在逆光中告白 Episode 2 Recap

It turned out that the fate of Li Teng and Ruan Nianchu began with Ruan Nianchu and Dai Jie’s blind date. At that time, Li Teng passed by her blind date. He watched Ruan Nianchu chasing after him in the rain, and even saw Ruan Nianchu lost in the rain. Look.

Ruan Nianchu pushed the door and found that Li Teng was the target of the blind date. He was so surprised that he felt that he had probably made a mistake. When he was about to leave, Li Teng told Ruan Nianchu that the target of the blind date was himself. Li Teng was very gentleman and poured tea for Ruan Nianchu. The two sat at the table and looked at each other. Through Li Teng’s mouth, Ruan Nianchu learned that Li Xiaoyan was not Li Teng’s boyfriend at all, and he was a little happy, but when he was about to ask Li Teng if he was Lee, Li Teng was inexplicably annoyed, saying that he was not a substitute for anyone. Product.

When Li Teng drove Ruan Nianchu back, Ruan Nianchu told Li Teng that 0714 was also the time when he met Li Teng. This call made Li Teng very annoyed. Ruan Nianchu also felt unhappy. He opened the door and sat in the back seat of the car, but Li Teng let Ruan Nianchu sit in the co-pilot. After Ruan Nianchu refused, Li Teng took Ruan Nianchu directly to the co-pilot. The two chatted on the subject of blind dates in the car. Ruan Nianchu told Li Teng that his blind date was to meet his mother. Ruan Nianchu seemed to look forward to the next date very much, and deliberately left his cushion on Li Teng’s car.

Ruan Nianchu’s parents watched Ruan Nianchu’s blind date upstairs and felt that this blind date was mostly a play. At least after the blind date, a man sent Ruan Nianchu home. As soon as Ruan Nianchu returned home, his parents became concerned about the gossip about the blind date. Through Ruan Nianchu’s reaction, his mother felt that the blind date was definitely a play. After receiving Li Teng’s WeChat message, Ruan Nianchu was very divided, and hurriedly responded to the news and planned to call Li Teng back. After Li Teng rejected Ruan Nianchu, he took the initiative to send a message to let her watch the exhibition according to time and place.

Ruan Nianchu came to the exhibition site as scheduled. At the beginning, she met Li Xiaoyan. Li Xiaoyan mistakenly thought that Ruan Nianchu was here to chase her in the film, but found that Ruan Nianchu was actually regarded as a guest of honor by Li Teng. Ruan Nianchu followed Li Teng’s hand to the inside of the exhibition, but Li Teng’s men called Sister Ruan Nianchu, which made Ruan Nianchu inexplicably panicked and signaled them not to talk nonsense.

Li Teng spoke on behalf of the Yuntai Security System. After the speech, he was planning to go to Ruan Nianchu, but met Li Xiaoyan. Li Xiaoyan deliberately approached Li Teng and said that he would need him to retrieve the powder cake that fell in the car last time. Ruan Nianchu, who was on the side, found that Gou Nan’s twenty-four strokes were so easy to crash, but when Li Teng’s cold face to Li Xiaoyan, he secretly became amused. Li Teng returned Ruan Nianchu’s air cushion in front of Li Xiaoyan. This made Li Xiaoyan angry. He felt that Ruan Nianchu was deliberately fishing for the golden turtle son-in-law, but Li Teng directly told Li Xiaoyan that he was actually chasing Ruan Nianchu, and he took Ruan Nianchu’s hand and left. Li Xiaoyan, who was stunned and embarrassed.

Li Teng took Ruan Nianchu to the beach. Ruan Nianchu told Li Teng, otherwise they would try to socialize with each other. Li Teng heard the clue and felt that Ruan Nianchu just wanted to test whether he was Lee or not, but Li Teng accepted it. Ruan Nian was invited to give it a try. Qiao Yufei drove to find Ruan Nianchu, but because she couldn’t park, she ran into a handsome guy Jiang Hao who was eager to help her park. Unfortunately, Qiao Yufei could not ask for his contact information, so the handsome guy left first because of something urgent.

Qiao Yufei told Ruan Nianchu about her Prince Charming in a novel way, and Ruan Nianchu had to hope that Qiao Yufei could meet the male god again. Qiao Yufei was very happy to hear that Ruan Nianchu had dropped out of her singles. The most incredible thing was that Ruan Nianchu, who had been in abstinence for five years, had actually bloomed the iron tree. The first time she met with Li Teng, she confirmed the relationship. Ruan Nianchu asked Qiao Yufei to confirm whether Li Teng was Lee or not. Under Qiao Yufei’s guidance, Ruan Nianchu thought that Lee had been injured last time, and he was in the waist and abdomen, and he personally helped him bandage him.

Li Teng’s men learned an important piece of news that the actual operator of the original organization was the son of the ship’s explosion five years ago, named Dan. Li Teng told his subordinates that he had to get the coin before Dan noticed it. It turned out that Ruan Nianchu accidentally took the coin out of Taicheng. This time the signal was also sent out by the Xi Wei Opera Troupe. Li Teng’s men felt that Ruan Nianchu and Li Teng were great. Fate.

Ruan Nianchu hid in the house and put on makeup carefully, and his parents felt that there must be a show this time. While putting on make-up, Li Teng called and told Ruan Nianchu not to put on make-up and had to go downstairs for ten minutes. Ruan Nianchu felt that he could see people without putting on make-up, so he quickly put on makeup. When Ruan Nianchu came downstairs, he found that Li Teng was coaxing a girl named Xing Xing. Ruan Nianchu blurted out and asked Li Teng if Xing Xing was his daughter.

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