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Hand in Hand 陪你一起长大 Episode 35 Recap

Jiang Bo explained to his mother-in-law that live broadcasting is a legitimate profession, and every time he earns money is given to He Jinghua. He Jinghua didn’t want to listen, so he quickly asked his parents to leave for a ride. Su wakes up with the makeup box, prepares to dress up Shen Xiaoyan, and waits for an interview. She saw the wound on Shen Xiaoyan’s arm, knew that Li Xiang must have been beaten, and accused Li Xiang of going too far.

Su Xing comforted Shen Xiaoyan, since she has divorced Li Xiang, she is free, don’t miss Li Xiang any more, after all, he is absolutely inexcusable for hitting others. Shen Xiaoyan was helpless and told Su Xing about his past with Li Xiang. Li Xiang’s parents look down on Shen Xiaoyan, but Li Xiang still insists on marrying Shen Xiaoyan. Su Xing said that if she was Shen Xiaoyan, she would definitely consider herself and encourage her to be more confident. Li Feihua liked Shen Xiaoyan’s usual work clothes and thought it was her most beautiful look. Shen Xiaoyan was moved and wept, and she woke up thinking that she had given Li Feihua the best.

The interview was about to begin. Gu Jiawei saw Shen Xiaoyan put on lipstick and wondered who got it for her. Wake up standing next to him, indicating that this is his own masterpiece, and that he must have the least energy. The host said that Shen Xiaoyan’s husband had died, and Shen Xiaoyan was dumbfounded and asked Gu Jiawei what he meant. Gu Jiawei kept saying that everything is for the good of Li Feifei, let Shen Xiaoyan know that this is the only chance.

Although Shen Xiaoyan was very unwilling in her heart and knew that this was a lie, but in order for Li Feifei to continue to be at Weiyun, she was willing to interview like this. Su Xing stopped Shen Xiaoyan and prevented her from going back for the interview, believing that this was for Gu Jiawei’s own benefit. Shen Xiaoyan couldn’t help but Li Feifei ran over crying. He was very sensible and told his mother that he could not go to Weiyun. Shen Xiaoyan wanted to understand and let Gu Jiawei leave here.

Gu Jiawei felt upset and asked Shen Xiaoyan to pay for the interview. When I got home, I complained to Lin Yunyun. Lin Yunyun also didn’t approve of Gu Jiawei’s approach, thinking that her father was not dead, so how could she lie. Gu Jiawei also thought that he was reasonable and made Lin Yunyun not allow Li Feifei to continue in Weiyun. Lin Yunyun said that he would refund the money. This was Li Feifei’s replacement for Xiwang. Gu Jiawei heard that he would refund the money, so he would not let him drop out of school. But Gu Jiawei asked New Moon for her to catch up with Li Feihua, and she had to take the first place in the piano test immediately. Lin Yunyun thinks that Gu Jiawei should not make such a demanding request, and the two quarreled over this matter.

Xinyue was very upset when she heard it. She played the piano in the piano grading test. Not only did she not get the first place, but she also failed to pass the exam. When Gu Jiawei found out, he was so angry that he went home and roared the new moon. Crescent Moon couldn’t hold back anymore, crying and roaring that he hated Gu Jiawei and his father. Gu Jiawei was stunned. It was the first time that Xinyue was so ignorant. He hurriedly bought a doll to coax Xinyue, but wanted to let Lin Yunyun have another child. Lin Yunyun was upset, saying that she didn’t have the energy to take care of two children. Gu Jiawei thinks that he can give her the best obstetrics doctor in this age, and the two children are more competitive at home.

He Jinghua bought a school uniform for Siyuan, and felt that he would be able to study in Kunhui immediately. Jiang Bo thought that the eight characters hadn’t been written yet. When Zi Ning returned home, He Jinghua worried that she was upset and wanted to comfort her. Zi Ning said that she didn’t take it seriously, and heard that Su Xing had also invested 200,000 yuan to buy this place. Zi Ning was speechless, thinking that Xi Bin had agreed to such a crooked matter, and had a talk with Xi Bin. Xi Bin was completely in the dark, only to know whether to get the 200,000 back or buy the quota, but he did not tell himself.

Xi Bin felt unhappy, so he talked to Uncle Zou. Uncle Zou thought it was all the hard work of being a mother. Unexpectedly, Zi Ning quit her job in the coffee shop and came to work in the football club. Xi Bin didn’t feel right, he felt that Zi Ning was interesting to him, and wanted Uncle Zou to resign from him. Uncle Zou was unwilling, thinking that Zining was diligent and capable, and the salary was not demanding.

Li Xiang opened a health store by himself, right across the supermarket, and wanted to compare with the store manager. Shen Xiaoyan didn’t know where he got the money. Uncle Zou finally succeeded in getting the loan and immediately told Xi Bin the good news. He didn’t expect that when he was crossing the road, he was knocked down by a large truck because he was connected to the phone. Xi Bin originally bought red wine and wanted to celebrate such a good thing. At the beginning, the two wanted to promote the club. Ding Lan was sad, and Uncle Zou had not left the rescue room.

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