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Court Lady 骊歌行 Episode 8 Recap

Fu Rou took the things Li Dianzhi gave herself and went to the Yan Fei Palace. Fortunately, Fu Rou took a look and found that the things Li Dianzhi gave her were bad. She wanted to find an excuse to leave, but Yan Fei But the servant urged Fu Rou to go in. Fu Rou confessed to Yan Fei that the embroidery was bad. She did not check it properly due to a momentary negligence. She promised to hand in good embroidery to Yan Fei by the end of tomorrow. See you Yan Fei Fu Rou was frank and didn’t blame Fu Rou, but asked her to build a lotus screen for herself.

It was Li Dianzhi who framed Fu Rou. The original civil service system passed away, and the post of secretary should be Li Dianzhi. Now Fu Rou came out of thin air, and Li Dianzhi lost the opportunity. This is what hurt Fu Rou. Li Dianzhi was a little surprised to see Fu Rou come back safe and sound. Fu Rou did not mention the damaged embroidery, but asked her for the missing account book.

Li Dianzhi and Yuan Zhangzhi wanted to use the old rules as an excuse to evade Fu Rou, but Fu Rou Rou moved out of Situ Shangyi, and the two had to give the account book to Fu Rou. The two of them had a fluke and felt that even if they gave Fu Rou the account book, Fu Rou could not understand it, but what they could not imagine was that Fu Rou was born in a merchant’s family, and he was in elementary school to settle accounts. It didn’t take long to see that.

The ledger was wrong. After saying a few words, Yuan Zhanzhi knelt down and begged for mercy and confessed to Li Dianzhi. Fu Rou saw that Li Dianzhi wanted to get the emperor’s attention, so she specifically mentioned a few words from Li Dianzhi. , And asked her to go with herself to present the sachet to the emperor.

Because of Fu Rou’s suggestion, Li Dianzhi successfully attracted the emperor’s attention. The emperor praised Li Dianzhi for having a pair of skillful hands, and for a while, he was pleased with Li Dianzhi and won the favor of the emperor. Li Dianzhi was promoted to Li Baolin, she deliberately returned to the Shangrong Bureau, and asked the embroiderers to follow Fu Rou well in the future, and she gave Fu Rou the real preferences of the concubines in the palace, and she saw that Fu Rou was embroidering for Yan Fei. The lotus flower reminded Fu Rou of the key point. If the lotus flower embroidered by Fu Rou is not beautiful, then offend Concubine Yan, if the embroidery is too beautiful, then offend the queen.

Yan Fei’s son Zhou Wang returned to Chang’an to celebrate the Queen’s birthday, and planned to stay in Chang’an for a few more days to drink the prince’s wedding wine. After seeing the prince, he went to the palace to please Yan Fei. It happened that Fu Rou came to present the lotus screen.

After Li Baolin’s reminder, Fu Rou embroidered the lotus screen again in black and white. She said again that the lotus represents the harmony of the house and the house is harmonious but different. Yan Fei and Zhou Wang both heard the meaning in Fu Rou’s words. She was right, especially Zhou Wang was very interested in Fu Rou and asked Fu Rou to embroider a sachet for herself.

These words reached the Queen’s ears, and the Queen was also very satisfied with Fu Rou and gave Fu Rou a reward, and Yan Fei also gave Fu Rou a reward. It was the two of them who gave the Secretary-General at the same time. But because of the deficit in the previous accounts, Fu Rou decided to use these rewards to balance the accounts, and give Yuan Zhang another chance. After he took the Yuan Zhang system, he promoted Xue Zhang to the classic system, and Yuan Zhang system was also convinced. oral.

Lu Yingying’s innocence was damaged, and Lu Qi went to Sheng Chumu and taught Sheng Chumu a good meal in front of everyone. Sheng Chumu used the aggressive method to make Lu Qi and herself bet on whether the two would win the palace. In the competition, Lu Qi was confident enough, and he accepted the bet on the spot, and Sheng Chumu planned to use this bet to make good use of Lu’s family.

At the court, the emperor learned that Sheng Guo was in trouble and was furious. He was determined to send troops to defeat Sheng Guo. Sheng Xiaojing took the initiative to invite Ying, but the emperor felt that Sheng Xiaojing was already in his advanced age, so he asked Lu Yunji to lead his troops out. Sheng Xiaojing suffocated his stomach and went home.

He was even more angry when he learned that Lu Qi and Sheng Chumu were betting. He didn’t blame the two sons for betting on all the assets, and even took the private money to let the two sons bet. , It is bound to fight for this tone. The gambling game between Sheng Chumu and Lu Qi even spread to the palace, and Cao’s servant also opened the gambling game, but everyone pressed Lu Qi, only Fu Rou pressed Sheng Chumu.

The contest in front of the hall began. Sheng Chujun saw Princess Xinnan in the martial arts competition. Only then did he know the identity of Princess Xinnan. Although he was a little surprised, he was not afraid. He still looked like a fool and continued to thin Princess Xinnan.

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