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Love Scenery 良辰美景好时光 Episode 16 Recap

Liang Chen was also very happy to hear Lu Jing call her name. Lu Jing suddenly coughed, and Liang Chen was a little worried. He had to give him medicine when he went upstairs with Lu Jing, but found that Lu Jing had no medicine at all. Liang Chen just I ran to Taro’s house and borrowed ginger cubes to make ginger soup. I didn’t expect Jiayun to be there. After learning that Liang Chen wanted to make ginger soup, Jiayun offered to help, and sent the cooked ginger soup to Lu Jing. He deliberately said that he did it, and thought that Lu Jing, who had drunk the ginger soup, would be fine, and would take Liang Chen away.

When Lu Jing saw that Liang Chen was about to leave with Jia Yun, he deliberately pretended to cough and pretend to be pitiful. Liang Chen had to let Jia Yun go back first. She stayed to take care of Lu Jing. Lu Jing was satisfied and got what he wanted. He saw someone on the table. The birthday present to Lu Jing, Liang Chen only knew Lu Jing’s birthday, so he quickly sent his blessings, and Lu Jing was even more happy. After Jiayun left for a long time, Liang Chen left. After returning, Liang Chen kept holding the scarf given by Lu Jing. Lu Jing also slept with the scarf given by Liang Chen. It seemed that he was holding each other.

Liu Er and Zhou Zhou had dinner to celebrate Lu Jing, and they felt that Lu Jing should not be greedy for online dating, but Qi Qi was more suitable, but Lu Jing gave up Qi Qi, and instead chose one and one online dating partner, but Lu Jing But it was ecstatic and happy.

Qi Qi went to the hospital to visit Gu Feiming who was pretending to be sick. Gu Feiming was entangled by Qi Qi so that he had to play games together to get sick. When the doctor announced that he was healthy and asked to be discharged from the hospital, Qi Qi pestered to play games. Gu Feiming simply complained. I also secretly annoyed that everything was caused by Lu Jing.

Lu Jing went to fix the program, and unexpectedly met Liang Chen who went to the recording studio to record. Liang Chen thought that Lu Jing only came after him when he knew he was here. Just going to fix the program, which made Liang Chen feel even more ashamed, thinking that he was passionate. When talking about work, Lu Jing and Liang Chen kept sending WeChat messages. Liang Chen felt unhappy and wanted to laugh when seeing Lu Jing, which made Jiayun very uncomfortable.

When Liang Chen was recording, he felt uncomfortable in his throat and vocalization, so he went directly to the hospital for an examination. It happened that Lu Jing saw Liang Chen hurriedly leaving from the back. Under questioning, he learned that Liang Chen went to the hospital, but he wanted to follow but was stopped by Liang Chen. .

Lu Jing was always worried about Liang Chen at home, but there was no news from Liang Chen. The result of Liang Chen’s examination was a polyp of the vocal cords. If it is not removed, it may become cancerous. If it is not removed, he may not be able to sing anymore. Liang Chen’s mood fell to the extreme. Ke Ke and Qing sister went home. Sister Qing didn’t feel relieved, Liang Chen asked, and she learned about Liang Chen truthfully, and persuaded Liang Chen to perform the operation. However, Liang Chen has not been able to recover Lu Jing. Lu Jing can’t sleep, and the person who repeatedly checked his phone was afraid that he might miss it. Message from Liang Chen.

Liang Chen checked a lot of relevant information on the Internet and learned that the surgical treatment of vocal cord polyps is very dangerous and may not be able to sing since then. Although Liang Chen could write songs for self-comfort, he still couldn’t accept falling asleep with tears. Early the next morning, Liang Chen received a notification from the hospital for Liang Chen to make an appointment for surgery as soon as possible. Liang Chen looked at his trophies and felt sad.

Liang Chen called his mother and asked if they would come to the farewell concert, but when his parents were doing Thai massage, they were screaming and couldn’t understand Liang Chen’s words. Liang Chen hung up the phone upset. Then Liang Chen called Taro again to inquire. Taro was too busy to take care of him. Liang Chen called Lu Jing and Lu Jing answered the phone. He had been waiting for Liang Chen’s call. Liang Chen invited Lu Jing to come. Watching the concert, Lu Jing immediately put on his clothes and went out.

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