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A Love For Dilemma 小舍得 Episode 26 Recap

Nan Jianlong proposed to hold a family banquet again. Xia Junshan publicly stated that he had bought Yade’s school district house, but Tian Yulan said that now Yade Middle School looks at the student status instead of the household registration, and it is no longer useful to buy the school district house. Moreover, the threshold of the primary school that Yade’s counterpart is not low, the whole family in the priority admission area of ​​Yade Elementary School is a source of local household registration, and Xia Junshan’s household registration is still in his hometown, and the ultra-super entrance qualification rankings are low, I am afraid that it will also be possible to enter the Yade Elementary School. difficult.

What I thought would kill two birds with one stone has become disregarded. The school district room was gone, Nan Li and Xia Junshan realized that there was only one way to go to Bohanlin Middle School. Tian Yulan talked to her mother about buying a house in Nanli’s family.

Cai Juying was so excited that she found out the bank card to check the balance, only to find that the hundreds of thousands of dollars in the account were missing. Faced with Cai Juying’s questioning, Nan Jianlong admitted that he had given the money to his ex-wife. He said that he had been sorry for their mother and daughter for so many years, so it should be compensated. The heartbroken Cai Juying packed up and moved to Tian Yulan’s house. On the day when the results of the appointment of Nan Li’s marketing director came out, she was beaten by a stick. An airborne soldier took the title of marketing director, and Nan Li was demoted to marketing manager.

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