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Court Lady 骊歌行 Episode 5 Recap

Sheng Chumu read the message left by Fu Rou and guessed that they should have gone to Xianhuangdao, but the general found that the three big pirate leaders including the Dulong Gang had gathered on Fallen Eagle Island. This is a once-in-a-lifetime eradication of the three pirate gangs. With a good chance, the general refused to go to Xianhuang Island, so Sheng Chumu asked for a boat to go to Xianhuang Island alone to save people.

Sheng Chumu sneaked into Xianhuangdao, disguised as a pirate, and found the place where Fu Rou was imprisoned. Fu Rou was surprised and delighted when she saw Sheng Chumu. Sheng Chumu hurried away with Fu Rou and just fled to the beach. After being discovered, Yan Zifang and Sheng Chumu singled out and beat Sheng Chumu into a mess. Yan Zifang raised his sword to kill Sheng Chumu, and Fu Rou used his body to block the knife, begging Yan Zifang to let Sheng Chumu go and be willing to stay here.

But Sheng Chumu refused to make Yan Zifang a cow and a horse, and asked Yan Zifang to let Fu Rou leave. He could leave Yan Zifang at his disposal. Fu Rou was not willing to live alone. Yan Zifang saw that the two were affectionate, and Fu Rou would rather die than die. Enjoying the glory and wealth with himself, Yan Zifang was very angry for a while, and he didn’t want to force Fu Rou, so he let the two people leave.

Recently, Lu Qi wanted to take a concubine. In order to get rid of Fu Rou, Mrs. Chen sent someone a portrait of Fu Rou to Lu Qi. Lu Qi fell in love with Fu Rou and decided to take Fu Rou as a concubine. At this time, Fu Rou was still taking care of the injured Sheng Chumu. Sheng Chumu took the opportunity to confess to Fu Rou that he had been thinking of Fu Rou since returning to Chang’an. He promised that Fu Rou would never lie to her again. Once he gets better, he will learn to become stronger, and he will never get hurt again.

The next day, Lu Qi took Fu Rou’s marriage certificate bought from the Chen family, and came to the door to pick Fu Rou back. Fu Rou was about to fight for reasons, but Lu Qi was a military commander, so she wanted her subordinates to take Fu Rou back. Sheng Chu Mu came forward to stop him, and Lu Qi asked Sheng Chumu to compete in front of His Majesty. As long as Sheng Chumu wins, she would never pester Fu Rou again. Sheng Chumu agreed. But in fact, Sheng Chumu couldn’t beat Lu Qi at all. In order to win this competition, Sheng Chumu once again went to Niu Wudi to learn art. After a period of learning, Sheng Chumu finally came out of the mountain. Before he left, Niu Wudi He also passed his own exquisite chess score to Sheng Chumu.

When Sheng Xiaojing in Chang’an heard from Fang Xiang that Sheng Chumu had participated in the Lingnan navy’s suppression of bandits, and when he was changing his mind, he heard that Sheng Chumu had left for a woman halfway through, and had a fight with another group of pirates. The frame was injured, and Mrs. Sheng was very anxious when she heard that her son was injured, and quickly let Fang Xiang make it clear. Madam Sheng inquired about all kinds of things about Fu Rou and felt that Fu Rou was a disaster, and she determined to stop Sheng Chumu and Fu Rou’s marriage.

Sheng Chumu Xuecheng returned to Fu’s family. When he was fighting with Fu Rou in the courtyard, Sheng Chumu suddenly begged Fu Rou and promised to follow the rules, but Fu Rou was worried that the Sheng family would look down on her. When Lu Yunji learned that the people of the Fu family had seen Lu Hanxing transporting treasures at the dock before, he ordered the Fu family to be killed. In order not to make things worse, Lu Qi specially asked Sheng Chumu to come out for a drink, only to Fu.

Home start. That night, the Lu family sneaked into the Fu’s house and set off a fire. When the third wife of Fu and Ruan escaped for their lives, the third wife was hit by a falling beam. The third wife knew that she was dead soon, so she cried and called Fu Yin and Fu Tao Entrusted to Fu Rou, he was buried in the flames.

Although the Lu family did not leave any evidence of the fire, Sheng Chumu intuitively felt that the fire was caused by the Lu family. The Lu family did not kill all of the Fu family. Lu Qi still wanted to do it again, but Lu Yunji asked Lu Qi to let it go. Now that the prince wants to choose his concubine, the top priority is to send Lu Yunji’s daughter Lu Yingying to the palace. Lu Yunji and Lu Qi escorted Lu Yingying to Chang’an by the sea. Lu Yingying wanted to sit alone by the sea. Yan Zifang suddenly appeared from the sea and approached Lu Yingying. He wanted to assassinate Lu Yingying, but the innocent Lu Yingying had nothing to do with Yan Zifang. Beware, just when Yan Zifang was about to start, Lu Qi called Lu Yingying, and Yan Zi didn’t succeed.

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