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Court Lady 骊歌行 Episode 3 Recap

When Sheng Chumu saw Fu Rou coming out of the courtyard, he quickly changed a calm look. Fu Tao praised Sheng Chumu from the side. Sheng Chumu reached out and asked Fu Rou for a sachet. Sheng Chumu looked at Fu Rou and gave it to herself. The sachet is very stunning, I just think it is very delicate. Sheng Chumu took Fu Tao out to have fun. On the way, he encountered a messenger from the General’s Mansion on the street. Fu Tao said a few words when he was angry, and Sheng Chumu directly knocked the messenger off his horse.

Sheng Chumu didn’t take this little episode seriously, and took Fu Tao to the brothel. Because Fu Rou was very strict in discipline, Fu Tao had never been to the brothel, and wanted to leave when Fu Tao reacted. Sheng Chumu I was also annoyed that I came to the brothel subconsciously. The two wanted to leave, but they were told by the brothel’s buddies that their bodies were not good enough. Sheng Chumu was out of breath, so he dragged Fu Tao to stay. As a result, the two got drunk and went straight to the house. The brothel passed all night.

After learning that Fu Tao had not returned from the brothel all night, Fu Rou was so angry that she took a feather duster and chased after Fu Tao to teach. Fu Tao saw Sheng Chumu and quickly pulled him to ask for help, saying that it was Sheng Chumu who was leading herself. When he went to the brothel, Sheng Chumu had to explain that he was just drinking with Fu Tao, and if he wanted to fight, just beat him.

After all, Fu Rou was soft-hearted to Sheng Chumu and didn’t do it anymore. Fu Tao was beaten, and the second wife was a little distressed, and then taught Fu Yin to give Sheng Chumu a snack, otherwise Sheng Chumu would be hooked up by Fu Rou, but Fu Yin was unwilling and went out angrily.

But he accidentally bumped into Du Ning and knocked over the ink on Du Ning’s hand. Fu Yin was a little guilty, and quickly asked his servant to take water to clean it. During the conversation, Fu Yin learned that Du Ning had a good handwriting, so he wanted to ask him about calligraphy, and hoped that he could draw a picture of the sea scenery for himself. Du Ning agreed and drew a pair to Fu Yin on the spot. Fu Yin also accidentally saw Sheng Chumu’s real character, which was the same as an earthworm crawling.

Sheng Chumu found a chance to be alone with Fu Rou. Seeing that Fu Rou was embroidering, he wanted Fu Rou to embroider a pair of mandarin ducks in the water for himself, but Fu Rou felt that it was too frivolous, so she said to embroider a sea map for him , But he had to give himself a pattern so that he could get the needle. Sheng Chumu was a little guilty, but he still agreed. Sheng Chumu asked if the art of war and embroidery could be combined.

Knowing that embroidery could convey news through stitches, Sheng Chumu pestered Fu Rou to learn, and said that if Fu Rou missed him in the future, he could hide in the embroidery. In love, Fu Rou felt that Sheng Chumu was more and more frivolous, and said that he could be taught embroidery, but he could not be so frivolous. Sheng Chumu couldn’t restrain his curiosity, and asked about Yan Zifang, but Fu Rou was angry that Sheng Chumu overheared her speech, ignored Sheng Chumu, turned and left.

Sheng Chumu went to Fu Yin to inquire about the news. Fu Yin hesitated to talk. The third lady heard about the relationship between Yan Zifang and Fu Rou, saying that Yan Zifang had fallen into the water and died, Sheng Chu Only then did Mu feel relieved, and then asked Fu Yin that Fu Rou liked Lady Hui’s embroidery, and left in a hurry.

The second old lady of the Fu family went back to Guangzhou to visit relatives. When chatting with everyone, she talked about the three famous dudes in Chang’an. The first one was Sheng Chumu, and the remaining two were Sheng Chuling and Sheng Chujun’s younger brothers. Everyone listened. Her expression changed a little, especially Fu Rou. Although she had doubts in her heart, she convinced herself that hearing was false and seeing was believing. She believed that she had seen him when she was with Sheng Chumu these days.

At this time, Sheng Chumu came to Fu Rou with a painting of Du Ning pretending to be his own work. As a result, Fu Rou had heard Fu Yin and told herself earlier that Du Ning had drawn a sea map for herself, and she was attracted to Sheng Chumu in her heart. Suspecting, she asked Sheng Chumu to write a postscript on the painting, and was not allowed to write about self-improvement. Sheng Chumu insisted repeatedly. Fu Rou asked about his two younger brothers. This younger brother had a good relationship, and often went to the brothel together. Fu Rou was very disappointed and turned to leave.

Sheng Chumu was heartbroken. Drinking with Duning in the tavern, the noise attracted Lu Hanxing, who was sitting next door. Lu Hanxing was Lu Yunji’s nephew. Lu Yunji understood that the more degenerate Sheng Chumu, the more hopeless the Sheng family would be. He instructed the Lu family not to argue with Sheng Chumu, and even asked the Lu family to help Sheng Chumu mess around. Sheng Chumu was not wary of Lu Hanxing and asked for the embroidery of the lady.

Lu Hanxing turned his head to find Xu Youtong, and ordered Xu Youtong to find a pair of Hui Niangzi’s embroidery within ten days, otherwise he would fall to the ground. But this lady Hui’s embroidery was extremely difficult to find. The Fu family had a pair. Fu Jun approached Fu Rou for help. Fu Rou didn’t want to offend the Lu family, so she decided to embroider a fake pair for the Lu family.

When Fu Rou stayed up all night to embroider, Sheng Chumu waited for Fu Rou outside the courtyard. After Fu Rou handed in the embroidery, she heard that Sheng Chumu was still waiting outside the courtyard. She couldn’t help but feel reluctant. She went out to look for Sheng. Chu Mu, Sheng Chumu saw Fu Rou, and quickly begged her for mercy, and asked Fu Rou to give herself another chance. Seeing Sheng Chumu sincerely, Fu Rou forgave Sheng Chumu, but hoped that Sheng Chumu would not deceive herself anymore.

When Sheng Chumu saw that Fu Rou was relieved, he excitedly pulled Fu Rou to give her a birthday gift. Fu Rou opened the gift box and saw that it turned out that she embroidered the embroidery. Fu Rou was greatly stimulated and fiercely. Sheng Chumu slapped Sheng Chumu and called him a dude who was bullying. Sheng Chumu was stunned. He didn’t understand why Fu Rou had treated him so much, so in a fit of anger, he asked Junhui to pack up her things and go home.

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