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A Love For Dilemma 小舍得 Episode 24 Recap

Cai Juying’s request angered Zhao Na, and Zhao Na directly sent a lawyer’s letter to Nan Jianlong, requesting the division of the property that Nan Jianlong lived in, which currently has a market value of several million. It turned out that the house was the public house shared by Nan Jianlong and Zhao Na when they got married. The divorce agreement at that time stated that Zhao Na owned half of the house, but the house price was not high at that time. Zhao Na inherited Nan Li’s grandfather and grandmother. I didn’t care about Nan Jianlong in the house I was under. Zhao Na said that she would not hesitate to sell the house she currently lives in, and used the money to buy the other 50%, and also to drive out Nan Jianlong and Cai Juying.

Tian Yulan was so anxious that Yan Peng said that he could go to his parents for help. Yan Peng’s parents expressed their willingness to invest, but they asked Tian Yulan to have another child. Tian Yulan was angry at Yan Peng’s family taking advantage of the fire. Xia Junshan was really sad because the house matter embarrassed the father-in-law and saddened his mother-in-law. He proposed another plan to buy a small house in the counterpart area of ​​Yade Middle School.

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