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Hand in Hand 陪你一起长大 Episode 36 Recap

Xi Bin was hit hard, he couldn’t eat anything at all, and he felt very uncomfortable. He blamed his awakening. If he hadn’t regained his 200,000 yuan, Uncle Zou would not go to the bank and would not have a car accident. He asks to calm down after he wakes up, and don’t use all means for the education of his children. Wake up feeling very aggrieved, thinking that Xi Bin had seen her not pleasing to her eyes earlier, and she felt that she had done nothing wrong. Xi Bin has been waiting for her to take the initiative to speak out, but Su Xing said that he had never participated in it from beginning to end.

Xi Bin packs up the things of the football club, Zi Ning finds a picture of Qidane, the football star Xi Bin and Uncle Zou once liked. Zi Ning comforted Xi Bin, and Uncle Zou would definitely get better. Xi Bin said that he would not be in arrears with Zi Ning’s salary. Zi Ning admired Xi Bin’s pursuit of his dream and encouraged him to work hard.

He Jinghua asked Dad that he had sent a lot of WeChat messages to Teacher Jia, but there was no reply. I hope Dad will inquire again. When Zi Ning returned home, He Jinghua told her not to stay in the club, thinking that Uncle Zou was hospitalized and there was nothing to miss. Zi Ning said that he likes to be there and also shoots short videos.

Su Wake told Xiwang a story, coaxed him to fall asleep, and then looked at the phone. Teacher Jia still didn’t reply to him. Xi Bin returned home drunk, exhausted, and Uncle Zou passed away. He was miserable and sad and blamed himself. I don’t know what to do when I wake up, so I can only comfort Xi Bin silently.

Lin Yunyun called her mother and told her not to stay in the mahjong hall all the time. Gu Jiawei heard Lin Yunyun call and suddenly invited them to come home for dinner. Ding Lan hates this football club and thinks that Uncle Zou would not leave without this club. Xi Bin stood up and said that he would definitely not ignore their orphans and widows. He decided to resign and continue to support the football club.

Wake up hope Xi Bin’s decision was impulsive. She knew it was Uncle Zou’s dream, but she was at home full-time and had no financial resources. If Xi Bin resigned again, she would not know what to do with all the expenses of the family. Xi Bin thinks that Wake up never discusses with herself, and blames her for not believing in herself. She will definitely do well if she wants to run this football club. It is also sad to wake up, but there is no alternative. Xi Bin remembered the memories he had with Uncle Zou before, that football club is the dream of two people.

Gu Jiawei strongly invited his father-in-law and his mother-in-law to eat at home. Lin Yunyun thanked Gu Jiawei for inviting his parents to come over for dinner. Unexpectedly, Gu Jiawei made an idea that he wanted to have another child and asked his father-in-law to persuade Lin Yunyun. The parents were very supportive and told Lin Yunyun not to think, but Lin Yunyun didn’t want to give birth at all. Xinyue also wanted a younger sister when she heard about it, but Gu Jiawei felt that her younger brother was better.

Xinyue drew with children in the kindergarten and said that she would have a little brother. Xiaomei’s mother went around gossiping when she heard it, thinking that Lin Yunyun was pregnant. Lin Yunyun disagrees, she doesn’t want to have a second child at all, saying that whoever likes will give birth.

He Jinghua’s parents passed by the health store, and Li Xiang dragged them in for a free experience. When he got home, my father found that his wallet was missing. He remembered that he had been to the health store before, and He Jinghua went to look for it with him. Li Xiang returned the wallet to him, and was praised for his innocence. This scene was seen by Shen Xiaoyan in the supermarket opposite.

Gu Jiawei wanted Lin Yunyun to have a second child, but Lin Yunyun couldn’t hold back anymore, saying that she didn’t want to be trapped in this house forever, she wanted to manage Weiyun. Xi Wang didn’t sleep, waiting for Xi Bin to come back to accompany him. Su Xing and Xi Bin are separated. They are in the same room, but they don’t talk to each other anymore. Su Xing originally wanted to ask if he needed a lawyer’s help, but Xi Bin didn’t let her worry about these things, and responded coldly.

The kindergarten has started, and the mothers are finally looking forward to it. He Jinghua told people everywhere that Xi Bin had resigned and was at home. Mothers all think that men are unreliable and do not consider them at all for the family. Shen Xiaoyan was more worried, and both of them resigned and asked what to do.

Some parents went to the football club to refund the money, and they awoke to discuss with Xi Bin, not wanting a cold war. Xi Bin said that he did not want to go home and that he would stay in the club during this time, but Suwa did not agree, did not want Xi Wang to always ask himself, and did not agree that Xi Bin separated from him. Xi Bin wants to listen to himself, but he is really under a lot of pressure.

Shen Zihao discussed the design with Su Xing, and found that she was not alive. Su Xing said that she now needs money to meet any requirements of Party A’s design. Shen Zihao felt something was wrong, it was not like the style of waking up. The kindergarten is about to graduate, and the family committee got together to discuss performances. When asked about her resuscitation opinions, she suggested that she could make a video. Everyone expressed concern for her.

Zi Ning wants Siyuan to sign up for the football club. He Jinghua believes that it is not reliable at all, saying that it is not easy for him to make money. Su Xing did not want to stay up all night to do design at home, for the children’s education, she did not complain to Xi Bin. Xi Bin studied how to keep the club on track, always busy forgetting how to eat, Zi Ning sent him delicious food, but Xi Bin had no time to eat.

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