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Court Lady 骊歌行 Episode 4 Recap

Sheng Chumu returned home. Mrs. Sheng was very happy to see her son coming back. Sheng Chumu said that he had learned some art of war in Guangzhou and Niu Wudi, but Sheng Xiaojing refused to believe it. As soon as Sheng Chumu returned home, King Han summoned Sheng Chumu and wanted to teach him, but Sheng Chumu said that he had worked hard recently. King Han didn’t believe it, so he called Mr. Sun from the house to test Sheng Chumu. After some trials, Sheng Chumu’s art of warfare has improved greatly, which made King Han and Princess Han very pleased.

Sheng Chumu was taken to the brothel by his two younger brothers when he came out of the Palace of the King of Han, but Sheng Chumu was not in the mood to drink and have fun. Seeing that he was in a bad mood, Sheng Chuling and Sheng Chujun thought that he was being taught by the King of Han, so they let people When they were all gone, Sheng Chumu was thinking about what Fu Rou had taught him, and determined to be a man with an upright mind.

Fu Tao said farewell to Fu Rou, saying that he had made up his mind to join the army and that he would be an upright man in the future. Sheng Chumu disappointed Fu Rou, but Fu Tao would not. Fu Tao left a letter from the third wife and left. After seeing the letter, the third wife was very broken, clamoring to go to Zhanzhou to find Fu Tao, and blamed Fu Rou, saying that she instigated Fu Tao.

Sheng Chumu couldn’t forget Fu Rou, so she went to Guangzhou again to find Fu Rou. Fu Rou was going to deliver the goods with the ship personally for the big business of the family. The third lady secretly boarded the ship when she heard the ship was passing through Zhanzhou Go to Zhanzhou to find Fu Tao. The Fu family’s ship encountered pirates shortly after it opened.

Yan Zifang had already ordered no one to move the Fu family’s ship, but the pirate Dulong was not convinced by Yan Zifang and refused to listen to Yan Zifang. The pirates saw that the ship was full of worthless cloth. She was about to arrest the third wife and ask the Fu family for a ransom. Fu Rou felt reluctant for a while and revealed her identity to the pirates and exchanged herself for the third wife.

Yan Zifang robbed Lu Yunji’s ship at sea and robbed Lu Yunji’s belongings from the rebels. Yan Zifang deliberately left Lu Hanxing his life and asked him to go back to tell Lu Yunji, and the Gang of Four Seas greeted Lu Yunji. . As soon as Lu Hanxing was released, Yan Zifang received a letter, and learned that Dulong had captured Fu Rou. Yan Zifang rushed back to rescue Fu Rou.

Fu Rou didn’t know Yan Zifang’s identity and was very afraid of Yan Zifang, but saw that Yan Zifang had no malice towards him. Slightly relaxed, Yan Zifang gave Fu Rou the wound medicine, and when he was about to leave, Fu Rou accidentally dropped the longevity lock that she had given herself back then. Fu Rou recognized the longevity lock and quickly asked how Yan Zifang had this longevity. Mingsuo, Yan Zifang made up a lie, did not reveal his identity, and asked Fu Rou to make a cloak for himself.

Fu Rou made a cloak for Yan Zifang, and Yan Zifang asked her to make a sachet, and she asked her not to leave and stay here, but Fu Rou scolded Yan Zifang, saying that she would rather die than go with Yan Zifang. The position of Yan Zifang’s gang leader was left by his adoptive father. There were several gangs on the sea who were disobedient to Yan Zifang like poisonous dragons. They gathered together to prepare to be disadvantageous to Yan Zifang, and Yan Zifang did not panic, ready to kill them all at once.

When Sheng Chumu arrived in Guangzhou and learned that Fu Rou had been arrested, he was very anxious. He went to find someone who helped the pirates sell the stolen goods. After asking about the pirates’ den, he went to the Lingnan Marine Corps station to borrow troops to kill Yan Zifang’s site. See Yan Zifang. When the situation was not good, she took Fu Rou and ran away. When Fu Rou heard the call to kill and knew that someone was coming to save herself, she left a message on the handkerchief. Sheng Chumu looked for people everywhere and couldn’t find it. He saw Fu Rouliu. The clues below made me feel a little relieved.

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